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Cancel a Moment of Bliss, send EC3 to #SDLive to face Daniel Bryan, release Tamina and let Nia fight Dean. There, I fixed it. #RAW.

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#OOC I have only one prevailing thought from the PPV tonight Tamina Snuka is still the worst wrestler alive.

Girl shouldn’t you be posting pictures of you AND Tamina? You weren’t in a singles match..

Wow. I cannot believe they won. I never thought they would do it. I think it’s an absolute fucking joke - Tamina - Billie - Peyton - Sonya - Mandy - Liv - Sarah Never have had a title reign, and you could’ve put it on someone new. But nope even with this title its the same.

Do you think Nia was ripping ass in the pod with Tamina standing there. Tamina is just like Damn gorl why you eat Mexican before?.

Tamina winning a title in 2019 was the most obvious? Are you being serious?.

WWE: The Women’s Tag Team Elimination Chamber is first. IWC: That means Nia and Tamina are ! WWE: SWERVE lol.

Congratulations to @SashaBanksWWE & @itsBayleyWWE for becoming the first WWE Women’s Team Team Champions after defeating Nia/Tamina, Carmella/Naomi, Liv/Sarah, and Mandy/Sonya in the Elimination Chamber #BossNHugConnection #WWEChamber.

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Welp at least they didn’t give it to Nia and Tamina lmao.

Veo mucha gente quejándose porque lo de Bayle y Sasha ganando era predecible. Nada les viene bien. Si no es predecible, no ganó la que quería, no pero justo ganó cuando no lo merecía. Ojalá y hubiera ganado Nia y Tamina a ver si así estaban felices #WWEChamber.

You knew that crowd wanted them to win when Nia and Tamina were eliminated and it came down to them and Mandy and Sonya. They CARE. That’s what’s most important.

@Cultaholic Tamina and Jax to attack them. Shane vs Tamina at mania to determine the real best in the world..

Gran Combate por las primeras Campeona es Pareja. Los 6 equipos dando todo y a la altura. Hasta diaria que las mas flojas fueron Nia y Tamina. Muy buena (y auspiciosa) mejoría de Liv Morgan y Mandy Rose. Carmela, desde que fue campeona no para de mejorar. #WWEChamber.

If the Women’s Elimination Chamber Tag Team match goes on last tonight, I predict that Bayley and Sasha are winning. If it’s earlier on the card, I predict Nia and Tamina win, with Bayley and Sasha chasing until a title win at Wrestlemania. #EliminationChamber @WrestlingInc.

Elimination Chamber predictions: - Buddy Murphy - Braun Strowman - Lashley/Lio - Ronda - The Usos - Nia and Tamina - Daniel Bryan..

@Kayfabebook It will be Nia and Tamina. They are 2nd gen. Gotta have them win to make titles legit. Then the obvious story of Bayley and what’s her name can defeat the big bad ladies. It’s not really a swerve. It’s also predictable..

@JCoftheJK It beats Samoan Laughterhouse, at least. I thought it may be a wee bit ironic to put Tamina in a tag team with the letters M-A-N-S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R in it, but here we.

Al menos Nia Jax y Tamina serian una buenas campeonas heel de transición, hasta que venga otro equipo mejor y le quite los títulos de forma épica, y además Tamina al fin va a poder decir que ganó algo en WWE 😂 #RAW.

@CrysCrys17 Yes I want Sasha and Bayley to win of course but Tamina deserves it for her hard work an willingly being backup for years and years.

@LuchaTeamHeelCL nada del otro mundo XD. Becky tiene el alta para pelear en WM pero para eso tiene q pedir perdon a Steph y despues lucharon Sasha - Bayley, Riott Squad y Nia y Tamina en una lucha en la q perdia iniciaba el combate en E. Chamber. La lucha las gano las samoanas por un pin a Bayley.

Well, Nia and Tamina going over makes me want to puke, but them winning this match means they spend less time in the ring at Elimination Chamber, #RAW #WWE.

I will say this about the womens tag title at #WWEChamber ...Tamina is deserving of a title. #RAW.

@cagesideseats Tamina is a talented af that’s why she’s been in the company for more than 12 years.

@Kitty2Karen I don’t know how Tamina has stayed on the roster this long. I swear she was gone for like 3 years 😂 She’s horrible.

@JDfromNY206 Outside of Sasha and Bayley, none of these teams make sense. Tamina and Nia are #GetOffMyTv worthy.

Cancel a Moment of Bliss, send EC3 to #SDLive to face Daniel Bryan, release Tamina and let Nia fight Dean. There, I fixed it. #RAW.

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