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#TenYearsInTheFuture Pinball will still be a thing due to more Barcades opening..

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#TenYearsInTheFuture All depends on the politicians you choose..

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#TenYearsInTheFuture I will be happy, healthy as I would’ve had to give up smoking, and be together with the one I love (hopefully they’ll let me have sky TV) 😂😂😂and a dog or cat.

@MrNoLife6 Hidden Xperia reaches 1 million subscribers and brings his Flood Waifu to PAX West. #tenyearsinthefuture.

#TenYearsInTheFuture You should see me as a 35 Year old man. But #TenYearsInThePast You should see me as a 15 Year Old Man..

I’ll still be wondering why. But I’ll be happier then. #TenYearsInTheFuture.

#tenyearsinthefuture apple will launch (the apple useless thing) that nobody wants or asked they do now.

#TenYearsInTheFuture is the name of my fan fiction where Mary Mcfly shakes things up in the year 2029.

#TenYearsInTheFuture I’m hoping extreme politics and 24 hour opinion channels will be gone..

I prefer not to think of myself as I can guess I’ll be awesome. 😉 #TenYearsInTheFuture.

I will be Tweeting this from the confines of the Trump ®️ brand Re-education Camp. #TenYearsInTheFuture.

#TenYearsInTheFuture, A #RealityTV Show titled “Widowed Divas” featuring wives of late elderly famous counterparts being in the works.

#TenYearsInTheFuture Pinball will still be a thing due to more Barcades opening..

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#TenYearsInTheFuture, The 1972-1992 episodes of Barker’s #ThePriceIsRight will be aired full time on @BUZZRtv because Bob would might be dead☠️💀 & gone way long before that.

#TenYearsInTheFuture The Metro Purple Line to the sea will flood with ocean water from a major earthquake in southern California. @metrolosangeles.

#TenYearsInTheFuture George R. R. Martin will have finished his next #GameOfThrones book. It will still another year or 2 before he publishes it tho.

#TenYearsInTheFuture Car companies will only build one SUV, but it will be 1,000 miles long..

#TenYearsInTheFuture young children around the world will be asking, Daddy, what was America?..

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The Lakers will be almost done with their rebuild. #TenYearsInTheFuture.

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Who knows what will happen #TenYearsInTheFuture if you’d have told me 10 years ago where I’d be now I’d never have believed it. The past has past, the future is unknown. Live in the present like each moment is your last ✌🏼.

#TenYearsInTheFuture if the science is right, each of you will have farted over 65,000 times more than you have now. That lift is going to be honking.🤢🤢🤢.

#TenYearsInTheFuture someone will decide to surpass the stock market crash of 1929..

#TenYearsInTheFuture the word burn will still be the most frequently used word in metal.

#TenYearsInTheFuture we will only remember @realDonaldTrump as the worst president in history..

#TenYearsInTheFuture the word Trump will mean to blatantly lie despite clear evidence to the contrary ( His hands & mouth were covered in chocolate, and the wrapper lay at his feet, but he Trumped about being the one who ate my KitKat).

Maybe I won’t need retweets to gauge my own value, maybe I will have starred in a movie with Tom Hanks and I can ride that wave for a couple more years until I need celebrity rehab. #TenYearsInTheFuture.

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