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Updated: September 22nd, 2021 07:55 AM IST

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Hey, guys? Those flights at Mazar-I-Sharif? They never took off. Those Americans/allies are still in Afghanistan and the State Dept says it’s “pulled all the levers” and the Taliban isn’t budging. The Americans can’t leave. I’ve stayed on this story. It’s not going away.

Taliban Twitter

The Taliban was incompetent in forming a working government; the only solution for Afghanistan is a federal central state with regional governments. Read this thread for a more in-depth analysis on this concept.

Always stay taliban. No more Attend our classes those with weaker masculinity 💯

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@abdulsalamzaeef Sir I have read your book My life with Taliban that book made me so emotional.

With all the violence in the world, if America gets into trouble, the only people that will help America is the TALIBAN.

@LaggatBryan @amerix Hao wa stay Taliban ndio hamuwachi stock ya arimis itulie kwa shelves 😂🤣

Love how they use this to cover bigger lies - the false Taliban narratives began the moment Obama was elected, ten years before Trump took office. His biggest mistake was believing the lies along w millions of Americans. I know because I fought it then.

This is shameful and not at all new. In the past, the Taliban imposed a “temporary” ban on girls’ education that lasted five years. They are testing our resolve. We demand that leaders stand up for Afghan girls’ right to go to school.

How the hell does the Biden Administration “stand by intel” that killed multiple civilians & zero terrorists?! Where did they source the intel? Who gave it to them? The Taliban?

The Taliban has banned girls from getting a high-school education. Also means their promise to allow women to get degrees is a sham (exactly what Afghan women told me they feared in recent weeks). There is no other country on earth that BANS half its population from school

Hey, guys? Those flights at Mazar-I-Sharif? They never took off. Those Americans/allies are still in Afghanistan and the State Dept says it’s “pulled all the levers” and the Taliban isn’t budging. The Americans can’t leave. I’ve stayed on this story. It’s not going away.

“Israeli aid workers and the United Arab Emirates have completed a daring rescue mission that saw dozens of sportswomen, female rights activists and a singer at risk of Taliban reprisals spirited to safety in Abu Dhabi.” Wow. Bravo Israel and UAE!


How do they get it this wrong? Did it not occur to them to strike the damn Taliban as they made their way to Kabul when they were killing civilians in other provinces?

Germany is on a roll, with friendly overtures in the past week from both the Taliban and the Chinese Communist Party.

@POTUS For 20 years we have said “never forget”. But then half of the country got infected with TDS and put a mentally incompetent fool in the White House who has now surrendered to the Taliban. Biden is setting us up for another 9/11. So much for never forget!

@tim5853 @JoeBiden Thousands…. Now Joe the criminal is negotiating with terrorists to pay a ransom disguised as humanitarian aid directly to the Taliban. This was a deliberate act by the administration to creat Obamas Islamic caliphate

Lire l’enquête et le thread du NYT , c’est effarant… et malheureusement il y’a eu bien d’autres « bavures » américaines de frappes par drones en Afghanistan avant celle ci . À lire ici pour rappel … terrible .

Taliban victory in Afghanistan may spur militants in S-E Asia

@rifatablay Belediye zincire vurdu içinize dokundu, Taliban zincire vurdu ve işkence etti, şeriat diye ses etmediniz. İkili oynamak neden ?

@Easy_As_He_Him christ, I didn’t think anyone was genuinely doing this shit, they’re the fucking taliban?!

Unbelievably, official figures show 497 Afghans were put in UK immigration detention centres in the year to June 2021, even as the Taliban advanced. Many are still held in indefinite detention. They must be freed immediately!

China recognizes Taliban as Afghanistan’s new government, calling it ‘open and inclusive’ via @SaraCarterDC

Taliban Photo,Taliban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Malala thank BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS for strengthening the Taliban regime and the ISIS-K group that journalists can show how women will be treated and how gays are happy under this regime and care for the big festivals.

Taliban Photo,Taliban Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

If there’s another terror attack and the group is based in Afghanistan, the US will not spend another $2 trillion to hunt them down and re-occupy. This time the CIA may prefer to work with the Taliban to find a solution. Something which was offered back in 2003. #911Anniversary

“Pakistan has spent decades setting fires in South Asia—and then expected praise and renumeration for offering to put them out.”

@CatDaddy_94 @sociallylitrate Didn’t you just talk about the Taliban in Iraq? Buddy don’t throw stones about education

@SkyNews How can Afghanistan be safe with all these atrocities from Taliban 💔

@SaeedShah So Taliban dont use those funds for sponsoring terror activities. Duh. If they really cared for the aid, they would not stuff their cabinat with UN designated terrorists.

@SokooteDonya For humanity, for human rights, We don’t recognize the Taliban. #NoToTaliban

@sethmeyers The hit list joe Biden have to the Taliban that named off every interpreter or any other Afghanistan native that help the United States government in the past 20 years. All of those people are American citizens they earned there citizen ship helping us and joe Biden killed them.

They are the hitmen sent by dark evil forces in this nation that need floodlights shined on them because those who are financing the American Taliban party also need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity! We will be able to move on until they are removed from our society!

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