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Kirk Cousins hits Thielen for a 15-yard touchdown. Special teams has cost the Patriots 14 points tonight..

- Missed holding call on kick return TD - Called Henry TD incomplete - Missed face mask call on Mac - Personal foul call on the Thielen incompletion NFL. Get better refs. #Patriots #Vikings.

Another discord only winner! Almost got screwed too. Thielen was at 25 & lost 4 yards on a catch but thankfully, still stayed over by 1! Make sure you guys join the discord if you haven’t so you don’t miss out! Almost up to 500+ ppl in less than 4 days.

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El castigo de Adam Thielen si lo marcan, el facemask a Mac Jones no Ok, esto se va a poner.

The #Vikings return to form with a wild and weird 33-26 win over the #Patriots that moved them close to clinching the NFC North title. @BenGoessling writes:.

Minnesota Vikings beat the New England Patriots 33-26. Adam Thielen with a fourth quarter TD to give the #Vikings the lead. #NEvsMIN.

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@CoachMiller_DC @BoatzNHoesPT1 Tru tru, but at a certain point you have to take a chance down the field. ESPECIALLY when you have Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen..

Ja genau, dann wenn ich Adam Thielen benche, macht er mal wieder einen Touchdown 🤬 Wochenlang kaum Punkte, aber ausgerechnet heute dann Die Bitch hat mich auf die Bank gesetzt, der werd ich´s zeigen!.

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If you a receiver wearing purple , you can get all the stats u want tonight. Jettas, Thielen , Osborn , EVEN REAGOR got stats today !!!.

@markkiszla Perhaps KOC chose Minny whose offense featured Kirk cousins/Dalvin/Jefferson/thielen at the time over an offense that was led by….Drew Lock?.

@qbfilmm Curious as to how he didn’t see it was there earlier? Blatantly open, he could’ve just lobbed it to the same spot to walk under… I’ll always love thielen but seems like KJ should get more looks than him rn.

I dropped Thielen in fantasy and he scores a TD and has his best game of this season 🤨😒.

@MikeGiardi Jack Jones was supposed to pass the crosser and take leverage on thielen. Mills supposed to take MOF but tried to make up ground after Jones trailed. Peppers read QB’s eyes and tried to get in passing lane..

Sometimes you just gotta double down when you have a good Thielen about your bet 😏🙏🏼.

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Vikings take 33-26 lead with Adam Thielen 15-yard touchdown.

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Shit I didn’t even consider that Vikings v Patriots would be a high scoring game, I have Thielen benched with 20 points.

Just when I started to seriously doubt him and Capt. Kirk Chainz totally redeems himself! Nice throw to Thielen on the TD! Big drive here to hopefully put this away. #SKOL.

@jzulgad Stop acting like Thielen has been a scrub his whole life. The disrespect man. Yes he’s getting older and now slowing down. But he was amazing for us for years..

@_Mikyy_ then he needs to be on Hollywood taking pictures with tourists instead of getting burned by old man Thielen.

@NFLFantasy Thielen in my bench with ppr points (so far). And I was just about to let him go. 🥲.

@Bardown13 @BarstoolBigCat if thielen woulda caught the ball that’s not a roughness call. if the punter didn’t bait, defender wouldn’t have run into him..

@NFLFantasy Whished I could say I am thankful for adam thielen but I benched him this week🤬.

: Vikings take 33-26 lead with Adam Thielen 15-yard touchdown -.

@blakebaratz @athielen19 Thielen is a fine player that I’d love to have on my favorite team, but it’s crazy to label him the most consistent player in the entire league. Take a look at No. 2 on this list:.

@smarshxo Refs sucked, but so did our “elite” defense and “elite” special teams, on a night where the moribund offense actually showed up and played well! Sure the rush defense played well, but they got almost no pressure on Cousins and JJ and Thielen torched the zone defense.

@LeBronsWRLD The TD he threw to thielen he threw like 4 seconds too late and let the defense recover to nearly tip it but got praised by the announcers for making a “tight throw”.

Adam Thielen didn’t like that turkey. He mossed it like randy did when he got cut 😆 good thing Childress isn’t here anymore.

NESN: The Bill Belichick-Adam Thielen Beef Appears To Still Be Going Strong -.

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