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Updated: September 18th, 2021 01:42 AM IST

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【速報】 テラー企業ツイッターだったらしい

Teller Twitter

Item #979Z- Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sunrise Stamped Box Bow-Butterflies Naja Sterling Silver Necklace by E & M Teller

@Teller0303 @inkcubeko_kantu I know you and white guns Teller 😭😭🔥🔥 plug me dawg

@hironan_tc 【3 女帝】愛と豊かさに満ちた女帝がゆったりと座っています。母性の象徴である彼女のお腹には新しい命が宿っています。「女性的魅力」「愛いっぱい」「豊穣」「結婚」「満足感」「事業の成長」「愛情の発展」「感性の豊かさ」「細かな手仕事」

@TD_Canada bank is absolutely trash, Im out of country & td locked my account, I spend all my long distance min 70$ cnd trying to fix it only to be cut off, but i answered all my security questions & the teller clearly understood I wanted it unlocked but didn’t when I was cut off

@369line me with my 🧍‍♀️ig im the teller one so i can put my head on top of yours

@tigerboing83 Früher konnte ich auch noch so anrichten. Heute sehen meine Teller eher nach Kinder-machen-Kunst aus 😂 Fuck you KiddZitterhand 😂🥴

@BankofAmerica A single teller expected to wait on all of the Friday customers is beyond rediculous. Good thing I was able to make an appointment with the branch manager on Monday to close all of our accounts. Thank God Bank of America will be in my rearview mirror!

Ein feiner Teller mit gesammmelten Pfifferlingen und einem Stückchen Fleisch #ikbentrotsopmij

Bu gün vuslat günüdür, bülbüller, güller sermest. Hânende rakkâseler, mızraplar, teller sermest. Kuşatır ruhumuzu, bin bir rengiyle zaman. Coşar bütün arzular, yağmurlar, seller sermest. - Ismail Hakkı Aydın-

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@MattLech We could write on a slip of paper, and hand it to a teller who punches it into a computer, or we could attempt to randomly recreate that series of events by setting computers on fire with countless calculations. Seems smart.


Nas ft. Ron Isley - Project Windows via …. Inglewood 1998. I am 29 now ~•~•story teller

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Don’t miss this. @RichardEngel is a talented truth teller.

Pünktlich zur Wahl will uns der staatliche Ethik-Rat vorschreiben, was auf den Teller kommt: Mit Corona kommt die totale Volksüberwachung und der ungenierte Einbruch in das Private.

【速報】 テラー企業ツイッターだったらしい

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