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When I competed in tonight’s challenge I never thought I’d be watching it back whilst sitting here breast feeding my baby like hey little girl look you were in my belly there! Sorry about the 🤦🏼‍♀️😂#TheChallenge35

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Scott Yager ()

🚨NEXT on #ChallengeMania, #TheChallenge35 Rookie Standout @FessyFitness joins me & @DerrickMTV! Send in your questions for the podcast & tune in next week! 🔥🔥🔥

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Kitaa inspires ()

@brieg4l We have seen her stay in a relationship with an emotional abusive person he constantly blames her for stuff she deserves better #TheChallenge35

Reality Radio Pod ()

I miss Paulie this he was a mess and caused the right kind of can he just come back on his own though? And I can’t believe I rooted against him in favor of Josh last he was right all along, I’m sure of it now #TheChallenge35

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@SwaggyCTV Out Performed Josh This Season So Far So For Josh To Call Him A Weak Competitior Really Annoyed Me Didn’t Wes Clearly Told Josh He Was The Weakest In The House? No He’s Calling Other People Weak 🙄 #TheChallenge35

C✨Wood ()

Josh really thinks he’s one of the big dogs in the house. #TheChallenge35 #TheChallengeTotalMadness

Luke ()

When Josh jumped on the bar the bartender was like “sir get down this aint bad girls club” #TheChallenge35

DJ Phillips ()

Oh yea!!! I’m excited to see @AneesaMTV get a red skull!!! C’mon it!!! #TheChallenge35

Somebodies mom ()

Jenna saying she’s the problem is such a victim of abuse thing to say considering how HORRIBLY ol boy treats her. #savejenna #TheChallenge35

Somebodies mom ()

2 girls curagiouslt vote themselves goes Josh talking shit about that being a stupid UP LIKE THEY DID AND DO IT YOURSELF! #TheChallenge35

That Mom ()

Swaggy doesn’t have enough swag to be called Swaggy. Can we just call him Chris? K thanks 😘#TheChallenge35

Ash ()

I luv how no one is afraid to go in all of a sudden #TheChallenge35 #TheChallengeTotalMadness

Bachelor Bitch🌹 ()

When Mattie tells Fessy she’s about to leave the bar and get her 4th dui #TheChallenge #TheChallenge35

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Coach Steve ()

Can we talk about how big of a bitch Josh is? And how he always sounds like his nose is stuffed? 💀 #thechallenge35

Rave by Em™ ()

Yup. It’s upsetting me and my homegirls. But, seriously, I saw a side of Nany this season that raised eyebrows. Drunk w/power & disloyal. #thechallenge35

Julian Garcia ()

so bogus they made Big T crutch down there just to immediately leave lmao #TheChallenge35

Carlos 🦇 ()

Why is nany lowkey continuously throwing Jenna utb? Like Jenna clearly wants to stay, she’s just having a hard time with her #TheChallenge35

Victoria ()

Jenna thinking it’s her fault Zach isn’t picking up the phone is crazy. That’s the BEST thing he could do for her; not pick up #TheChallenge35

Maiyia Carter 🦄 ()

Did Dee REALLY just say she thought Kaycee was an “average” competitor? Bitch! Do you not know she plays women’s football AND won Big Brother? Please. #TheChallenge35

𝓐𝓬𝓮 ♠️ ()

I don’t like how women have been the ones getting the boring/ stupid eliminations. The only exciting one we got was Jenna Vs Tori and all the other ones have been atrociously bad #TheChallenge35

Mrsd._ ()

@linaahhhh @JOSHMBB19 Nah like I said josh is auditioning for real housewives ... #TheChallenge35 saw him hop on the bar too getting his screen time

Hash slinging slasher ()

And when the world needed them most, they vanished #TheChallenge35

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Dana ()

This season I have beef with Dee, Josh, Rogan, Jenna, Nany, and Kaylah. As a reminder they are all competing and I’m in bed eating an ice cream sandwich #TheChallenge35

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#TheChallenge35 The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 9 Watch Here:

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Peachy ()

MY BOSS : be thankful to still have a job during this pandemic ME: 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄 #TheChallenge35

Ramsey Hendricks/ Rita Tarot ()

I just don’t give a fuck about “swaggy” or josh. Like bye. #TheChallenge35 #TheChallengeTotalMadness

Ron ()

@MTV i’m okay with the multiple double shot at love commercials during #TheChallenge35 but i’m sick of seeing this aids prep drug EVERY SINGLE commercial break

~*Tavia*~ ()

I’m team Aneesa all day, i want my girl to finally win but if they put her against Jenny imma be highly upset 😡 #TheChallenge35

Alicia Marie ()

I really am disappointed in the females not throwing themselves in for that red 💀 this season. Jenna may complain, but at least she stepped *cough* Nani. #TheChallenge #TheChallenge35

Melissa Reeves ()

When I competed in tonight’s challenge I never thought I’d be watching it back whilst sitting here breast feeding my baby like hey little girl look you were in my belly there! Sorry about the 🤦🏼‍♀️😂#TheChallenge35

Challengemtv ()

After realizing Bayleigh and Swaggy are in an alliance with Wes, Josh plots to get more numbers on his side. See how it goes TOMORROW on The Challenge: Total Madness at 8/7c on @mtv! #TheChallenge35

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