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Beautiful Kolkata. Photograph from Peter Bialobrzeski’s wonderful book on the Chitpur Road neighborhood.

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The World is Yours 🌍 ()

I’ve never seen a black movie quite like the photograph I left with a super positive feeling

Isabel Behrmann ()

People who didn’t like The Photograph are just complaining because they aren’t used to a black film without over the top drama and cliches. This was just a simple beautiful love story.

A N A S T A S I A 🌻 ()

Photograph was anticlimactic, and I rather of watched it from my bed while browsing twitter. But everyone in the movie was attractive.

Brenda Janowitz ()

I’m so honored that readbookswithbex saw fit to photograph my book with her gorgeous wedding gown. I’m so humbled by this lovely post and wonderful review! (Scroll down the the review ⬇️) ✨✨✨ #Repost readbookswithbex…

IdontBelieveU ()

Saw the photograph last night loved it. No drama just lovely.

Naker History Month ()

Idk if I want to go see Birds of Prey, The Photograph, or Just Might just watch ALLUM this weekend

Tulalang ()

On the day that the Lord has finished created the universe beautifully, Lies the day of flashing lights and reverie. Of where I have met you unexpectedly, In a photograph forever captured in my memory.

The Bougie Black Hippie💛✨🌼 ()

Something about the message of “The Photograph” I wasn’t feeling, but it was cool

Alexis Samone ()

The Photograph was beautifully lit and the colors shown in this movie were so complimentary to black skin. The story was a little under developed but it was very reminiscent of the feelings of first falling in love! It reminded me of The Notebook or Love Jones. Very cute movie

Poppy Mathobela ()

A very disrespectful photograph of President Trump. Who would do such a thing?!?!?! 🙊🙆 Whatever you do, do not retweet this. The world must not see this this!

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英単語bot ()

incipient 始まりの | The incipient stage of his disease may not be recognized from an X-ray photograph. / この病気の初期症状は、レントゲン写真からはわからないかもしれない。

Lois Sturt ()

When this photograph was taken in 1920 at a Wilton House gathering featuring Reggie Pembroke (& his wife Bee - centre front row) alongside two Royal Princes, ( no names needed) the darling dashing, devious Reggie had began his six year fling with Lois Sturt. Damn & blast him!

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_ ()

@UncoolGuy !!!!!!!! High Fidelity, Narcos MEX 2, To All the , The Photograph, The Gentleman, and Katy Keene 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Maya | lil evangelista ()

I need a playlist for the photograph music selection ASAP. it was perfectly blended between new music and classics

Catalina Lemus Carrera ()

Sharing this BEAUTIFUL picture of Ingrid Escamilla. Ingrid is among the many women in Mexico who have been brutally murdered (femicides). What is even more unspeakable is that several media outlets published a leaked photograph of her disfigured body on their front pages.

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Donalcronin ()

This photograph by @FoolinInDoolin just popped up again - it is magnificent. And perfect for the day that’s in it with storm #Dennis bearing down on us.

Tim Rolls ()

@lawrencedonegan The BL is a bit weird. You cannot photograph microfiche reader screens (which you use to read old newspaper pages) but you can email yourself PDF’s of those selfsame pages.

Ryan Crowley ()

Yesterday at @Museum_Cardiff I took a look at the August Sander photograph exhibition. Appreciation of photography once escaped me but not any more. A haunting glimpse of early 20th century Germany, especially the Political Prisoners

James Robinson ()

Our beck. Rain has just started to arrive from storm Dennis. Fallen mature trees slowing the flow. Remains of an otter’s supper. Anyone help me indentify the species in the third photograph please? Bluebells waking up. So much to learn from the seeing the small stuff🤓

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Kaushik Basu ()

Beautiful Kolkata. Photograph from Peter Bialobrzeski’s wonderful book on the Chitpur Road neighborhood.

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☚ #dreamland #BTSComeback2020 ☛
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