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TJ waiting to hand deliver Team UK their time penalty. #TheChallenge34.

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Loooooool, stop! 😂😂😂😂🤣😂 I laughed so hard, almost peed my pants. He is building a legacy for sure, just not the one he was hoping for. He’ll never live down this shame. People like Bananas and Wes won’t let him. 😂😂😂 #TheChallenge34.

@Suzieabc 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m laughing so hard right now at karma biting him in the ass. How is he ever gonna live this shame down? #TheChallenge34.

I wanted Zach to manhadle Paulie, hahahaha. Am I mean? 🙊 He talked the talk, but couldn’t walk the walk. 😀😀😀 Paulie, dude, you will never be a Bananas or Wes. Even Joshie boy is a step ahead of you at this point. Well, episode over just like that? Afff! #TheChallenge34.

Only Zach did! Leroy and Kam were followers. Kam with all her talk of being a Queen was a follower. Leroy as a veteran should be ashamed. Ashley as a former champ should have known better. All three deserve what they got. Poor Zach! #WarOfTheWorlds2 #TheChallenge34.

Cara struggling with this kumon level math lmao. “Mentally, she’s a bum.” #TheChallenge34.

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Paulie:This is my year to win,iam buildng a legacy Paulie at the finals: **Cnt run it** Me: #Thechallenge34.

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I’ve been watching the challenge since it was called Road Rules/Real World Challenge & when someone legitimately passes out, it is believable, and the staff rushes to the there’s Paulie’s theatric “performance” #TheChallenge34.

So lets just recap. Paulie is trying to cement himself as the greatest Challenge competitor but is on the brink of quitting a final! Then Ashley says What would Jordan say?😂👏 #TheChallenge34.

Cara left Paulieeeeeee! Tori would neverrrrrrr 😂😂😂😂💀 #TheChallenge34.

The UK lost almost every challenge this season until it really counted #TheChallenge34.

I ain’t NEVER see Bananas flop like this in any of his #TheChallenge34.

“Paulie could literally die” -Half brain Cara Maria Who doesn’t realize that there are a million crew members video taping this LMAOOO #TheChallenge #TheChallenge34.

I can’t stand Ashley but damn her commentary on Cara is spot on! Just get it done! You know you’ll have puzzles and eating in the finale so suck it up and do it! #TheChallenge34.

Problem was @PaulCalafiore_ was pushing Ninja into Dee as well was complete bullshit to punish them #TheChallenge34.

#TheChallenge34 Kam, Leroy, Ashley, Zach were FUCKING ROBBED. Im SO proud of @iamkamiam_ @Bruce_Lee85 We’re gonna see them win one day.

Ninja, you have a spelling error. Zach should be spelled Paulie. #TheChallenge34.

So worth staying up past my bedtime. Between the UK show out, Ashley in the eating checkpoint, “choo choo”, and the empty gas perfection. I fucking love trashy reality TV. #TheChallenge34.

Zach was talking all that shit but I didn’t see him doing nothing #TheChallenge34.

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He’s def going to regret the way this season ended. #TheChallenge34.

I don’t want Paulie/Cara cult to win but at the same time I really wish Lee would get his first win #TheChallenge34.

Zach, Kam, Ashley & Leroy should have made it to the final 4 based on performance but only Zach does. I hate this show #TheChallenge34.

@PaulCalafiore_ is a joke. You and your cry baby girlfriend should be embarrassed. You should retire and go back to the lollipop guild #TheChallenge34.

I have been cheering for the US alliance this whole team because im team Kam and Leroy finally winning, but I am COMPLETELY shocked at how bad Paulie And Cara are performing in this final!!! #TheChallenge34.

TJ waiting to hand deliver Team UK their time penalty. #TheChallenge34.

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Welcome to stage one of the final, a grueling 16 mile race through the jungle! TOMORROW on The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2 at 9/8c on @mtv! #TheChallenge34.

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