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Updated: January 15th, 2022 03:42 PM IST

We dare you to watch episode 6 of The Expanse. 😉🥰 See you on Friday at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST for the live tweeting! #TheExpanse606 #ScreamingFirehawks

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Shohreh Aghdashloo On ‘The Expanse’ Series Finale And The Show’s Stellar Legacy

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As sad as The Expanse being over is, chin up that they ended on a high note, with good threads to continue in a very different way. The alternative is Game of Thrones.

Såg The Expanse-finalen igår, och visst måste delar av avsnittet spelats in i en spelmotor? Rimligt avslut iaf av en serie med ambitionsnivå jag gärna skulle se återkomma oftare.

@FirstName__Last @US_Stormwatch This looks like special effect from the Expanse of a meteor impact.

Just finished The Expanse and I’m devastated that one of my favourite shows is over 😭

Finale of The Expanse did not disappoint. I don’t think this show had a bad episode over all six of its seasons.

(spoiler alert) calling the end of the expanse now: they fuck everything up, then Marco gets unceremoniously swallowed by the ring entities

The Expanse series finale is an example of why it matters to have a complete book series and have the authors involved in the development, the total opposite of GoT and a must-watch.

That was seriously the end of The Expanse series? I just watched the ending for the series? I want more.

Pensando em como The Expanse é primorosa em tratar a política entre humanos numa corrida espacial já avançada, as relações humanas, laços e como os traços sociais se refletiriam nesse cenário. Obrigada mais uma vez James, eu amo vocês!

Acabamos de assistir The Expanse. Digo com tranquilidade que é uma das melhores séries já feitas. Vou sentir falta.

@CaraGeeeee as Camina Drummer in The Expanse is one of the greatest portrayals of a fictional character that I’ve ever seen. I’ll miss this show, and her, so much. What a series, and what a finale! #TheExpanse606

The transition from Holden and Naomi, together, to the Roci blending in with the stars in the endless expanse, makes me cry every single damn time. #TheExpanse #TheExpanse606

What a final shot, watching the Roci fly away into nothingness, into the vast expanse— OMG I FINALLY GET THE TITLE OF THIS SHOW. #TheExpanse606

It’s impossible to behave With him standing there, A buffet begging to be devoured, He’s Unaware of the growls I silence, The tongue I bite, as my eyes dance up & down his wide expanse of chest and neck. It’s impossible to behave, But I do… & only because he told me to. #poetry

I think the finale of the expanse was really wonderful but I really do wish we had gotten a full season. I think really having the time to flesh it out would have made the big moments feel so much bigger. It was so well done, still, but I’m sad we didn’t get more. #TheExpanse606

The Expanse the best scifi series ever made this side of the ring! What an epic final episode! ❤️ #TheExpanse #TheExpanse606 @TheExpanseWR

Dear people who have finished The Expanse, Soon I will watch the series, perhaps live tweeting my journey and thus passing MY healing hand upon you and your loss. Am I a hero? Yes, and many agree but know your troubles will soon be over 😔🙏🏾

Currently strapping in for the Expanse finale tweetalong! #theexpanse606 #screamingfirehawks

Una vez más, reaccionamos tarde, e hicimos poco. La triste historia de nuestra especie. Chrisjen Avasarala, The Expanse Con esta cita ha concluido hoy mi serie favorita de todos los tiempos, The Expanse. Si os gustan mis vídeos, os recomiendo muchisísimo verla, es increíble.

Captain Drummer might be my new favorite character in The Expanse. She is a badass bitch.

The Expanse’s aliens were always just an extension of its politics

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The Expanse “series finale” Uh-huh. Yep. Sure. <certain individuals defy death at the last minute> Totally over. <Laconia not just teased but shoved into our faces. As the cold ; Definitely over. <“Let’s just be here for a minute.”> Sigh… okay.

@AngelaHaggerty The expanse on Amazon prime is great, space sci-fi set in the not too distant future. I enjoyed travelers on Netflix as well.

Hala, pasado el mal rato ya estoy en casita. Ahora toca manta y sofá para ver The Expanse y a esperar que no me duela mucho cuando se me pase la anestesia

God damn that Expanse “finale” was amazing. But come on, that’s clearly not the end! They set up a ton more stories and there is 3 books left to adapt. Please tell me this isn’t the end. If it is though, it went out on a banger!

So that was the last episode of The Expanse and it made me cry. Twice. And cheer too.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude right now. This is really an acknowledgment of the excellent work of The Expanse’s writers room, lead by Naren Shankar. Daniel Abraham took the lead on the Expanse X-ray features and did a phenomenal job. (1/2)

The Expanse Photo,The Expanse Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

We dare you to watch episode 6 of The Expanse. 😉🥰 See you on Friday at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST for the live tweeting! #TheExpanse606 #ScreamingFirehawks

The Expanse Photo,The Expanse Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

28 years ago, in November 1993, Star Trek: The Next Generation aired an episode that introduced a pretty good climate crisis metaphor into the Star Trek universe. It was written by Naren Shankar, who went on to become a showrunner for The Expanse.

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