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this week on #TheBachelorette - two grown ass adults arguing over who their imaginary friend loves the most!.

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EPISODE SEVEN IS UP: Even Dead I’m The Hero // We discuss #TheBachelorette, #FarFromHome, and Emmy Nominations! iTunes: Spotify:.

Forget red flags. At this point, Luke should be covered head to toe in red. @wtflanksteak recaps #TheBachelorette.

And we FINALLY have our windmill answers. #TheBachelorette.

@AlabamaHannah #TheBachelorette WOW! I love the 2019 season! Luke P needs to find a life with a virgin in his church and leave the world alone! LUV U Hannah!!.

this week on #TheBachelorette - two grown ass adults arguing over who their imaginary friend loves the most!.

Jed asking how @AlabamaHannah doesn’t see through Luke’s shenanigans yet he has a girlfriend at home 😹😹😹 this trash! This monster. #TheBachelorette.

I’m sure Jesus would love it if everyone coming for Hannah focused more on their relationship with HIM than they do on Hannah B and her sins 🙂 before you throw stones at her, think about your relationship with him. Then think “do I have any room coming for her” #TheBachelorette.

Luke: what kind of meat should I be throwing in a guy’s lap to show you how much I love you?! #TheBachelorette.

Hannah might not have been #TheBachelorette people wanted, but she’s the bachelorette we all needed.

But ok this promo Luke: Hannah thought there’s no way I’d want to be with her after the last thing she told me, and she’s sadly mistaken This misogynistic mother fucking asshole! SHES DONE WITH YOU. IT DOESNT MATTER HOW YOU FEEL. #thebachelorette.

#TheBachelorette  Luke, sex shaming Hannah: Hannah:.

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I AM SO PROUD OF HANNAH BROWN. Nobody, not any-freaking-body, has the right to dictate what women do with their bodies. Believing in Jesus does not excuse sexism. @AlabamaHannah #TheBachelorette.

So did Luke p make a Twitter last night just so he could shit on @AlabamaHannah after tonight’s episode? Boy is crazy #theBachelorette.

Luke P: Can I pray over you before I leave? Hannah: #TheBachelorette.

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Peter is nice and he’s here still Tyler’s respectful and so chill Jed calls Hannah dumb Luke shames her bum The red flag is gone with the windmill (?) #bachelorettelimericks #TheBachelorette.

Months of Luke P drama was worth that epic takedown. Hannah 👏 Beast 👏 #TheBachelorette.

#TheBachelorette is just proving how low society’s standards are for men!!! You shouldn’t be shocked that a man respects your boundaries and you shouldn’t think it’s challenging for a man to trust you!!! Damn girl, stand up for yourself! #fightthepatriarchy.

It’s pretty sad that the fact that Hannah is literally crying because Tyler respected goes to show how guys are these days 🤷🏼‍♀️ #TheBachelorette.

*hannah and jed talking about how cool the pool is* mom: oh my gosh we can go skinny dipping and talk about luke some more #TheBachelorette.

I’m so pumped for @AlabamaHannah to flip out on Luke. She’s definitely going to be a favorite #thebachelorette next to @EmilyMaynard and her speech she gave! #girlpower.

“Can a pray over you before I leave?” 😂😂😂😭😭😭 #TheBachelorette.

Jed telling Hannah to not read into people “like that” was his way of foreshadowing shit will hit the fan when people find out he has a girlfriend #thebachelorette.

jed’s got the personalityof a wet noodle and i’m only watching so i can see hannah flip on that trashbag luke #TheBachelorette.

So, does a wine cooler count? 🍷 #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC.

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Me when Hannah brought Jed into the Fantasy Suite after that mess of a dinner: #TheBachelorette.

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