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#TheBachelor Popular Tweets On Twitter

How Twitter Reacted On #TheBachelor ?

#TheBachelor Popular Tweets On Twitter.

#TheBachelor -

  • Are you ready for hometowns? Is Arie? #TheBachelor starts NOW! Retweet if you’re watching. 🌹

  • The weirdest date in Bachelor history? 🤔 #TheBachelor https://t.co/bdiEyqj9HF

  • While Arie is constantly excusing himself in these episodes, maybe Chris Harrison comes in to entertain the ladies, you know, to earn his money.🤷🏾‍♀️ #TheBachelor

  • ugh the more i watch the more heartbroken I get thinking about what he did to @thebkoof #thebachelor #beccaforbachelorette

  • honestly i think tia is a snake 🐍 I feel like she never has anything nice to say about anyone. and if we want to talk about who’s “least” ready for relationships and marriage let’s talk about the girl who constantly makes wiener jokes 🙄 #bye #TheBachelor

  • Might’ve accidentally just read a spoiler about #thebachelor and if it’s true I’m gonna be so sad 😭

  • @OliviaCaridi If you thought Nick was bad #thebachelor

  • I just want a hug from Tia’s dad 🤗 #thebachelor @tiarachel91

  • "This show is a prolonged tinder swipe." @whittlebee while watching #TheBachelor

  • When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom "dump Arie" #TheBachelor

  • On a level of 1 to Arie, how dramatic are you? #TheBachelor

  • “if he truly felt for one of them, it’d be an easy decision. love is easy” -wise words from my dad #TheBachelor

  • @BachelorABC #TheBachelor https://t.co/I4dkOBXONr

  • EVEN THE BUICK COMMERCIAL SAID I LOVE THAT #thebachelor #BachelorNation https://t.co/oNxL3F4EZn

  • Arie loves them all! New Show: #TheBachelor meets #SisterWives https://t.co/E2LDBfTc5A

  • Just make a decision already #TheBachelor https://t.co/e81xkw4Jwk

  • Really hope that Kendall brought the scary taxidermy mice with her for this exact moment #thebachelor #hometowns

  • Omg who’s getting eliminated 😱 #TheBachelor

  • I believe Arie is going to let her go, gracefully, privately & not put her through that ceremony. #TheBachelor

  • Ooohh @KendallPatrice does the hot seat feel toasty?!? #longshot #thebachelor

  • I’ve never been more stressed out in a bachelor rose ceremony, than I am right now 🙈😨🤔😱🌹 @ariejr @BachelorABC #thebachelor

  • Kendall’s not your typical girl. UHH, YA THINK? (Cut to dead stuffed mouse) #TheBachelor @cdunnzo13

  • Plot Twist: He’s going to tell them he’s a polygamists and that he wants to marry ALL of them. They can be sister wives. 😂 #TheBachelor

  • I feel like this season of #TheBachelor is ending much sooner than the previous years.

  • i need someone to tell tia when you point at someone you have three fingers pointing back at you. so stop pointing out people’s flaws in their relationship with arie omg #TheBachelor

  • #thebachelor Kendall? Tell me the truth. Have you ever thought about stuffing me?

  • Go back to your WIENER Tia #TheBachelor

  • Arie is a dud he’s going to pick Lauren in the end anyway #thebachelor

  • Tia after Arie pulls Kendall aside"Is he deciding between her and one of us?" Uhhhhhh........what other options are there??? lol #TheBachelor

  • There’s not enough focus on @tiarachel91 ‘s dress bc I love it and it’s soo perfect #thebachelor

  • I bet he’s privately sending her home to spare her feelings, I like that#thebachelor

  • I absolutely love @BachelorABC it is one of the best shows! @ariejr #thebachelor #bachelor

  • Tia, just shut up. #thebachelor

  • I am reluctant to say “I love you” in a monogamous relationship. I can’t see saying it to a guy dating up to 28 other women. #thebachelor

  • Based off outfits, the choice is quite simple. 1. Becca 2. Kendall 3.Lauren — Tia gets the axe #TheBachelor https://t.co/nyd9a0B3by

  • This ep wasn’t even dramatic; it just made me stressed out for all these women in that I would absolutely be friends with if I could #TheBachelor

  • Aries gonna end up with Lauren isn’t he #TheBachelor

  • When will ABC give the people what they really want and make @chrisbharrison the bachelor?? #TheBachelor


  • You’ve had deep emotion the last two dates but not with Sienne??? ...ok what? #TheBachelor https://t.co/PYzVY7bpBL

  • You’re going home, but you’re kissing him? #TheBachelor ...or is she staying? I’m so confused. https://t.co/Jquepun5W6

  • I say it every year and I’ll say it again. The most compelling love stories on #TheBachelor are between the women https://t.co/A9C7SiGXJ0

    #TheBachelor twitter.
  • What’s Arie gonna do on hometowns? He can’t aggressively make out with the girls’ parents to put an end to challenging conversations #TheBachelor

  • Literally any girl: I’m confused. Arie: I’ll shove my tongue down your throat #thebachelor


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