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Per pool report, Trump campaign spox Tim Murtaugh on tonight’s *indoor* rally: “If you can join tens of thous. of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from” POTUS.

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Trump campaign communications director says that the President’s retweeting of manipulated video and conspiracy theories is using internet memes to make a political point. “It’s an internet meme,” Tim Murtaugh said. “Those are very frequently done to make a political point.”

Susan McDonald
Susan McDonald ()

Hey, @cnn, I will not watch another interview with Tim Murtaugh on your channel. He needs his own fact-checker;what BS he spews! His explanation that if something is an internet meme, it’s reliable and worthy of amplification, is ridiculous. 🤦🏻‍♀️Has he ever met a meme? 🙄

Jim Pappas
Jim Pappas ()

@nypost @TimMurtaugh And their all bullshit lies. Tim Murtaugh is another jerkoff yes man. This whole administration is a disgrace. Such an embarrassment, to think that the people are going to stand for the disrespect this administration has imposed upon us. We will not stand for this hypocrisy.

kathy Mcferrin
Kathy Mcferrin ()

Goddammit @ErinBurnett just let Tim Murtaugh roll right over no wonder he agreed to come on her goodbye Erin

Richf. ()

@leslsenior Erin Burnett Just had Tim Murtaugh from Trumps re-election campaign on. As with Conway, and McEnany, this was exhausting to watch. Watch a bunch of crap!

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@Frankvdb1971 Biden doesn’t have Tim Murtaugh who on my list is now my most hated Republican right behind Trump.

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Umbliago ()

What a horrible interview. Tim Murtaugh ate Erin’s lunch. Intentional? @OutFrontCNN

bernard caplan
Bernard caplan ()

@OutFrontCNN You should never have Tim Murtaugh on the show again. He is a rude bully who has never spewed a fact. You let him get away with lie after lie

Debbie Bowers
Debbie Bowers ()

@jonathancristol @ErinBurnett This is Tim Murtaugh (sp?) Trump campaign manager. He uses his time on CNN to bash Biden and lie about what Biden has said. He ran all over Burnet and also Wolf where he did the same. They should not allow him on CNN. He is a liar and runs all over the host.

langer tweets
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@ErinBurnett that was a terrible interview with Tim Murtaugh. You allowed him to spew his propaganda with very little retort!!

Marleneusaa1 ()

Erin [email protected] Get rid of Tim Murtaugh. He is one obnoxious, thinkIknowitall, trumper. Trump is a liar and Tim swears to it. Good job girlfriend.

Al Morris
Al Morris ()


Nick Pinto
Nick Pinto ()

@OutFrontCNN Erin Brunett was just absolutely destroyed by Tim Murtaugh, Trump Campaign

Randall French
Randall French ()

Erin Burnett is permitting Tim Murtaugh too much mic time and not enough push back. She should not interview any of the Trump people. Let them go to Fox when she and the others are on. Or invite them when Brianna Keilar is the host. She knows how to do it.

Neil Schwartz
Neil Schwartz ()

@ErinBurnett don’t waste your time with that liar Tim Murtaugh again. That crap about calling that q anon post calling Biden a pedofile an internet meme was total bs. I know you are classy but sometimes you just have to call BS. When u re tweet it, you own it. Call BS please.


What in the hell just happened on Erin Burnett’s show. Tim Murtaugh was just on walking all over her. It was like listening to trump jr. talked so fast spewing lies and spinning stories instead of answering the questions. She needs to be tougher than that.

Rob III ()

Erin how could you allow that Trump dweeb Tim Murtaugh to bully you on your show? Come on, he talked right over you like it was his show and that he were in charge. #erinoutfront #cnn

Barbara Gallagher
Barbara Gallagher ()

@ErinBurnett SO disappointed in handling the criticism and outright LIES about Biden, Obamacare, etc. by Tim Murtaugh - he talked over you and plainly LIED. How could you not look incredulous at what he was spewing? You were calm and almost casual while he got his message out.

R H ()

@CNN please dont give worthless Tim Murtaugh (Trump spokesman) a platform to spout garage.

Mediaize ()

@OutFrontCNN Erin Burnett lets Trump PR Dir Tim Murtaugh kick her arse tonight. Thought u were tougher than this, Erin!

Georgia #OHForBiden
Georgia #OHForBiden ()

This guy on @ErinBurnett s show is a real liar. Someone needs to tell him how the extreme right wing Trump supporters who go in & instigate the teenager whose Mom drove him over state lines so he could murder peaceful protesters? He loves Trump

MM ()

Hey Tim Murtaugh, this is what a “meme” is. Take note. #CNN

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Bez ()

Tim Murtaugh is extraordinarily aggravating. Wish @ErinBurnett had made him shut up about his Biden smear and answer the other question about the other Trump tweet.

Janet Elliott
Janet Elliott ()

@ErinBurnett Your interview today of Tim Murtaugh was pathetic! You let him do virtually all the talking, answer none of your questions, and spew lie after lie.

Sue Reyes-Sardelli
Sue Reyes-Sardelli ()

Tim Murtaugh on CNN. He needs to be muzzled or punched. Typical big mouth, rude & arrogant Trump liar & sycophant. I don’t understand how anyone can believe him.

N S ()

#CNN This guy Tim Murtaugh needs to go see a shrink and get some @ErinBurnett

Soupçon ()

@ErinBurnett Wow, thoroughly dissapointed, you let Tim Murtaugh walk all over 😳

Paul Farhi
Paul Farhi ()

Per pool report, Trump campaign spox Tim Murtaugh on tonight’s *indoor* rally: “If you can join tens of thous. of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from” POTUS.

Megan Messerly
Megan Messerly ()

Trump campaign spox Tim Murtaugh is defending the decision to host an indoor rally tonight. In a statement per pool, he says that if people can gamble in casinos or burn down small businesses in riots they can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from Trump.

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