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I am so glad @spencerpratt is bout family and how he loves his son , I feel like he changed , a good way too #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

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#SpencerPratt goes on epic tirade against his #TheHillsNewBeginnings co-stars.

Hey MTV, Just how stupid do u think we are? You can no longer fool us w/ these fake ass/weak ass storylines. It’s 2019, reality tv is different. Do better cuz this shit ain’t workin. Thanks, Disappointed Viewer that’s still mad about how #TheHills ended #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

@MTV told us this new season was going to be “more real”, NO ONE believes the Justin+Stephanie story line. Half the cast has podcasts or YouTube channels now, you ain’t fooling us this time #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Kaitlyn only wants to have a baby right now because she just wants Brody to be home all the time #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

How is Brandon Lee, the youngest cast member, the most mature? He’s also a spittin’ image of his daddy. #TheHillsNewBeginnings #TheHills.

Stephanie is a snake of a friend to listen to Audrina talk about her time w/Justin Bobby but to not even mention that her and him have a thing going on. But she sure felt comfortable bitching him out about what Audrina told her. #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

@MTV I would love it if y’all could cut back on the commercials. The commercials are longer than the actual 😑 #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

I’m totally starting to like Spencer . If you come to my house without a crystal or burrito .... what r you doin here 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #TheHillsNewBeginnings #TheHills.

If @thehills New Beginning reminds us of anything let it be that @AudrinaPatridge is still the baddest bitch of us all. #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Is it just me or does the entire cast of The Hills not like each other? Lol they all act like they are dreading the fact they signed up for this #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Justin still playing disappearing games with Audrina even after 10 years. Wake up Audrina. Move on. #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Come on, Brody. You could’ve drank a little bit on a Tuesday. Spencer was being genuine at that party. And I don’t even like Spencer. #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

I need a lot more Mischa and a lot less Brody’s wife pleeeease #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

I am so glad @spencerpratt is bout family and how he loves his son , I feel like he changed , a good way too #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

The love the original cast from The Hills cast but @brandontlee has become a new fave for sure #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

I do get the whole when people have kids they change thing I ended a friendship cause my friend got too big headed cause a white guy knocked her up then married her #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

I hate Stephanie, and I hate the direction I see this going with her and JustinBobby but also I love that she just called him out on his shit. He’s pissing me off so much that I feel like I’m 16 again 😂 #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

ive watched the first 10 mins and all ive heard is pratt daddy crystals 😭🤦🏼‍♂️ #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

honey. If he didn’t respect you then, he isn’t going to respect you now. Move on. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Justin is back peddling about the kiss now omg here we go. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!! #thehills #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Very interesting ep tonight looking good so far can’t wait next week @thehills @MTV #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Brody always seemed like a self centered person to me #thehills #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Can I just punch Justin Bobby in the face right now? 😡 #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Spencer and Stephanie have the same problem, they hold on to grudges. #thehills #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

Never knew @stephaniepratt had some amazing dance moves! #TheHills #TheHillsNewBeginnings.

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