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This might be the most vile thing ever said on cable news. Tapper was CNN’s last hope and he turned out to be the absolute worst.

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Donnie Defender of Freedom
Donnie Defender of Freedom ()

Dear Mr Tapper: While in a combat zone my Democrat Controlled Government sprayed me with a dangerous chemical called Agent Orange I suffer cancer & nerve damage. Would you call me Un-Patriotic because I voted for Trump, you POS @jaketapper

Factcheckyou ()

@RepBrianMast @jaketapper Jake Tapper didn’t deny you free speech rights. He merely criticized your actions using his own free speech rights. TrumpCultists need to learn how our First Amendment works and stop getting so triggered by their own ignorance.

Serious Lee
Serious Lee ()

@jaketapper @RepBrianMast Prison will look good on you, Mr. Tapper. I bet you can already taste it.👅

Nasmoi ()

@RepBrianMast @jaketapper So you were fighting overseas w Jake Tapper? What does the loss of your 2 legs (and I’m so sorry for that) have to do w Jake Tapper?

sasuke uchiwa
Sasuke uchiwa ()

@Moncef31720843 @eyeshield_kun les algériens rêvent d’europe se débarrasser de la france pour se tapper une junte aussi médiocre qu’un dirigeant au moyen orient quel échec

Jay Ethridge
Jay Ethridge ()

@ArthurSchwartz @jaketapper Jake Tapper does not even deserve a so gives him the air time he is looking this piece of crap.

Charmgrl ()

@jaketapper Wow we should believe the Washington Post and Jake Tapper as they never make mistakes about President Trump LOL

Mel1979 ()

@jaketapper dares to insult a veteran who was horribly injured while serving his country! Rep Mast respected @CNN Tapper’s right to be an obnoxious idiot, but Tapper can’t debate the issue so he insults & questions the Rep Masts rights & statement! Shame on him

Lee Bendinelli
Lee Bendinelli ()

.. and Tapper, you and your network represent the biggest of liars, distortion of facts and gay opinion .

lou k1936
Lou k1936 ()

@DailyCaller Jack Tapper has again revealed what an ass he is. He should either resign or leave the country

Mary Anne
Mary Anne ()

@mikehahn_ You’re disgusted that Jake Tapper questioned Mast’s commitment to democracy because he was a war hero, but you have no problem with Donald Trump calling John McCain and the fallen soldiers buried at Normandy losers and suckers, right? We call that down

Robert ()

@jaketapper @RepBrianMast Jake tapper mocks a disabled vet, what a disgusting low life!

Bill ()

@mikehahn_ It is obviously disgusting, and Mast should be ashamed. Kudos to Tapper for calling him out

Zippy Tango
Zippy Tango ()

@MikeSington It is good to see that a loyal mouthpiece who will literally say anything he is told to, gets rewarded for his hard work. Let this be a lesson to real journalists everywhere. To get ahead all you have to do is sell your integrity to the highest bidder. Good work Tapper!

Selumun Sylvester
Selumun Sylvester ()

@DeleMomodu I tap your blessings Sir I no say one ogogoro drinker go call me palmwine tapper 🙄

RC ()

Jake Tapper should be ashamed of himself. CNN sets a very low bar for themselves, but this is next level. He should issue an apology for such an outlandish remark.

Texas: ()

@austincorona1 @jaketapper Last week Jake said “Trump has been spilling oil on a fire. like the Exxon Valdez”. I memorialized it on my Facebook page by posting it”. I love Jake Tapper.

Steve Sherwood
Steve Sherwood ()

@DaybreakInsider No, Tapper just thought he ought not vote to ignore the man who led an insurrection to overthrow the US Congress and kill the Vice President.


While what Tapper says is true, I’ve never seen him Tweet so much. Where was he during the riots and destruction of 2020? I realize this isn’t the time for *whataboutism*, but Tapper was was completely AWOL during the summer riots of 2020. #journalisticstandards

Kristi George
Kristi George ()

@RepBrianMast @jaketapper Thank U sir, for serving our country. Your worth is more than all of your medals combined. Your sacrifice is immeasurable. 🇺🇸 Tapper, U are a real JAKE. 👎

Ernest Hanson
Ernest Hanson ()

@The_Meatball_84 @RexChapman What made you least favorite is the uneducated thinking that Jake Tapper tells the truth! Ignorance is bliss when it comes to your generation!

IlDonaldoTrumpo ()

@jaketapper YOU are trying to change el subject, señor Jake Tapper. You dug yourself a mucho big fat lib hole, now be a REAL HOMBRE and own that

LS ()

@mikehahn_ You just dislike Jake Tapper, right? Because for 4 years Trump and Fox and GOP have been disrespecting Gold star families and veterans. Next time just stick to saying you don’t like Jake Tapper.

🌼 RuthieDub aka Rebecca W 🌼
🌼 RuthieDub aka Rebecca W 🌼 ()

@jaketapper @juliacomedy I feel like Jake Tapper would give good hug. Like the kind of hug that restores your soul and makes you feel safe again.

Serenity and Peace
Serenity and Peace ()

People on the right having a outrage about Jake Tapper where was outrageous for Tammy Duckworth? The party on the right hypocrisy

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Jeni Briere ♿️
Jeni Briere ♿️ ()

@mikehahn_ Yeah, Tapper said that. He also had a valid follow-up question, there. This was a Reichstag fire or Guy Fawkes trying to blow up parliament and @gop are still freaking #partyovercountry like the former example, rather than reacting in a manner more befitting treason!

The Honorable Grandma ©️
The Honorable Grandma ©️ ()

I don’t even like Jake Tapper. But he is right and hope he doesn’t apologize to those fvcking #gophypocrites. Moving forward, DEMs are the only #PatriotParty.

Blast ()

@jaketapper Jake Zucker Tapper has spoken - what is he saying, not sure, does he know ???? He is really a

Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin ()

This might be the most vile thing ever said on cable news. Tapper was CNN’s last hope and he turned out to be the absolute worst.

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