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Meet #KangarooMask! #TheMaskedSinger is donating to WIRES who help rescue and care for wildlife affected by the fires in Australia. To learn more, check out their profile @WIRES_NSW..

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@chartariana Hey guys I reckon it’s due to Eminem’s song but also the song was performed on #TheMaskedSinger TV show with about 5-6 Million viewers 👀.

#บาสเด็กอ้วนที่แท้จริง #TheMaskedSinger พฤหัสนี้เราชาวด้อมงุ้ยมาลุ้นๆๆไปพร้อมๆกันว่าจะใช่อ้วนไหม..ตื่นเต้น.

#TheMaskedSinger Monster is CeeLo Green, as he has no hit song with Calvin Harris, and his sister is born on the 24th march, his birthday is may 30th, multiple award wins like his clue, 5 Grammys, positive on Green.

I started watching The Masked Singer for the irony but four episodes in and i’m analysing every word to find out which B lister is singing Bon Jovi dressed as a Duck #TheMaskedSinger.

#octopus #TheMaskedSinger now I’m thinking Delta Goodrum, she was in neighbours too.

There are grown men on Facebook arguing over someone dressed as a 9ft tree. The world’s finished mate. #TheMaskedSinger.

I honestly wouldn’t have known what Teddy Sherringham looked like if he’d knocked on my door this morning to deliver my Amazon order #TheMaskedSinger.

@ellespeller Caught myself referring to this show as TMS. Which might save characters but is a whole different ballgame #TheMaskedSinger @bbctms.


Hundreds of tweets about Teddy Sheringham being ‘the singing tree’ but can we just discuss how the man hasn’t aged in the last 15 years #TheMaskedSinger #Pompey.

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Watching #TheMaskedSinger and I can’t be the only one who is getting so pissed off at Ken like hun sit the fuck down. It wasn’t funny 3 episodes ago.

Imagine if someone had told you when you were 20 that when you got older your Saturday nights would be spent watching this on the telly. 😆#Themaskedsingeruk #themaskedsinger Teddy Sheringham.

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There are some surprises in store for #TheMaskedSinger Season 3.

Unexpectedly guessed Teddy Sheringham on #TheMaskedSinger last week 😂🤷🏻‍♂️.

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Teddy Sheringham was the Tree on #TheMaskedSinger but I feel Paul Pogba could have done more to guess who he was.

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Am I getting emotional watching a monster singing to a mouse? Yes I am #TheMaskedSinger #Monster.

Twitter: “Sam Fox has to be the Fox” Me: Why? Laurence Fox was an ass 🤷‍♀️ #TheMaskedSinger.

ITV have blown the budget for tonight’s episode #TheMaskedSinger.

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#TheMaskedSinger Daisy is Kimberly Wyatt. She is American, lives over here, won master chef, and the VT showed a dinner and she starred in the Waitress musical. PROBLEM SOLVED#TheMaskedSinger.

Davina is me when a song comes on that I 😂 @ThisisDavina “I love this song”...🙋🏻‍♀️😂💕#TheMaskedSinger.

I hate myself for watching #TheMaskedSinger again but I need to know who these celebs.

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Imagine if they had a snake character The amount of people guessing Meghan Markle would go through the roof #TheMaskedSinger #TheMaskedSingeruk.

Robbie Coltrane for the monster?! Bass, sings, was the Gruffalo which explains the mouse. And harry potter for the books? I originally thought cee lo green but its too obvious! #TheMaskedSinger.

Meet #KangarooMask! #TheMaskedSinger is donating to WIRES who help rescue and care for wildlife affected by the fires in Australia. To learn more, check out their profile @WIRES_NSW..

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You can tell this mask is going to be paw-some. 🐾 #TheMaskedSinger.

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