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If it wasn’t for the orbital injury putting him out for the foreseeable future, I’d have loved to have seen Ennis fight Ugás next. Options ahead look somewhat limited. The Danny Garcia’s and Keith Thurman’s of the world aren’t gonna fight him, and there’s a real gap between….

Indeed. We gotta get Spence-Crawford NOW. I like Boots-Thurman. Fun fight..


Boots just needs to fight the elite now. I didn’t expect him to blow out Clayton. The obvious fight is Thurman - who is the odd man out. I’d be shocked if either Crawford or Spence (assuming they fight each other) will stick around at 147 to fight him. 2/.

@julianisjulius Escuché la entrevista que le hicieron a Spence, antes de que Charlo subiera al ring y comentaba que su pelea vs Crawford se tiene que hacer, porque ambos la quieren y no hay manera de que no se haga, esperemos sea verdad. Por otra parte, a mi me gustaría ver a Boots vs Thurman.

@luisjavierceja If they wants [high profile] Thurman then they should pay for.

@snboxing I could see him fighting Stanionis, Vergil, or Conor Benn Maybe even Keith Thurman or Ugas.

@JaronEnnis is the real deal and a if Spence vs Crawford happens id like to see him vs Thurman as to keep busy cause I think Spence Crawford will have a rematch clause.

@Dame_Lillard @hzhubbard How about thurman fights him on the tc vs spence undercard as the co main. Dont we deserve a good co main on a ppv!? Whos not buying that?.

@BatmanBoxing Honestly do Thurman and Danny Garcia for his next 2 pretty fast and getting a much bigger profile by then Spence Crawford should be sorted out with an undisputed title he can fight for or a vacant title.

AKA, Errol going to vacate, he going to go fight for fight against great fighters like Vergil, Benn, shit Keith Thurman might even try to get a taste… either way, Errol is going to pass the torch to Boots at 154. It’s a lot of fighting to be done 💯.

@MacksJulien @MIGHTYMaxBOXING The elite at 147 were pac, bud and thurman. Spence was fighting Mikey garcia, dsg, and.

So if it happen that mean you willing to put choe on Thurman right??😈.

Ion know. Thurman defense weak to me. He got owned by old ass Pac-Man.

J’apprends sur TF1 le décès de l’acteur américain Fred Ward. On mentionne plusieurs 🎥 dans lesquels il a joué, mais on oublie celui qui pour moi est son meilleur rôle: Henry Miller dans “Henry & June”, avec Uma Thurman et la sensuelle Maria de Medeiros dans le rôle de Anaïs Nin..

@RollyKOsTank Spence once said fuck Keith Thurman and from that way on I put him in the realm of Loma GGG where I don’t fuck wit man at all.

@R0xinat0r I had the Thurman fight a draw, but definitely can’t be mad at that fight going to Thurman.

@RollyKOsTank I still think Porter beat Thurman but if Spence didn’t get that knockdown I’d agree with you..

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@angelvv25 Boots vs Thurman sería muy buena pero Thurman (con buen criterio) no va a querer pelear con él porque no hay gran dinero ni gran prestigio.

@426Skincare We talked about this in the group chat… IDK where Boots goes from here. It’s too much risk and not enough reward for guys like Thurman and Garcia. And Crawford and Spence gon’ fight each other once or twice and then got to 154z.

@Stubby_25 I definitely wanna see him fight a top ranked guy next. I say make the Thurman or Vergil fight next fam.

@Na_Morris • Kid sharp & too strong I say he fight Keith Thurman next to show he’s legit.

on valentines day, president Donald Duck appointed Uma Thurman to the head of trumpets and the lonely people are academic.

Boots v Thurman winner should get Spence v Crawford winner. End of story #CharloCastano2.

Uma Thurman, 52, and daughter Maya Hawke, 23, could be sisters as actresses stun on set | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV.

@bronerp4p @JimKarasBoxing Can you imagine what he would do to Thurman? No chance that Keith would take that fight..

@Dame_Lillard I agree but Thurman won’t fight boots he already said it Danny Garcia also said he wont fight boots and Errol and Crawford bout to announce their mega fight . Their isn’t a top welterweight contender left for boots other then Virgil Ortiz but that’s a year or 2 away.

@momoneymuzik @ShowtimeBoxing Definitely a good fight for sure! If I’m Thurman I take it now instead of waiting, Boots only getting better..

I actually like that for both sides. Say what you want about Thurman but he’s proven and will be great fight for Boots. Still got Boots winning..

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