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“I just bought my own Teflar bag so none of these niggas better be out here tryna claim me” A nigga can claim you for $200??.

My friend really be watching me, she knew i wanted that pink teflar bag lmfoa i forgot about the releases today but she got it for me🥰.

They need to come Teflar backpack I refuse to wear a purse I don’t give fuck about what lil uzi doing.

my mom secured the teflar for can y’all hear my knees cracking as i fall to the ground.

Which one of you niggas in my DMs tryna buy me a Teflar before they sell out? 😭🫶🏾.

my friend posted she wanted a Teflar bag & I made sure i got it for her today 🥰🤞.

The small black teflar sold out. And I dont want a medium 😒 they need a SMEDIUM SIZE.

@aslinira teflar is a coating they put on non stick pants that gives people cancer. they are two different things.

I just be buying shit. I haven’t even worn my other teflar yet & grabbed another one today..


i think it’s weird folks wanna rain on ppls parade about getting teflar bags lo, mfs can’t be happy in peace about shit 😅.

y’all making me wanna get a teflar & im not even really big on purses like that.

Teflar Photo,Teflar Photo by ᴍ ɪ ᴀ ❦,ᴍ ɪ ᴀ ❦ on twitter tweets Teflar Photo

@DollFaceBeautii I call them Teflar too 🤣🤣. I would just go get a bag at Target. The are cuter and better quality. Ion like ugly bags..


whoever got the meduim teflar in leaf before i did i hope you have a terrible day 😅.

I just bought 2 Teflar bags I DID NOT NEED. So come chat w me on Only Fans 😂😂 #linkinbio.

if i see another “bought my own teflar i hope a nigga…” type tweet again on my timeline ima lose it 😵‍💫.

Bout my girl some Teflar bags and she still never wore em … I’ll be dammed if I try to fight you vultures on that websites again 😂.

me currently trying to hack the mainframe of teflar to get that bag i wanted that sold out.

Teflar Photo,Teflar Photo by • tre •,• tre • on twitter tweets Teflar Photo

Could have been gifting Teflar instead of Tory Burch this whole time… Might have saved me like $10.

I am this emoji today 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 because BITCH I GOT A TEFLAR. Okay that is all back to our regular scheduled programming..

Why do I keep seeing tweets about a teflar bag? Y’all that pressed for a piece of pleather….

then going tell me to hurry up before they sell out bitch you aint the only one trying to get a teflar bag tf.

Got my 2 Teflar bags 🤩🤩 they are ganna be so cute to wear to work since i need my laptop.

I wish I was a purse girl. I want a Teflar bag. They need to make fannypacks or wallets for us tomboys..

von crazy as hell going ask me for 150$ and he going give it to me in cash 😭😭 nigga who teflar bag you trying buy 😭.

Y’all got it easy mines dnt want no teflar gucci,loui,Prada,Chanel CITY GIRL SAY😭.

All of the teflar bags are about to be sold out before I can even get to checkout 😭😭.

i was supposed to get che a teflar but she gonna say just pay for something else then change her mind back last minute 🤬🤬🤬🤬.

i just feel like since it’s my birthday month someone should order me the teflar . bubble gum pink, red or silver will suffice ☺️.

i really want a new black purse but teflar has this really cute color 😩 do i buy it or wait 😭😭😭.

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