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#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Last longer than 5mins in these lobbies..

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#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo 🍭 Get a 10p mix up for 10p 🎧 Buy CD singles from Woolworths 🎂 Get @PamRoyleITV to read their birthday out on the tv news..

Go to the store & get chips for 25 cent , a juice for 25 cent , candy for 25 cent & a pickle for 25 cent #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo: be innocent. And they can tell way more lies than the breathe they take in a minute. #ThingsTodaysKidsCanDo: be pure evil. oh I mean the kids in my neighborhood, of course..

Use a Nintendo Power Glove to go into hard-core hacking mode. #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo look forward to every weekend on Nickelodeon for new eps of iCarly, big time rush, and victorious.

Me: click on the save button Student: the what? Me: (pointing) the disk icon Student: the SIM card? Me: Sigh. Yes, click on the SIM card to save. #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

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#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo tell time by looking at a standard clock. 😲🤦‍♀️⏰.

Get suspended for verbally assaulting a teacher because taking them out of class for that one day would be taking away their right to learn. #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

Los adultos se ponen creativos con la etiqueta #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo vía @CNET_Es.

My generation is the first generation expected to NOT out-live, out-earn, or out-educate our parents. In fact, we’re more likely to die ~2+ yrs earlier with $1M+ less in our bank but yes, kids today don’t have CDs or VHS either. 🤷‍♀️ #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

#ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Last longer than 5mins in these lobbies..

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Go to college without being in debt for the rest of their lives. Be able to buy a house. Have a pension. #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo.

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