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Maaaaaaaan!!!! Beyonce Tay Keith Frankie Beverly & Maze & Cameo IN ONE SONG!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯.

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Hearing that Tay Keith fuck these niggas up before the beat drop >>>> #BeyoncéHomecoming.

Maaaaaaaan!!!! Beyonce Tay Keith Frankie Beverly & Maze & Cameo IN ONE SONG!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯.

@_rachel_raee What’s crazy this is exactly what I’m doing rn to tay Keith song with Beyoncé 🥴😂.

beyoncé really got tay keith to produce her cover of “before i let go” 🐐.

Beyoncé did Before I Let Go, started it w/ Tay Keith’s iconic drop, switched the beat to “Candy,” blessed the jawn w/ Bounce & Big Band sounds & made a classic her own symphony. In 4 minutes. Aye. She the greatest of our lifetimes. If you still Anti-Beyonce, you Anti-Black..

a tay keith remix of before i let go?! i have decided to stan harder than ever before.

Tay Keith and Beyoncé FUCKED THESE NIGGAS UP with their rendition of Frankie Beverly’s timeless classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

never in my black ass life thought i would hear “Tay Keith fuck these niggas up” on a Beyoncé track. it’s black and very necessary.

A whole generation is about to believe Tay Keith and Beyonce got together for “Before I Let Go”.

I turned on Bey’s “Before I Let Go” and heard the Tay Keith drop and my soul stirred.

Wait. Did I just hear. Tay Keith fuck these niggas up. ON BEFORE I LET GOOOO??????.

This is it. This the one. Beyoncé really did Before I Let Go produced by Tay Keith. I didn’t even know I needed this..

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So which Beyoncé song produced by tay Keith ? That’s the only one I’m downloading.

Tay Keith & Beyonce just gave the electric slide a whole new vibe with this one.

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Tay Keith be getting looks. I wanna go to a cookout now..

When I heard “ Tay Keith fuck these niggas up” at the beginning of the before I let go mix I lost it #HOMECOMING.

when I say Tay Keith fucked me up on that “Before I Let Go” beat, I mean.

People say “oh Tay Keith’s beats all sound the his beats are simple.” Well, that man has produced hits for Drake, Travis Scott and now Beyonce. 🔥🔥🔥.

The Queen came back like she never left 🐝🔥🔥 shoutout to Tay Keith 😈.

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Hearing “tay keith f**k these niggas up” on a Beyoncé record f**ked me up tbh.

Tay Keith has worked with Beyoncé. That’s really the only thing MT needs in their pamphlets now. That’s the only thing that’s important..

Beyonce giving us Before I Let Go over a Tay Keith beat has confirmed I will be hosting a Tom Joyner cruise inspired function this summer..

You know how hard it is to successfully remake a classic ? Whew. Beyoncé and Tay Keith y’all wrong..

@ViewsFromThe50 Go right on head to that Before I Let Go Remix. Tay Keith didn’t come to play with you niggas.

hearing “tay keith, f*ck these n*ggas up!” before the black national anthem sung by beyonce is a cheat code for EVERY party for the next 20 years. #BeyonceHomecoming.

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