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Taylor Swift performs Tim McGraw at #GlendaleTSTheErasTour..


taylor plays “tim mcgraw” on the piano, the first song she ever released #GlendaleTSTheErasTour.

👢 DEBUT ERA: 1. Tim McGraw 🕰️ MIDNIGHTS ERA: 1. Lavander Haze 2. Anti-Hero 3. Midnight Rain 4. Vigilant Shit 5. Bejeweled 6. Mastermind 7. Karma.

En el segundo concierto de su #TSTheErasTour Taylor Swift no ha cantado ninguna canción de su disco debut. — Ha cantado ‘State of grace’ al piano en lugar de ‘Tim Mcgraw’. — La canción sorpresa que cambia en cada concierto ha sido ‘this is me trying’..

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Taylor had TWO surprise songs tonight: State of Grace acoustic and This Is Me Trying 🥹 There were no songs from the debut album (Tim McGraw) because of this! #TSmidnighTS.

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@TheSwiftSociety Wait so Tim McGraw is off the setlist? I wish she’d replace it with our song bc it was my first ringtone on my flip phone lol.

Programación especial de Radiopatio por la muerte de Debut: - A las 10, funeral en directo desde Swift City, Arizona. - A las 11, especial: Tim Mcgraw, va por ti. -A las 12, parón para escuchar el nuevo capítulo de @swiftiechat_ - A las 19, especial: Adiós, Debut, adiós.

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Lo siento, pero Tim McGraw no puede ponerse al teléfono ahora mismo. ¿Por qué? Oh, porque está muerto 💀.

então tim mcgraw era música surpresa e o debut não tem um bloco só dele?.

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When you think happiness, I hope you think that little black When you think Taylor Swift, I hope you think of me 🥺💖 Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift. Swift City, Night 1 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #GlendaleTSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTour.

literally only one speak now and one debut song. but it’s okay, enchanted and tim mcgraw: we love you.

Shake It Off Wildest Dreams Bad Blood Surprise Acoustic Song Tim McGraw Lavender Haze Anti-Hero Midnight Rain Vigilante Shit Bejeweled Mastermind Karma.

like i can complain cause state of grace & this is me trying > tim mcgraw BUTTTT??????? DEBUT IM SO SORRY I WASNT YOUR MOTHER.

@karmicswift @RaghavsRep thank you this is the first time I smiled since she swam away from her responsibilities (playing Tim McGraw nightly).

if you asked me last week for one song taylor is guaranteed to sing on tour i would’ve said tim mcgraw… delusional!.

I’m telling you right now when I hear Tim McGraw on the piano I’m gonna be transported back to Nashville for Rep tour and I’m gonna cry 😭.

Honestly debut is soooo incredibly underrated and I was ready to hear it, to only get Tim McGraw makes me. Bit sad. But to get multiple of evermore? Makes me very happy..

ใครได้ไปคอนเทเล่อครั้งนี้คือคุ้มมากคุ้มชิบหาย 3 ชม แล้วเอาเพลงตั้งแต่บั้มแรกจนบั้มปัจจุบันมาร้อง Tim Mcgraw งี้ไม่คิดว่าจะได้ฟังแล้ว enchanted คือพสสวยมากก สวยจนอยากร้องไห้ 😭😭😭😭.

A joke by #ChatGPT Why did Tim McGraw become a philosopher? Because he wanted to understand the meaning of life, love, and the highway. Check out the thread below for some real philosophy👇.

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@Daylight106 she plays the surprise song and tim mcgraw over there! and i saw her walk up there a few times during certain songs.

@unpricklypricks i was waiting for our song or picture to burn but i got tim mcgraw instead 💀.

depois de 3h assistindo live do show da taylor e surtando no gp com @juquinhadafeira e @luiza_cogo minha mente tá uma mistura de champagne problems com wildest dreams com tim mcgraw com cruel summer com illicit affairs com dont blame me e marjorie o cérebro eh uma máquina msm ne.

I don’t even know where to start! The 44 song set list (44!!!), the more than 3 hour runtime (3 hours!!!), the visuals, outfits, transitions, her vocals omg, Bejewelled TikTok dance, evermore love, champagne problems live, piano Tim McGraw, Cruel I’m dead 😭 #erastour.


de Debut hubiera preferido Our Song o PTB pero Tim McGraw siempre será su primer clásico so we move!.

Hoping this is a one off and @taylorswift13 restores Tim McGraw to the set list for all future shows. There is no Eras without the first era, and I want the full circle moment of the song that started it all.

@dontblameklara this is more upsetting than when i finally accepted that she only did tim mcgraw last night.

Does this mean she didn’t perform Tim McGraw tonight? 🥺 #TSTheErasTour.

@blessedswifty So there are 2 surprise songs??? 1st night - Tim McGraw & mirrorball 2nd night - this is me trying & State Of Grace.

@SATURNlNHEREYES Ha cambiado Tim Mcgraw y Mirrorball por las dos nuevas sorpresas, y el resto parece que todo igual.

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