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Two years ago today, 20-year-old Jayson Tatum attacked LeBron at the rim and put him on a poster. One of his childhood idols. Rook was ready.

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Topboy ()

This Celtics playoff run was wonderfull sith Rozier and Tatum ballin 😭😭😭

𝔹𝕠𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕟🍀𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕤 🎙 ()

@robspodcastmug I should’ve asked your favorite players from your favorite teams, not everyone loves every team from their city. Like your list with Jules and Tatum though. I like Xander because he’s been here from the beginning he’s never been the most popular guy but he comes to play everyday

Aubs ()

The real reason I wanna live w Zach is so I can reasonably change the thick ass fleece blanket off his bed cause yanno it’s SUMMER TIME

CavsBrasil ()

Mas a enterrada do Tatum fez aniversário hoje e a torcida do Celtics ficou alegre hahahaha

Adam west — reanimator ()

@AnothermillennR I’m so ready to never hear or see the words “Channing Tatum Gambit film” ever fucking again.

MonroeMarley ()

@JBreezyII Tatum ceiling already been hit dawg, Brown too basically. They maxed out on potential and neither a top 10 player currently


Two years ago, Jayson Tatum threw down a poster on LeBron, then gave him a chest bump after the play 😤

Bleacher Report ()

Two years ago today, 20-year-old Jayson Tatum attacked LeBron at the rim and put him on a poster. One of his childhood idols. Rook was ready.

Ballislife.com ()

2 years ago today: Jayson Tatum’s poster dunk & celebration bump on LeBron!

JeudySZN ()

No order Jokic Tatum Giannis Zion Ja Morant Trae Embiid Siakam Doncic MPJ

Stat Squatch ()

@NBABlackburn Zion, Trae, Ja, Doncic, Giannis, Siakam, Jokic, Embiid, Tatum, AD. In no particular order.

Thriving xolo ()

@morebanchanpls i was gonna say trae, tatum, and siakam but i didn’t want s*n* twitter to see it


@HollywoodMev 1. Giannis 2. Luka 3. AD 4. Zion 5. Embiid 6. Tatum Those will be the top 6 players for the next decade

- ()

@hardliqueur ooo kehlani too. also channing tatum. that one i only know bc i have the same birthday LOL

Messiahgicraxy ()

@EliteJuJu Lou Will Kyrie D’Lo KD Tatum These are all versatile scorers and their game is satisfying.

NBA Sincera™ (de 🏡) ()

Galaxy | Jayson Tatum 🌌 No insta (@nbasincera_art) as artes saem antes do que no Twitter RT= amor eterno

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Tribune of the Plebs ()

Tatum is having/had a monster season. You don’t need to mince words about comparing him to anyone really

Blake McCoy ()

Channing Tatum on one end of the spectrum, f*^+&@=* on the other.


@Makyle_Ice @WalkWithLyle I’ll spice it up a bit and take book over Tatum but Tatum I think I’d the better defender

Roz ()

@mo_karim21 Cause Tatum wasn’t a first overall pick cause danny ainge traded it for 3rd pick Danny ainge said he would’ve taken Tatum first overall but that trade happened

Hawks101 ()

Idk how you can’t have Karl Anthony Towns 1st. Guy averages 25 points and 11 boards and hits 40% of his 3’s. The next 2 spots go to Jokic, Tatum, Booker, or Mitchell.

🇯🇴🇯🇴🇵🇸🇵🇸 ()

@TheHoopCentral So Hard but I gotta do it, Embiid, Siakam and Tatum, but Jokic and Ben were right there

Ian Mustazza ()

Book, Tatum, Jokic, they might not be able to stop a team of blind children on defense but they’ll all drop 30😂

Carter ()

@AAndrewYoungg Jokic Tatum Siakam is the correct answer. Interchange Jokic for KAT if you want

Zimm ()

@TheHoopCentral If this is to build a team then I can see this team playing very well together. Simmons Tatum KAT

BryKeb the GOAT 🖤🐍 ()

My favorite I’d say Embiid Tatum and Bam, but to win I’d say Simmons Jokic and Tatum

Tyler ()

@firestone_wyeth If you don’t pick young, Tatum, embiid there’s something wrong with you

IvanDTerrible ()

@TheHoopCentral Jokic, Adebayo, Tatum. Best combination of length, passing, defense, shooting, energy, and BBIQ

Ballislife.com ()

Who do you model your game after? Elite 2021 Patrick Baldwin Jr (age 17) said he pulls from and models his game after Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum. @_pbaldwin23

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Jayson Tatum scored 41 PTS in three quarters for the @celtics in January! Rewatch all the action during the free preview of NBA League Pass. 📲💻: *Offer not available in all markets

☚ #JSFamilyVacation #EkpesBookClub ☛
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