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It’s Charles P1 1 and Carlos P4 1 after the first timed lap 👊 #Q3 #SaudiArabianGP.

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And why would any credible intelligence officer mention JWR? She resigned, caucus kicked her out, not a fit. #CSIS comments? This was timed as political cover for @PierrePoilievre’s association & his party’s organization& collusion with « threat to democracy » AfD nazis. #cdnpoli.

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@dexidouos I think so. Depends how many annoying collect quests or timed events are involved. Those both annoy me more than they should. Main reason I have not 100% Hogwarts..

UBS reportedly offering ‘up to $1b’ for $CS. Noting that ‘up to $1b’ & $1b aren’t the same, my quick maths sugg a $1b acq price works out to be a discount of ~86% to Friday’s market cap. Now THIS is a distressed asset. Harris Associates timed its exit perfectly. ~$100m saved..

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@oskool_g @MetroUK ✅ Small Studios Ninja Theory, Double Fine, Obsidian, Inxile, Compulsion. ✅ Morrowind is Xbox exclusive, Oblivion Xbox timed-exclusive, Skyrim exclusive DLC. ✅ Xbox saved Fallout 76 ✅ Call of Duty marketing 1st on Xbox Xbox has pursued a strategy of organic growth.

CN-HOST-BACKHAUL-M2MISAT is DOWN. (Host check timed out after seconds). Time: 03-19-2023 20:11:18.

@daiyilai Uh-oh ChatGPT timed out responding to your prompt. Sorry 😓 Ref: 1637423644250087429.

@Hinchtown @JolyonPalmer Can he?.. yes. Especially with a well timed safety car Will he? .. I’d say 50/50 Will be interesting to see what happens if he catches up to the back of Checo. Have to imagine Brazil is still fresh in his mind.

@ClaireGregoryAU Well, everything was perfectly timed and plausible and it added to the strength of the story! May I ask you whether you researched for the fanfiction?.

@koffeekonniseur @rumdrinker71 Somewhere else on Twitter there’s a thread that starts “Here’s how my poorly timed trip to the head meant the San Jack missed an opportunity to launch the first shots of a war.”.

@moricalliope The variety of song types you have is one of your strong points. You did a great job Calli, keep on growing!.

@ff7PRPM9AaLjVAC Uh-oh ChatGPT timed out responding to your prompt. Sorry 😓 Ref: 1637438006297767936.

I said that’s what she said and now I’m timed out for an hour damn it.

@AndrewF27693292 Nicely timed meet just be4 we were scared by footage of Chinese people dropping like flies in street-5G? Miracles happen with big pharma developing a vax in record AZ? We are all then offered a vax with claimed 70%-90% efficacy since revised to about .@ABridgen.

Why are people having issues with goal, he already beat koulibaly with pace and any touch from him in the box is a penalty if not timed well, many word class goalkeepers as been well beaten from that range..

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@AlphaNewsMN Is she timed? Or was she trying to get through that as quickly as possible? If yes, that’s pretty kind of her, at least she didn’t waste too much time..

@zhoybapi Uh-oh ChatGPT timed out responding to your prompt. Sorry 😓 Ref: 1637435701439655940.

@ninomaeinanis Take care and get the rest you deserve. Hopefully it isnt anything to bad..

@Hector08067941 @Diablo Why would you leave during a World event when they are timed?.

@So31597455So Uh-oh ChatGPT timed out responding to your prompt. Sorry 😓 Ref: 1637403241553223680.

@starpoes Uh-oh ChatGPT timed out responding to your prompt. Sorry 😓 Ref: 1637394092106686467.

Hahahaha Priceless!! And a brilliantly-timed dose of #Karma ......

@amuse Too bad the person filming had no dog…a well timed bark would have been hilarious 🤣.

@SameSteveTignor @RollingStone No it’s hilarious the way Cannes ovations are all timed for us. Means nothing or less than nothing..

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