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The editor responsible for creating the fence jump clip #TheBachelor.

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Hannah B was right - Colton’s actions and words do not add up. Why kiss someone hello when you are going to dump her? #TheBachelor.

I’m so down for a Hannah B Bachelorette season. Colton really lost out on such a funny, pretty, real girl who’s undeniably herself. We need to breathe some life into next season. Plus her BFF is Demi. I need more Demi/Hannah on my tv. 🙌🏻 @hannahkbrown11 @demi_burnett #thebachelor.

#TheBachelor recap: Colton is the one who is screwing this whole thing up. @wtflanksteak writes.

Colton literally looks like Codi from Floribama Shore if he took a bath every once in a while #TheBachelor.

I always wished Danielle M and Wells would of worked out. But I love his new relationship too #TheBachelor.

Is this the 4th girl that dumped him first? I don’t think that has ever happened in bachelor history lol #TheBachelor.

I’m starting to get real peculiar of Cassie. Her sis is dating an actor. The two sisters have been on another reality tv show seems thirsty. #thebachelor.

I shouldn’t be allowed to get on Twitter after #TheBachelor.

literally no one: colton: aNd ThAtS mY gReAtEsT fEaR iN aLl oF tHiS #TheBachelor.

Maybe @BachelorABC should partner with @AARP and have a Senior Bachelor/Bachelorette. #TheBachelor.

The bachelor this season has been amazing! @colton seems like such a sweet person inside and out. Hope you find your Mrs. Underwood. #TheBachelor 😄⚘.

Colton, you are not questioning the right ones. You may have to question Tayshia’s readiness when she allegedly was dating someone until she met you. #TheBachelor.

I would say this sums up The Bachelor pretty well. #TheBachelor.

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I have a house of 3 men invested in The Bachelor and it might be one of my greatest achievements to date #TheBachelor.

The editor responsible for creating the fence jump clip #TheBachelor.

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Achievement unlocked. @diggymoreland and @colton are responsible for trending #TheBachelor in America. I should know as a robot..

“Your mom seems really protective of you”-Hannah B on Colton’s mom You mispronounced obsessed! #TheBachelor.

I’m just looking at @colton’s parents wondering why they let him wear this outfit 😫😫😫 #TheBachelor.

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You got a home town before a home town bc girl I don’t think you are gonna make it that far #thebachelor #bachelornation.

so did Colton just need to talk to his mom & dad, and the only way to do it was to drag Hannah along on a date? #TheBachelor.

Hannah B’s dress is Disney villain + pageant girl + figure skater and I love it #TheBachelor.

Colton’s dad for #TheBachelor. And he has a sense of humor:.

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Sucks that she’s probably going home but Hannah B’s dress is gorgeous. #TheBachelor.

This date has had a lot of silent staring at each I am at home and uncomfortable. #thebachelor.

So the producers didn’t ruin anything for us! That was Hannah meeting HIS #TheBachelor.

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