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Suddenly, Beverly appeared; I had to bite my lip, to keep my mouth from dropping open. She had changed clothes; she was now wearing a white dress, covered in strawberries. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as we made our way outside, she had me. I was hooked. #thurds.

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Beautiful, I’ve done plenty of business far worse than pretending to speak for a ghost. I don’t need to justify anything. I take photographs and spirits appear in them. You can believe or disbelieve as you like. #thurds.

#Thurds “But you haven’t let me explain. You haven’t let me make a phone call or find a lawyer. You haven’t—” He held up his left hand with his fingers splayed. It made his hand appear bigger than a major league catcher’s mitt. “I would love to hear your explanation.”.

A dragonfly lands on your feet, its wings glistening. For a moment, everything pauses. Being. Stillness. Quiet. Your hand on mine. Gossamer wings. But Jake appears at the door, calling us back to work. The world resumes. The clock turns. #Thurds #vss365.

Your brain sucks at transitioning into REM. It occurs when you are- Stressed! Doc, these assholes #appearing in my bedroom are the stress. Can’t you prescribe something? Like an exorcist? Stan chuckled. The figures may be assholes, but they’re not demons. #Thurds.

The house isn’t large. Its white paint is chipped off enough that it appears gray. The roof sags over the front door. I know from my dreams that it was nice once. People took care of it. A family. Then someone murdered those people. #Thurds #8Souls.

If one was to judge by appearances (and Manfred did), one would think his stepdad came from a long line of mouth-breathers. People who ate with their hands and drank on their feet. So why had his mother loved Joe more than she loved him? #FeelLines #Thurds.

“You vultures, you’ll burn in the seventeen hells for this— ah!” Kraygus backhanded the prior into an altar. “I’ll see you there then, and I won’t say hi. Now. Gold.” Gilded treasure began to appear as if by magic. The company of reavers licked their lips with greed. #Thurds.

But there, in the distance there appeared a great wonder. A woman, who appeared to be clothed with the last rays of white sunlight. She spread great wings of pure white feathers. Under her feet, the moon rose, and upon the head, she wore a crown of twelve stars. #Thurds.

Tell me, how do you know our newest hotter-than-hell client?” “I’d rather not,” Greta groaned. “Just know this. He’s a problem I don’t need.” Rae smiled.“ Honey, life’s full of problems. At least he appears to be an interesting one. #thurds #amwriting.

“Things aren’t always how they appear.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “It’s always the guy’s fault. Everyone believes the woman. She’s the patient, tolerant one and he’s the asshole.” “I get it, but I believe you. We’ve been friends forever, man. I got your back.” #Thurds.

In another time and place you might be drawn to her striking appearance, but here, now, her impatient glare stirs in you an instinct to take a step back, then another, then retreat from the parlor entirely. #Thurds #FeelLines.

This time only pain moves, the jolt of muscle pulling too far. Mud licks over the green rubber. The ground disappears under my wellies. #thurds.

She chewed her nails down to jagged edges. Her eyelid twitched and she mentally counted the number of uber attractive women. “You appear nervous.” The rich baritone voice came from behind. “ at all.” She turned. “Not anymore.” A smile filled her face. #Thurds #FeelLines.

Brown leaned back in his chair and folded his arms, his shoulders hunched in the badly fitting uniform. His nose appeared more beaklike and the greying black hair on top of his ears, more tufty. The vulture replied. “Why should I?” “Why wouldn’t you? #Thurds #witchlit.

Hand on the knob, a sickening thought appeared in her head: what was she going to see if she opened this door? She squeezed her eyes shut. She’ll be prettier than me. Taller. Her apartment will have real furniture. “Fine. Break my heart. See if I let on.” #Thurds #FeelLines.

A warm band wrapped around my chest & tightened. Something about him spoke to me in a way I’d never experienced. Unwanted thoughts appeared out of nowhere. Why the hell would someone like Clayton James, a household name with the body of a Greek god, want me? #Thurds #FeelLines.

That would be the exact moment Joey would choose to reappear from whatever hole he had been hiding in, no doubt sexting his latest conquest. Or doing anything other than manning the front desk like he was supposed to. If the asshole wasn’t my best friend… #Thurds.

Shimmering fog cloaked the four beings that stepped down to earth from nothingness, like air compressed into opaque form. “It appears we overlooked the elementals setting up a rather effective training program,” Desmond said drily. #Thurds.

Suddenly, Beverly appeared; I had to bite my lip, to keep my mouth from dropping open. She had changed clothes; she was now wearing a white dress, covered in strawberries. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as we made our way outside, she had me. I was hooked. #thurds.

#Thurds I descend the steps and set off for the beach. With flashlight in hand I run to the water’s edge and settle in. Slowly, I shake off the chill as I quicken my pace and head toward the forest. A thin green line appears along the horizon, the promise of sunrise minutes away..

“When I saw you for the first time I thought you were a goddess, the ultimate fantasy. You appeared so flawless and unreachable for basic human passions. A larger than life statue of marble.” #Thurds.

Our host planned his surprise entrance for later. We mingled, exchanged pleasantries, nibbled small, elaborate food and waited. It was much later we learnt of his sad demise. Hidden in a cake, ready to surprise but unable to breathe thick marzipan and icing. #Thurds theme: appear.

#thurds theme: appear 2/2 .... with bunches of fur hanging off its body, and a wizened face like Yoda. It stopped in front of them and stared at Lucy and Anthony. It’s as if it’s looking for trouble. As if it’s challenging Lucy to a duel. MG.

#thurds theme: appear 1/2 They smelled the fish and chip shop long before they came to it, preparing for the evening trade. Litter lined the edge of the pavement like wallpaper. A cat appeared from one of the alleyways, a mangy, yellowish-brown MG.

“What the hell is that?” someone cried. I don’t think someone was me. But, hey, it’s not every day that the sky splits open, and a flower falls out. Not even when you’re a superhero. A flower the size of the asteroid. #Thurds.

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