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The viral family is growing stronger. Tune in to a new episode of #ThePassage TOMORROW at 9/8c..

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Rightbacatchu you my Agent!!! #thepassage See you in your dreamzzzz 🦄🧛🏻‍♀️⚡️.

@ThePassageFOX Now she’ll never finish making that virus 😢 #ThePassage.

Brad and Amy making up is going to make me cry. This is everything. 😭😭😭 #ThePassage⁠ ⁠.

@SaniyyaSidney Is an amazing actress. She is killing it on #ThePassage . Love her and @MPG relationship..

Amazing job (again) kid! @SaniyyaSidney Now go to bed!! #ThePassage Sweet 🤣🤣🤣.

Thanks everyone! Love my Passage twitter family. You guys are the best 🙏🏾❤️ #ThePassage.

Big fan of the beautiful @Brianne_Howey performance on #ThePassage @ThePassageFOX tonite!!.

Nichole has a good heart. She just lost sight of what was truly important until she met Amy. #ThePassage.

“It’s grief. It’s awful and it’s sad and it’s heavy” 💔😭 our writers, come on 🙌🏻 #ThePassage ⁦@ThePassageFOX⁩.

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Shauna seemed determined to worm her way into the psyche of Dr. Sykes. #ThePassage.

Shauna and Sykes are too good together 😍😍😍 #ThePassage @c_chikezie @Brianne_Howey.

Hours later and #ThePassage is still trending in NY 🙌🏾🏆.

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Is anyone else waiting for the agent to punch this guy with the glasses #ThePassage.

Mistake (noun) - an error, usually committed unknowingly or unwittingly Ex: It was a mistake to read #ThePassage before bed. I mean, @DisneyAnimation’s “Snow White” gave me nightmares as a kid. What was I thinking?.

You know the show is only as good as its loved tonights episode, @DennisSaldua. Thanks for your spin on the story. #writersrock #ThePassage.

So a big shout out to @JtotheLowrey for directing tonights #ThePassage . It was a hell of an episode!.

Hey, @FrancineLocke, you were super creepy in tonights #ThePassage and inquiring minds want to what was the recipie you were reciting? Pie crust??.

Yes this show is a very good example of great acting and even greater writing especially for an action drama series. @ThePassageFOX #thepassage.

#ThePassage has been pretty good and interesting so far. It has not been hindered by being on network tv, since it focuses on science and procedure and not sex, gore, and shock..

@ThePassageFOX The scene when the sunlight affected the monsters and their blood splattered on the glass, my unamused 7 y/o son says calmly, “They are getting the makeup everywhere.” 😂 #ThePassage.

had no idea this was a thing: If You See Someone With a Semicolon Tattoo, This Is What It Means #ThePassage.

I wish it came on at 8pm because its hard to sleep or get ready for bed after #ThePassage im a scardy cat.

@c_chikezie thank you so very much for the FOLLOW!!! I so love you on #ThePassage 🙏🏽💙.

The viral family is growing stronger. Tune in to a new episode of #ThePassage TOMORROW at 9/8c..

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