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Quem disse que no Brasil não tem rainha? 51 anos depois do seu encontro com Elizabeth II, Elza Soares recebe sua homenagem e é coroada nossa rainha. #DeRainhaParaRainha #TheCrown.

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People who are that conspicuous are as vulnerable as anybody. Helena Bonham Carter opens up about the season 3 finale of #TheCrown.

I feel so sorry for the little boy who had to play Prince Andrew and any other actors who will have to play him in future seasons. #TheCrown.

Helena Bonham Carter è la principessa Margaret nella terza stagione di #TheCrown. Per noi è un unico, gigantesco, regale SÌ..

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The Motherfucking Queen 👑🤟 #TheCrown #OliviaColman.

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#thecrown #outlander 🤝 @tobiasmenzies delivering masterfully complex performances in period regalia and exceptional wigs.

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No special effects or makeup trickery were needed for Olivia Colman’s single, perfect tear on #TheCrown.

Wow, several watch attempts later, and I think I’m legitimately here for #TheCrown. This fog situation? Damn..

About to watch #TheCrown S3 and for as much as I enjoy Colman as an actress—she is incredible, tbh—I still feel like viewers got a certain stride with Foy (also incredible) so I hope the adjustment is smooth. I honestly wanted another season w/ all the same cast lol..

Here’s what #TheCrown gets right (and wrong) about the British royal family.

This episode of #TheCrown is probably more Welsh than I have heard in my whole life..

Join Brian Phillips as he comes to terms with his complicated relationship with the British royal family and determines what Netflix’s #TheCrown gets right (and wrong) about the monarchy.

Olivia Colman is flawless taking over as Queen Elizabeth in Season 3 of #TheCrown. Read the review:.

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TheCrown: The True Story of Princess Margaret’s 1965 Trip to America.

Quem disse que no Brasil não tem rainha? 51 anos depois do seu encontro com Elizabeth II, Elza Soares recebe sua homenagem e é coroada nossa rainha. #DeRainhaParaRainha #TheCrown.

Ich vermisse alle Schauspieler aus Staffel 1 und 2 und bin unfassbar verliebt in die neue Besetzung der Staffel 3. #TheCrown.

Dear @MailOnline, I watched Ep 5 of #TheCrown and it was just I had said @SkyNews - the show kept with the truth by showing the Queen and Lord P having a close friendship, no more! Why misrepresent me? I said the #Crown was right, NOT wrong. I didn’t ‘hit back’ at anything..

Dopo esattamente un minuto e quattordici secondi. #TheCrown.

find someone who can devastate you with a single glance the way only Olivia Colman looking through a window can #TheCrown.

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Matt and I are relaxing after a busy weekend and enjoying what is already an amazing season of @netflix #TheCrown.

Ok I’ve watched 1,2 and 5 @TheCrownNetflix #TheCrown and all superb. Blunt, Margaret, Wilson - back at the rest tomorrow and can’t wait!.

Bcuz #TheCrown is back: The 1st fashion show Princess Di ever attended was a Black designer’s show She told Clinton Silver (Brit Fashion Council) + Anna Harvey(Deputy Editor, Brit Vogue) she’d never seen a runway show so they took her to Joe Casely-Hayford’s #LFW show on 3/20/95.

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Tutti pronti all’Inchino. La Regina è tornata. La terza stagione di #TheCrown è finalmente disponibile..

Hoy la hora del té se adelanta. La tercera temporada de #TheCrown ya está disponible..

If one were to press play on the #TheCrown S1 at exactly 11:24:04pm tonight and play both seasons all the way through, one would be ready to watch S3 at the exact moment Olivia Colman takes the throne at 7pm tomorrow (AEDT). A smooth transition of power? One loves to see it.

Era tutto vero. I Reali stanno tornando. Quelli inglesi, ovviamente. La terza stagione di #TheCrown esce domenica..

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