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Tisha be so happy when she argue with Mel or make Mel upset. she is obsessed with Mel #LAMH.

My only issue with Mel is that if Tisha husband is cheating it’s not ur place to keep telling her. Let her parade her perfect marriage because it will come to light but don’t keep jabbing with that #LAMH.

Chii tv is retelecasting zra 2020 , watching them together is bringing dukh aur dard 😭😭 #tisha.

Chile, this episode made me so mad! #lamh. I wanted to go through the screen and pop Melody and Stormi for Tisha and Destiny. Now next episode Stormi acting like she dont know why Tisha energy off, like she didnt just sit up there, admitting she was talking about her..

Outside of this repetitive ass argument for the past few years can we acknowledge that Tisha is giving looks this season. She looks so beautiful #LAMH.

I don’t see Tisha being a single mother. I don’t think she wants that either. Marriage is status for her regardless of whether Marsau is running around. This is why she always acts deaf, dumb & blind when anyone brings up Marsau. I hope for her sake he’s not cheating. #lamh.

Now Mel will never forget that Tisha said she knew for three years then had a baby by him. Same thing she did in season 2- kept pushing Tisha until she blurted out about the matching beamers. Then Mel terrorized her every season since because of it #LAMH.

Y’all hate Mel so much y’all rewriting history. So Tisha didn’t admittedly be messy Season 1 bringing up infidelity at Mel and Martell’s anniversary dinner? #LAMH.

Tisha has to understand the only reason people were talking about her was because her husband posted that picture. #LAMH.

Help me understand. Why was Destiny talking to Tisha about Mel and not expecting Mel to be upset? #LAMH.

Mel and Tisha made progress last season to rebuild and Tisha got in her feelings and fucked it off on the reunion #LAMH.

@MsSheta Well it took Mel 6 years to leave her husband that had 2 babies on her! I’m sure if Tisha husband had 1 baby on her SHE WOULD LEAVE!! #teamtisha.

Now when Tisha’s momma brings her some information on next weeks episode about her husband being up to no good after her begging for years for proof she’s not going to do anything about it. I wish she’d just say “I know my husband is cheating, and I don’t care” #LAMH.

Didn’t stormy say she liked Destiny on a previous episode to Melody? So Melody has a problem with Destiny and now stormy has one with her can’t. Then has the nerve to ask Destiny what Tisha and Mel has to do with Destiny? What does any of this have to do with you stormy?#LAMH.

Mel said repeatedly, “That’s your cousin”, “What you think” to Tisha’s cousin….. why she acting like she can’t remember…. Y’all definitely was sitting around talking about Latisha!!! #LAMH.

At this point, the only one who I wasn’t mad at during this episode was, dare I say it, …Tiffany. Mel, Tisha, Des, and Stormy were all a shit show and Kimmy was stirring the pot. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ #LAMH.

I wish Mel would’ve just been honest, and just admit that having Keke at the slumber party and talking about Tisha, was payback for Tisha and Destiny talking about Mel behind Mel’s back. #LAMH.

What is this narrative that Tisha is FINALLY standing up for herself??? When has Mel ever punked Tisha? I’m confused. Tisha been coming at Mel & Mel been coming at Tisha. Why are people acting like Tisha is a victim & finally standing up to her bully? #LAMH.

Lmaoooooooooooo Tisha was write Melody had a baby with Martell and then he went and for his gf pregnant a few months later 🤡🤡🤡 Melody a clown #LAMH.

Look, Wanda is a habitual line stepper but iHollered when she told Tisha that if she knew about Marsau’s shenanigans and lied to her, she’s going in on Tisha too. Baby, she meant that too! 🤣🤣 #LAMH.

@x_markdaspot I missed most of it But; Mel is right about Tisha next #Episode #LAMH Destiny fake and so Is Tisha .. we gon c.

And I wish Mel would be honest with Destiny and tell her that she dont wanna fuck with her because she dont know how to keep her name our her mouth around Tisha and Martell #LAMH.

Tisha is very slow, naive & easily manipulated. Marsha never checked Martell about the “6 gfs” & Maurice even said “I know a lot that I don’t say”, but Mel attacked your marriage? #LAMH.

Tisha is the prime example of a pick me gone wrong. You were laughing & taunting Mel when she went thru her divorce, & now it’s coming out that your husband is in fact cheating as well… gotta watch how you do ppl #LAMH.

Mel is only upset bc Tisha keeps saying she tried to destroy her marriage. SHE DID. Why can’t she just own it? #LAMH.

I had to go back to watch the pj party ep to see who brought up Tisha & it was Kimmi. The discussion was about Kimmi, Maurice, & the pic. Stormi said that Marsau was foul for posting. Keke didn’t say ANYTHING negative about Tisha, nor was she the topic of conversation. #LAMH.

@StyledForLife No!!!! Destiny wants Melody to say what she heard…but Melody can’t bc she didn’t hear is just using Tisha as an excuse to stop dealing with Destiny. This is Melody’s storyline this season. IF I HEARD U SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABT ME I WILL BE ABLE REPEAT IT #LAMH.

Just tisha things their eye contact is enough 😭😭 missing them 🥺#Tisha.

Chile Tisha is pulling up there with a mean mug just to go back home and go to bed. #LAMH.

#LAMH To Tisha, everyone is trying to destroy her marriage--except her husband who keeps getting accused of questionable situations..

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