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If Mike Tomlin just called that fake punt, ghere go a few coach of the year votes. If Jordan Berry did it on his iwn, Steelers may want to look for another punter.

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Mike Tomlin coaching his ass off for the Steelers & he’s not getting nearly enough credit.

Listen to Steeler Nation on the road! 8-5 with Duck Hodges. TJ the DPOY. Tomlin Coach of the Year. Here we go.

“Bushy-bearded Ben Roethlisberger sat down on a Gatorade jug, headset on, Microsoft Surface tablet in hand, and waved over Devlin Hodges from a couple seats down the bench.”.

And defense seals the win no thanks to some hideous coaching. Don’t know how we are doing this but we are. Great win. Now who calls Tomlin out????.

Tomlin, despite atrocious clock management, makes it 13 for 13 non-losing seasons..

Mike Tomlin got lucky again 😂 I can’t wait to see and hear all the Tomlin for coach of the year talk again lol.

Obviously we are now 8-5. Once again our defense saved us. That’s two game ending INT’s in a row for Joe Haden. The proof is in the pudding..

Mike Tomlin has now, officially, had a non-losing season in all 13 years of his head coaching career. This season may be his most impressive..

Mike Tomlin should be coach of the year. What he has done with the injuries is remarkable..

Mike Tomlin still has never had a losing season as a head coach and he went almost the entirety of this one without the starting quarterback.

Mike Tomlin has never had a losing admit I was ungrateful at the beginning but my team has never let me should’ve know #HereWeGo.

They tried to blow the game, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best offensive/defensive line combo in the NFL. This is the ultimate sleeper team if they can make the playoffs. Mike Tomlin is turning water into wine with this depleted roster..

Back to my original thesis. This team has no business being 8-5. None. Nearly every non-OL has been cut. Defense lost their best player. What a job this year by Tomlin..

Tomlin is bailed out once again because Kyler has zero awareness and an awful offensive line.

@KDPomp Just chalk it up to another Tomlin egg lay against a horrible team on the road.

📌 “Siempre quise ser alguien, pero ahora me doy cuenta de que debería haber sido más específico.” - Lily Tomlin.

And to be clear: I’ve been beating the Tomlin/COY drum all year long and still am — but this has not been a well managed game and those things really do matter (as does leadership, fwiw)..

@btsteelcurtain Somebody tell Tomlin football isn’t a game of faith it’s a game of strategy.

Surprised Tomlin didn’t try an onside kick here, seems to be about where his head is at.

Everyone seems to think Tomlin is the leading candidate for Coach of the Year, But 2 weeks in a row we had a chance to burn the clock but let teams hang around for a minute and a half on the clock. #PITvsAZ.

And then we pass, when every other team in the NFL, NCAA, high school, middle school and Pop Warner runs the ball. That is on Tomlin too..

As good as Tomlin has been as a coach this year, his clock management is still god awful. How do you allow randy to call a pass there when you have the opportunity to bleed the clock to under a minute..

Pretty embarrassing stuff at the end here regardless of what happens. Why Tomlin can be so frustrating.

This is one of my biggest issues with Tomlin. He never learned it..

If Mike Tomlin just called that fake punt, ghere go a few coach of the year votes. If Jordan Berry did it on his iwn, Steelers may want to look for another punter.

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