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M can’t sleep. This is becoming a thing. The bright summer sky, the heat. I’ve been lying next to him w a book for an hour. Duvet is on his head. I can hear he’s awake. me: (lifting duvet) I just wanted to tell you that I love you. M: Zombies.

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Contemporary Matt
Contemporary Matt ()

@TimRyan I’d have AC in my 10-year-old car again after a year of sweating my balls off in the Oklahoma heat; I’d pay down my credit card debt and decrease my monthly payments; I’d buy some more books by leftist writers; I’d donate to leftist campaigns.

Stone ❄️
Stone ❄️ ()

@Zami_Sonia1 @Eyes_too_Low 😂😂😂 hey if you can’t stand the heat get up out the kitchen 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

🦋 ()

It is buckling from the heat so I’ll have to do it at a really low temp so it’ll take me probably 3000 years

enye⁷ is leaving tomorrow
Enye⁷ is leaving tomorrow ()

You know who does this to a minor? Another minor! Stop pulling the fucking minor card when you fuck up. If you can’t take the heat don’t cry about the burn ugly! #ExaARMY #ExaBFF @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

Facts100 ()

@MiamiHEAT Mannnnn y’all know damn right Bucks gon come away with this one. I’m a Heat fan btw just disappointed with the 3rd quarter

Kassy 💕
Kassy 💕 ()

@caffeineandpix1 Dude I know like I feel like a kid standing outside with my tongue sticking out and shit lol all thirsty from the heat feeling like it hasn’t rained in years lol 😂 I swear that is how I’m acting today !

clint beastmode (mister movies goes west)
Clint beastmode (mister movies goes west) ()

the great armored truck robbery in Paul Feig’s HEAT: “hey uhhh boss, we got a little problemarino. a little whoopsie daisy. i may have gotten carried away” “what the heck this better be good. or i swear i’ll—“ (henchman #1 drags out a dead body) “so yeah, uhhhh this happened”

Lindy Cowling
Lindy Cowling ()

10 Day trend - How long will the heat last? 05/08/20 via @YouTube


Now that Laycon is facing the heat, Bright O is life sha no balance #BBNaija

ʀʏᴀɴ ()

the heat are a terrible matchup for the bucks and would probably win that series. already 2-0 this year and up 20 in the first half with no jimmy🤷🏻‍♂️

Resist and Impeach Again
Resist and Impeach Again ()

My response to people who say they’re over “NOT ME! I love not seeing my friends/family OH MY GOD!! THE MASKS!!! (Fashion statement) 🤯 I wish I could have one in every single color and as thick as possible to keep the heat 🔥 in your 😷! I FUCKING love it!”😂

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times ()

Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the Camp fire. Everyone knows these names. A heat wave that struck in 1980 contributed to an estimated 10,000 deaths. If the 1980 event had been assigned a name, would more people remember it today?

Ali ()

@RexChidubem Bucks have Giannis, Middleton, arguably a better team than anybody bar the Clippers. The Heat are just better and defend Giannis very well. Giannis is shooting 83% cause thats the only chances hes had clear layups.


The Heat play so much better without Jimmy Pat, this was definitely a questionable one when the FA market had better

PoliticallyIncorrect ()

@FredFaour @AJIsTheReal didn’t the dumbass Texans try to smoke out the Steelers back in the day by opening the roof in September and damn near gave 65,000 people a heat stroke

R.I.P. Bean
R.I.P. Bean ()

Bucks down by dub to the Heat w/o Jimmy Butler and are in danger of being 1-4 in the #KEEPTHATSAMEENERGY

Intense Sports
Intense Sports ()

The Heat and Thunder are very similar teams to me and both have proved that they are real threats in the playoffs

John Jablonka
John Jablonka ()

So, the 76ers barely beat the Thomas Bryant-Wizards and the Heat are up by 21 but we were meant to miss the playoffs

Rino Sanchez
Rino Sanchez ()

@MollyJongFast Biden is against energy? WTF does that even mean? I mean, sure, he means that Biden is against the fossil fuel industry, but I think T should go all out and say that Biden is for the heat death of the universe.


😭 Imagine racially abusing another black man and catching heat for it. 😂 The man had MI6 on his tail.

EmotionlessMask ()

I’m beginning to realize the genius of coach Bud. We beat the Celtics putting them a game back and then lose to Miami to put them a game up. Giving the Heat a chance at the 3 seed where they’d be out of the Bucks playoff bracket.

“Orlando.” ()

When the heat overtake the 3 seed so the bucks avoid a 2nd round loss <<< When that means the sixers get to beat the heat in the first round >>>>>>

P ()

@jrichardgoodman Heat had their number the whole giannis era, heat always want them in the playoffs because they’ll win


@BSOLZ_ But the heat are to young to compete remember these are your words btw we u like how we smashed your c’s

A Pink Tamagotchi from Russia
A Pink Tamagotchi from Russia ()

@stablercake I thought it was about the imminent heat-death of the But yeah, I see that too

Andy Jones
Andy Jones ()

Run in the heat, eat chili con carne, have a scalding hot bath. Yup, this’ll all cool me down 🙃😂

Martín Bater
Martín Bater ()

I’ll be on the @5ReasonsSports Miami Heat halftime show. You can watch it on here:

Jaelan ()

Giannis need to keep his eye on the Heat, they’re an ideal team to play for. And then Miami is wayyyyyyy better city than Milwaukee

Kim V Porcelli
Kim V Porcelli ()

M can’t sleep. This is becoming a thing. The bright summer sky, the heat. I’ve been lying next to him w a book for an hour. Duvet is on his head. I can hear he’s awake. me: (lifting duvet) I just wanted to tell you that I love you. M: Zombies.

Garlic Parm Boogie
Garlic Parm Boogie ()

Kelly, Duncan & Tyler could be the names of a teen boy band but instead are the Miami Heat’s 3 best players

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