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A new map shows the height of Earth’s forests, from stubby saplings to timbers towering more than 50 meters tall, across the entire land surface..

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It was great to see the Seahenge timbers @britishmuseum today. They were displayed brilliantly - as they are @Lynn_Museum - but I do wish I could have seen them on the sands in all their glory….

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First time the Timbers have ever scored 7 goals in a game in all eras of the club (since 1975). #RCTID.

The most amazing thing is the Timbers only took 11 shots. Shooting free throws out there today. #RCTID.

FULLTIME: Timbers - 7 SKC -2. An absolute offensive explosion from the Timbers, who bury Sporting with a second half barrage. #RCTID.

Holy shit Timbers nice off the offense to wake up but save some for some other matches! 🤣🤣🤣 #RCTID.

Why do coke while jumping the grand canyon on a kawasaki ninja when you could watch this Timbers match? #rctid.

Timbers score 7 goals Most in a single match in club history in MLS era Portland gets its 100th MLS regular season win at Providence Park #RCTID.

FINAL: Timbers 7, Sporting KC 2. Portland sets a club record for most goals in a single game. Scoring woes be damned. #RCTID RECAP:.

Match Recap & Highlights: Portland Timbers 7 - 2 Sporting Kansas City #RCTID Recap by @abarnesandnoble.

@Hmartin1015 @MLSTransfers Lol, sorry, watching the Timbers stomp SKC into the ground and just felt like trashing zlatan. LOL. Take it or leave it. Just having fun..

Both my teams almost won by 6 to 2! Except Timbers scored a 7th in injury time. WHAT A NIGHT! #UptheMenace #RCTID.

the timbers made me sit through three scoreless draws in a row this season and now they win 7-2 what the actual fuck.

Rapaz, que atropelamento! Portland Timbers tocou 7 x 2 no Sporting Kansas City. Partida brutal de Yimmi Chará. Confesso que sinto falta desse cara no futebol mexicano. Atuação brutal do paraguaio Cristhian Paredes, também ex futebol mexicano (América do México)..

embarrassed to be watching @SportingKC at the timbers stadium right now. love my boys but damn.

Allie is trying to make non Kurtis Conner plans with me I’m shivering in my Timbers.

Timbers just matched their single-game goals record, lead Sporting KC 6-2 in 89th minute..

TERMINOU! Portland Timbers [7] x [2] Sporting Kansas City MLS - 2022 14 e 15/05 - 2022 22 palpites nesta partida 14 () no(a) Portland Timbers 1 () no empate 7 () no(a) Sporting Kansas City.

@MLS @TimbersFC Absolutely embarrassing! Sporting KC should never be losing to the Timbers..

Encerrado - MLS Portland Timbers 7-2 Sporting Kansas City (Bill Tuiloma, Sebastián Blanco 2x, Nathan Fogaça 2x, Marvin Loria, Santiago Moreno; Johnny Russell, Marinos Tzionis).


Timbers winning 7-2. So much money to be made and I hesitated and got none of it 😭.

Silenciei o jogo do Portland Timbers no Sofa Score, VSF já cansei das notificações..

Back to the end of the Timbers game during 2nd intermission just in time to see their first ever 7th goal. Got dang I wish I could enjoy this.

GOL DO(A) Portland Timbers! Portland Timbers [7] x [2] Sporting Kansas City MLS - 2022 - 14 e 15/05 - 2022 91 minuto(s).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 goals for the Portland Timbers tonight. Unbelievable..

GOL DO(A) Portland Timbers! Portland Timbers [6] x [2] Sporting Kansas City MLS - 2022 - 14 e 15/05 - 2022 87 minuto(s).

A lot of you may have thought this bet was dumb, but I’m watching the game and could tell the Timbers wanted more 🤑🤑🤑.

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