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Taylor Swift revelou o nome da faixa 6 do álbum “Midnights” - “Midnight Rain”..

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decorando fórmula de física // decorando letra da Taylor Swift.

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- La casa donde Taylor Swift filmó All Too Well con Shawn Levy (quien va a dirigir #Deadpool3) - La gorra del Wrexham, el equipo de fútbol del cual es dueño. - Una botella de Aviator, su marca de gin. - Cómic creo que de X-Force Ryan Reynolds es el amo supremo del marketing..

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Super Bowl Halftime: Major Music Star Shuts Down Performance Rumors.

Taylor swift girlies, they have cardigans that look like the Folklore Cardigan in M&S :).

Taylor Swift anuncia mais um título musical de seu novo álbum; confira (via @Emais_Estadao).

Only taylor swift could write Glitter Gel Pen songs, Fountain Pen songs, and Quill Pen songs and absolutely dominate each one. Like try and name ONE other artist who has done that.

Taylor Swift reportedly set to play first Apple Music-sponsored Super Bowl halftime show #TaylorSwift.

Por confirmarse, pero surge el nombre de Taylor Swift para el medio tiempo del Super Bowl..

¿Desde cuándo Taylor Swift es el casting perfecto para Black Canary?.


Per @Variety, Taylor Swift is expected to perform at Super Bowl LVII. 🎶.

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Most rushing gains of 10+ yards thru Week 2 (not counting CLE/PIT). 7 Barkley, J Taylor, Fournette 6 Swift, A Jones, M Sanders, Montgomery, Hunt 5 Hurts, Javonte, Patterson 3 Several tied.

del aburrimiento sera, taylor swift es de los artistas mas mediocres en cuanto a performance juro q va a hacer la pose de la nota alta cada 10 segundos.

If there is even a small chance of Taylor Swift playing the half time show, I’ll literally die. The Bills AND Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl? I’ll literally have an aneurysm..

exciting day for someone who hates football but loves taylor swift.

Taylor Swift Will Not Play Super Bowl Halftime Show Next Year.


if they don’t announce us tour before the album comes out im not streaming it im streaming taylor swift instead..

Before she said “Lady Gaga”, I knew she was going to say Lady Gaga. Very seldom, white women agree with hard working Black women. - I’ll never forget when some blog office had a debate, and the white woman in the room said Taylor Swift was a better vocalist than Nippy >_<.

49ers nunca terminou sem título uma temporada com show da Taylor Swift no SB 🙌.

just taylor swift ? for the half time show ? .... did pepsi run out of money or something.

Lmfao the Taylor Swift half time show source off is hysterical and much needed time line cleanser 🤣🤣🤣.

eu odeio o conceito equivocado de q musica é questao de opiniao pq permite q tenha gente sendo burra ao ponto de falar q a beyonce e a taylor swift sao superestimadas e achando q ta tudo bem qual a dificuldade de nao falar de musica se vc n entende nada de musica.

give me taylor swift at the super bowl half time show… or give me death at this point.

Omg it’s about time Taylor swift plays the half time show. Well time to save money to go to the Super Bowl next year 🤣.

Taylor Swift ‘won’t be performing’ during Super Bowl’s LVII halftime show.

llamaba a taylor alison swift “tiktok artist” ME REÍ.

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Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars in the world and is exactly the type of artist that should be playing the Super Bowl half time..

Me estás diciendo que después de los medios tiempos anteriores (llenos de protesta) la NFL le dijo a Pepsi que sus artistas ya no y ahora lo toma Apple music y pondrán a Taylor Swift. La declaración de que aquí los conservadores mandamos. Dear white people 🙃.

@Chicks @planbriuncut You can’t bash her and then praise her in the breath! Pick a side & stay there! It’s mostly yt people that stay on the overrated train ever since she stop playing to appease them! Taylor Swift is more overrated but you don’t see us coming for her! Gaga wouldn’t agree with this!🙄.

@thebengalboys But tbf you guys could make a killer Taylor swift parody with perhaps a guest star in the video of someone who can sing like her.

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