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Y’all are stealing Telfeezy confirmation screenshots? It’s not that serious! 😭.

really telfeezy?! i was in a 94 minute line for it to sell out when my time said 6 minutes 💔.

so EVERYONE secured their telfeezy but when my brother was in that fuck ass line for mine it sold out … bye bro..

Now all you muthafuckas who scored a telfeezy today, need to bring it to me and get it customized!!.

not even surprised cus common 2k you useless men could not buy, it’s okay we know you don’t got telfeezy money either..

do I need a new work bag? No. Do I want the medium black Telfeezy, yes 😔 am I gonna get it? Stay tuned..

I’m going to be sick, not the small cream Telfeezy. Telfar Clemens why?.

Telfeezy Photo,Telfeezy Photo by Janae Ⓥ,Janae Ⓥ on twitter tweets Telfeezy Photo

me and @lemonabby are gonna be multiple Telfeezy owners (inshallah), A TELFEEZY BITCH A TELFEEZY.

Did y’all boyfriends/BDs/husbands buy you a new Telfeezy today or do I gotta do it?.

please don’t talk to me or my telfeezy - small leaf shopping bag.

Telfeezy Photo,Telfeezy Photo by Kebab Halaa,Kebab Halaa on twitter tweets Telfeezy Photo

i’m the spoiled child again. Speak to me nice with my telfeezy.

Telfeezy Photo,Telfeezy Photo by tati,tati on twitter tweets Telfeezy Photo

I do want a telfeezy now damn 🫣 I have been converted in my brokest of days I’m so sick..


I wanted to get a telfeezy, but these prices… yeah imma have to sit this one out..

Telfeezy Photo,Telfeezy Photo by K,K on twitter tweets Telfeezy Photo

Not all my girls getting a Telfeezy!! Ooo and the kings are coming through today! IKDR!!!.

@darkskinntasia girl, if it happens again Telfeezy can kiss my lil coins goodbye 🙄.


my wait time for a telfeezy is 42 minutes. Mr. Clemens get the just might not be mine..


treated myself to a telfeezy bag & I’ll treat myself again this weekend by getting a mani & pedi & hopefully eyebrows 🤭.

an hour wait just to get to checkout for a telfeezy 🥲 yea dwbi cause that just blew me to the max.

Klarna failed me and I can’t send cash over the net 😔 thought i had me a Telfeezy.

did ur bf buy you a telfeezy td or no? cause mine did 🤭🥰 happy friday yall 🫶🏼.

No ways the shipping is more expensive than the actual Telfeezy 😭😭😭😭..

If you snatched my medium cream Telfeezy out my cart….. YOU BETTER WERK or I’m snatching it.

My cousin spent all $500 on the girl He talk to on two telfeezy and another bag and acted like it was nothing lol love that for him.

Yup it sold out in the two Color’s I wanted, no telfeezy for me. Pain..

Telfeezy Photo,Telfeezy Photo by 𝔉𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔪𝔦🌱,𝔉𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔪𝔦🌱 on twitter tweets Telfeezy Photo

Sighs in you niggas suck for not buying me a telfeezy even tho I CLEARLY deserve it….

I forgot today was telfeezy day, oh well. I’ll gift myself a HausOfSy bag , soon as I reach this goal ..

Should I get the small tan telfeezy?!🤔I don’t have clothes that would go with it tho😭😭😭.

Finna tell my dad to get me some telfeezy’s. All the ones I want still in stock😂.

If I don’t get that Apple Pay notification for my telfeezy then I know something 🤣.

BOUGHT MY TELFEEZY from the telfar drop! FINALLY but ppl sold the one I acc wanted out which was bubblegum pink :(.

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