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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 06:42 PM IST

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If Texas and Oklahoma want to join the SEC, it confirms one big thing: Texas A&M won the breakup.

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To the other eight Big 12 schools, where do you want your school to go if Texas and Oklahoma leave?

@BRUNN_DMC Yes I do, it may force independent teams like ND and BYU to join a conference especially if they expand the playoffs as the highest seed ND can be is 4. But we’ll see I prefer Oklahoma and Texas in the PAC 12.

Give Rutgers and Maryland to the ACC. West Virginia too. Mizzou doesn’t wanna be with Texas. Bring them to the B1G along with KU, KSU & ISU. Oklahoma State takes MU’s SEC spot. Texas Tech & TCU to the PAC12 and Baylor screws off into independent obscurity. Problem solved.

It’s funny to see people act like Texas/Oklahoma have been bashing the SEC all these years and now all of a sudden want in. Anybody who follows college football knows how the SEC compares to the Big 12. Should UT and OU apologize for seeking out a better situation?

So Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC Is the big topic today. There are multiple reasons I see that make me doubt it will happen. One: OU and Ok State are tied together under state law. Don’t ask for an explanation because I don’t know it all, but if OU is serious, they likely… CONT

Big XII not adding teams back in ‘16 only delayed the inevitable. Texas and Oklahoma were going to leave anyway. Had they added Cincinnati, UCF, etc, there would be more stability if/when they left. Now we get another Big East implosion.

Drinkwitz on Texas and Oklahoma possibly joining the SEC — “We have the best conference in college football. Maybe we were the trendsetters leaving the Big 12.”

If Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC, the BIG12 should break up into the following conferences. Iowa State-BIG10 West Virginia-BIG10 Oklahoma St-ACC Baylor-ACC TCU-PAC12 Texas Tech-PAC12 Kansas-PAC12 Kansas St-PAC12 #CollegeFootball

Texas and Oklahoma will soon be joining the SEC? - @MichaelBorkey

NIL. COVID vaccines. Playoff expansion? Texas & Oklahoma and conference realignment? I remember a simpler time when the biggest CFB offseason hubbub was Jim Harbaugh holding satellite camps across the South.

Next week, the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners will send a letter to the Big 12 Conference stating that neither school will renew their media contracts when they expire in 2025, per Jason Whitely. There have been rumors that both schools would like to join the SEC

Texas and Oklahoma Photo,Texas and Oklahoma Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Do away with the East and West, each team keeps 2 rival games. the rest of the schedule rotates each year. Top 2 teams play for sec championship. Also gives SA the chance to play in every sec stadium in 4 years. Bring Texas and Oklahoma @GregSankey

@RamonFoster @JMartandRamon Southwest: Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Arkansas North: Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Mizzou, Kentucky Delta: Ole Miss, Miss St, LSU, Auburn East: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina The big problem is how soft the North is and how loaded the East is, but I think this makes sense.

The biggest problem with Texas and Oklahoma coming to SEC is that we already have enough delusional fan bases. No need to add the king of delusion

I say since we may add Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC just put Clemson and Notre Dame in the east. But we all know they don’t want the smoke like that. @thejboyshow

The University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma have reached out to SEC officials in an attempt to join the conference, according to multiple reports.

Texas and Oklahoma have had discussions with the Southeastern Conference about leaving the Big 12.

There have been discussions between Texas and Oklahoma and SEC officials about switching conferences, but no formal invitations have been extended, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Wednesday night.

Maybe this is a little doom and gloom, but we’re in the 11th hour and right now I don’t see who is going to stop this bomb from going off! @KeganReneau joins us to talk Oklahoma, Texas, the #SEC, and the fate of the other eight. #Big12

@MattyMike0718 Yeah ND is the only school out there really comparable to Texas and Oklahoma to go grab, but if they join anybody it’ll be the ACC

If Texas and Oklahoma want to join the SEC, it confirms one big thing: Texas A&M won the breakup.


@mtosc98 Yeah exactly. Iowa state and Kansas state are just aac teams when Oklahoma and Texas aren’t in it

Oklahoma and Texas have reached out about leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, per @HoustonChron 😳 2020 Fiscal Revenue 📊 SEC: $ million Big 12: $ million

Texas and Oklahoma Photo,Texas and Oklahoma Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Report: Oklahoma and Texas Look Into Potential Move to Southeastern Conference

Texas and Oklahoma Photo,Texas and Oklahoma Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@cbreezyyo If you can go get Texas and Oklahoma (who have fans everywhere) it’s completely worth losing Mizzou. Plus they’re just the odd duck.

If Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC we’re looking SEC West: 1. Arkansas 2. LSU 3. Mississippi 4. MS State 5. Missouri 6. Oklahoma 7. Texas 8. Texas A&M SEC East: 9. Alabama 10. Auburn 11. Florida 12. Georgia 13. Kentucky 14. South Carolina 15. Tennessee 16. Vanderbilt 😳

So Oklahoma and Texas wanna join the SEC huh? Let them in so they can receive yearly beat downs from bama, LSU, Georgia and Florida. Fine by us. #SEC

The University of Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC about joining the conference

Texas and Oklahoma Photo,Texas and Oklahoma Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Texas and Oklahoma have reportedly reached out to SEC about joining the conference, according to the @HoustonChron

Texas and Oklahoma Photo,Texas and Oklahoma Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This is the worst year, period. So far in 2021, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Idaho and Texas have codified bans on abortion six weeks into pregnancy. Arkansas and Oklahoma have enacted near-total abortion bans, and Montana banned the procedure at 20 weeks.

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