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Tom Kim just pumped up the crowd, club-twirled his driver and did a quick tee-grab on a tee shot that went directly into a fairway bunker. I think I have a new favorite golfer.

Tom Kim left the 10th green without his golf ball and he left the 11th green without his golf ball and his putter. He may leave the 12th without his pants..


TOM KIM FOR THE WIN! Huge moment for @JoohyungKim0621 to capture another win for @IntlTeam 🔥.

Players the tour needs to protect from LIV at all costs: - Tom Kim - Tiger - Tom Kim - Rory - Spieth - Tom Kim - JT - Tom Kim - Homa - Tom Kim - Scheffler - Tom Kim - Hovland - Tom Kim - Willy Z - Tom Kim - Sahith - Xander/Cantlay - Tom Kim Also, Tom Kim.


Final round tee times: JT vs. SW Kim Spieth vs. Davis Burns vs. Hideki Cantlay vs. Scott Scheffler vs. Munoz Finau vs. Pendrith Xander vs. Conners Young vs. Im Horschel vs. Lee Homa vs. Tom Kim Morikawa vs. Pereira Kisner vs. Bezuidenhout (Presented by @ROLEX).

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by PGA TOUR,PGA TOUR on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

We have a developing situation—Tom Kim ripped his pants. Upon hearing this, Mito Pereira exclaimed “AGAIN?!” Currently searching for a backup pair..

Tom Kim Is A Certified Superstar, And The Internationals Have Life At The Presidents Cup.

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Barstool Sports,Barstool Sports on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

Jordan Spieth: “I think we’d like to see Billy Horschel against Tom Kim. That would be fun.”.

Forget LIV; biggest concern in golf is getting Tom Kim dual citizenship in Europe so he can play in the Ryder Cup.

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Joel Beall,Joel Beall on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

Tom Kim wanted good Carolina vibes this week, so he adds UNC colors to his putter grip. Gets all the good vibes he can handle — and then some. It all makes sense..

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Jonathan Wall,Jonathan Wall on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

Agree with this. Tom Kim was ranked inside the top 40 in the world while playing the Asian Tour full time and before being granted temporary PGA Tour status. That’s going to be impossible with the new system. It’s a disaster for golf outside of the States. It needs a rethink..

Free drinks and glizzies for Tom Kim at our golf course when it opens next year.

Not sure if it’s down to the sheer David vs Goliath nature of this year’s event, the current climate in global golf, the Tom Kim factor, or something else entirely, but it feels like there’s a lot more “neutrals” than usual getting into the @PresidentsCup this week. Great to see..

Tom Kim is on his third pair of pants on the day. He split the first two while warming up and then had to borrow another golfer’s pants to play his round. Fun Fact: @TheRook22 once missed class in law school bc his pants split. So he knows that feeling. #PresidentsCup.

Afternoon four-ball matches. Cantlay/Schauffele vs. Si Woo/Tom Kim JT/Spieth vs. Hideki/Pendrith Finau/Kisner vs. Sungjae/Bassy Burns/Horschel vs. Scott/Cam Davis.

Four-ball matches during Round Four of the 2022 Presidents Cup (4) Match 15: 12:05 ET Patrick Cantlay/Xander Schauffele () vs. Si Woo Kim/Tom Kim (INT).

SATURDAY AFTERNOON GROUPS Cantlay/Schauffele vs. Si Woo/Tom Kim Thomas/Spieth vs. Matsuyama/Pendrith Finau/Kisner vs. Sungjae/Munoz Burns/Horschel vs. Scott/Davis.

A veces el golf y Tom Kim me ponen asi!!! Este equipo tiene mucho pero mucho corazón!! Con todo mañana.

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by jose luis campra,jose luis campra on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

A star is born: Tom Kim ignites Internationals with youthful exuberance. @RyanLavnerGC on the Presidents Cup Saturday that belonged to the 20-year-old..

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Golf Central,Golf Central on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

When Tom Kim walked into the clubhouse after yesterday’s round 😂 (📸: Reddit).

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I’ve been wondering who was going to step up and inspire the next generation of golfers post-Tiger, and it has now been confirmed it will be Tom Kim..


Tom Kim gives me serious young Rory vibes. The kids a prodigy and he’s gonna win A LOT.

Will Gray
Will Gray

US rolling and Tom Kim emerging as MVP of the week really should’ve been more foreseeable..

Choose your fighter, you can only pick 1. Anthony Kim, Tom Kim, or Ian Poulter?.

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Flushing It,Flushing It on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

(HU🇭🇺) Tae Weverse komment 220925 #18 #19 A: Tehát akkor ilyen pimaszul kérdezzünk? Tyung?* 🐯: Aha!!* A: Kim Taehyung, Kim Yeontannal mizu?* 🐯: Hm nem tom. Szüleimnél van. Kell róla kép?* *ugyanazzal az udvariatlan stílussal írják, mint az előző kommentelő.

Tom Kim Photo,Tom Kim Photo by Soo In⁷,Soo In⁷ on twitter tweets Tom Kim Photo

@AndrewKirbyGolf @deepdivegolf Yeah let’s pump the brakes a touch here. This event has been barely competitive for 30 years and Tom Kim has won a single, mid-level TOUR event, stop trying to make all this more than it is. And enough with the moral applications already, these guys are freaking golfers. 🙄😖.

PGA tour stans are taking credit for developing Tom Kim now 😂.

First match of the afternoon is a beauty. Swaggy killers vs serial killers. Si Woo Kim and Tom Kim vs Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay.

Bob Harig
Bob Harig

Tom Kim was on the winning side of two matches today. He won foursomes in the morning with Lee 2 and 1 over Scottie Scheffler and Sam Burns. #PresidentsCup.

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