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Ray Fisher reports that Warner Bros. has removed him from The Flash film.

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Ali ⚡️
Ali ⚡️ ()

“What did he expect to happen?” People saying shit like this as if Ray is complaining about being removed from The Flash. Ray has made it clear that he cares about accountability much more than wether or not he gets to be Cyborg.

ً ()

is it just the camera flash or are those pink highlights 😳

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Thomas Wake
Thomas Wake ()

) In one day was fallen littlest KEY on his fell, pounds of the slithering tentacled tail and flash again DON’T LEAVE ME LIGHTHOUSE by their topcoats, their gazes fixed with-- (CAMERA doesn’t see to it hitting YOUNG, SQUAWKING AS HE MUTTERS TO SALT WATER DRIPS

Zkrya ()

Hamada is an enabler. @jasonkilar @ATT #IstandwithRayFisher bring him back for the flash!

BeldamLascar ()

@iainmartin1 Which class do we suppose a Times columnist and former news paper executive for the Scotsman, Telegraph and New York Times might belong to? Maybe he has something against those uppity Audi drivers: all flash and cash.

Jermain ()

@PolarBearTwitch Complete freeze is too much definitely; a flash freeze is enough of a disadvantage. You could fandangle it in the lore that us guardians become more attuned to the nerf shatterdive 🥶

Michaela ()

@AliVelshi @anneapplebaum I truly believe that the only reason he is now even suggesting that no supporters of his would endorse violence is because he sees the viability of his so/called businesses flash before his v eyes.

Dermot Doheny
Dermot Doheny ()

@Aaron7Fleming @SimonZebo Who said anything about Stockdale. Oh you did. Conway a way better option. If you knew anything about rugby, you would know Sexton had a central contract. Zebo while a handy player, was too hot and cold. The odd flash is no good in the modern day.

Chuck Baggett @ChuckBaggett -SN9 - Onward To Mars!
Chuck Baggett @ChuckBaggett -SN9 - Onward To Mars! ()

Upgrades bringing new security flaws and other new problems was really apparent in Adobe Flash and Java. Frequent pains, no obvious to the user gains, and the next upgrade so often needed to patch a security flaw in an earlier upgrade, & #UI changes are nearly all for the worse.

JIMMY g ()

As I exit the bathroom I see a flash of a person run into a service stairwell, and my phone is gone! I follow the person up all the way up the stairs into some forgotten rooms of the old arena. 9/

K✨ ()

@oxminaox calendar by your night stand for really important dates & do a Flash card every night so the next day of you can just cross off everytime you do something and then throw it away at the end of the day (makes you feel productive)

Fanboy SEO
Fanboy SEO ()

Justice League star Ray Fisher shares essay current problems with WB; officially fired from The Flash solo movie

Dr. Doom Daddy
Dr. Doom Daddy ()

Very cool detail in Last Jedi that never gets brought up - every time Luke fucks up or something goes wrong on the island, there’s a thunderclap or lightning flash on the horizon. When Yoda actually shows up, it’s as a huge strike of lightning to the tree. Very cool! Good film!!

Matcha ()


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The Leveller🦉🦉
The Leveller🦉🦉 ()

@Conservatives News Flash. Corbyn was never in power, so there were no disasterous economic policies. Why should we trust your Tory lies? That is the question.

Dripzombieclover ()

@RealBossmann Vampire diaries Teen wolf CW the flash For sitcoms : My wife and kids Family matters

IAN ()

@TRHLofficial @JeremyTheMVP Expedite the unless flash freeze em!

TJ | Kemono Collection OUT NOW on FCC
TJ | Kemono Collection OUT NOW on FCC ()

Can someone find a name for the Mid-2000s Adult Swim/Comedy Central/Newgrounds Aesthetic of crude flash cartoon violence mixed with haphazardly pasted real photos set to loud breakbeat/dnb music?

Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor ()

@john_p_d What is astonishing about the touch screen failures is how dumb the design failing was. People have known about flash wearing out after repeated write cycles for how long now? M-Systems sold the Disk-on-Chip with wear levelling back in 99/2000

Secretlymadeofbirds ()

oh ofc bi ppl would only experience homophobia/oppression when they joined the LGBT community. I cannot with this cognitive dissonance. News flash u can be gay w/o telling anyone and it wont protect u from fuck all. also peep that B up there plz

Chris ()

sick and twisted that WB removed ray fisher from the flash bc he stood up against racism but kept amber heard in aquaman 2 even tho she’s an abusive manipulator

IGN ()

Ray Fisher reports that Warner Bros. has removed him from The Flash film.

The Flash Photo,The Flash Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Daniella Diaz
Daniella Diaz ()

The Capitol and surrounding buildings is completely blocked off. Anyone with a staff ID has to maneuver the 10 foot fencing around the Capitol to get in and flash their badge to every person.

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