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How is Sean Mcvay and Kyle Shanahan ahead of Tomlin? Disrespectful

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Cassidy McMahon
Cassidy McMahon ()

Full Episode Braves camp notes: Ball added to Player Pool and Tomlin will likely via @YouTube #BravesFam #FortheA

Brett Young Fans
Brett Young Fans ()

Chris Tomlin Releases Track List For New Collaboration Album via @MusicRow

Liam Brett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Liam Brett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

My team for Tuesday Smithies Sanderson (hopefully tonight was a one off) morrison, nelson,Bennett Tomlin,Ralls,vaulks Patterson, glatzel, Mendez Yes a bit different to what some will say. Patterson will do a job on the wing and can alternate with tomlin when needed too

Lana M Tomlin
Lana M Tomlin ()

@thehill And yet here we are in an awful mess! And who’s been in charge for almost four years?

heartbreak & misery
Heartbreak & misery ()

@hueb_marcelo esse filme é lindissimo, eu fico bem abalado pela Lily Tomlin cantando uma musica de despedida pq alem dela ter perdido a mae naquela epoca, ela tava vendo o grande parceiro profissional dela ja debilitado

Callum Lee Higson
Callum Lee Higson ()

Harrison Reeds pockets must be fucking huge to have Lee Tomlin in #fatcunt #FULCAR

Fernando Orozco
Fernando Orozco ()

@CMPtiempo @MeteoJalMX sale el sol en Tonalá y el cielo luce un azul espectacular 😍

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Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin ()

We are only 3 weeks from the release of “Chris Tomlin & Friends”... so I figured I might as well share the tracklisting with you! Every single one of the artists on this project is not only an extremely talented artist but also a dear

Anthony Seymour
Anthony Seymour ()

@RQ1927 @roathboy Yeah defensively good but something has to give on a different side when Tomlin comes on

Natxo ()

Tomlin demanding Wardy gets a new contract on insta 😭😭😭 This guy’s bigger than the whole club.

Natxo ()

@Gabbidon35 Those three really the spine of our team now. Amazing to see how much the side’s developed under Harris. Get Tomlin fit and there’s a real chance at promotion.

Andy Barham
Andy Barham ()

@Gabbidon35 @Leetomlin10 The difference is Patterson wouldn’t of scored and Ward is a decent goal scorer when the chance comes his way. But yes great pass by Tomlin.

View From The Ninian
View From The Ninian ()

Harris confirms that Tomlin had tightness in his hip and groin, so didn’t train yesterday and was not fit enough to start. Glatzel is likely to be fit for Tuesday and should train tomorrow

Cidersi ()

@Leetomlin10 Fair play Lee, I am waiting for LJ to tell the press we need a Tomlin type player 😂

Liam Brett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Liam Brett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

LEE TOMLIN IS A BLUE HE HATES BRISTOL. Steady on Lee but fucking massive step in the right direction over our local rivals. BLUUUEEEBIRDS

Callum Ellis
Callum Ellis ()

Lee Tomlin coming off the bench to finish off his former club’s season. Nailed on, wasn’t it?

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson ()

I love Danny Ward, as I’m sure you know, and I hope they can find a way to keep him. Not the best of games, but it got better as players started to tire. The use of subs was a bit strange, but worked. Cardiff need Ward, Tomlin and Murphy if they want to get out of this league

Rob Phillips
Rob Phillips ()

Another win under pressure for @CardiffCityFC, who moved away from the chasing pack. Once more Neil Harris’ subs were critical - ‘Magic Man’ Lee Tomlin set up Danny Ward with slide rule finish by Ward. Ps Morrison & Nelson immense - again!FT1-0

Joseff Bird
Joseff Bird ()

DANNY DANNY WARRRRDDD. What a ball from Tomlin. Another year of Lee Johnson’s “premier league” training squad in the championship. Absolutely LOVE to see it

Lewis Durston
Lewis Durston ()

Danny Ward doing what he does, Tomlin with a massive impact on the game. HUGE win! Play offs getting closer and closer💙💙

Raymond Pilkington
Raymond Pilkington ()

@BristolCity In tight games you need a creative player to unlock defences. Cardiff bring on Lee Tomlin; a player discarded by Lee Johnson - who threads a passing for their goal. Palmer and Szmodics are not even in our squad. #JohnsonOut

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Huge huge win Incredible defending Danny Ward, Lee Tomlin = 👑 Our first derby win if the season Don Harris ftw

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Dylan Mohammad-Smart
Dylan Mohammad-Smart ()

Another top result for @CardiffCityFC. Great burst from Tomlin and wicked finish from Danny Ward. Bacuna my MOTM, had an absolute stormer.

Dai Locke
Dai Locke ()

@KevMcnaughton The weight on the pass from Tomlin [email protected] the finish were superb. 👏🏻👏🏻

Brett James Liddiatt
Brett James Liddiatt ()

All these months after Tomlin missed that penalty trying to get Johnson the sack. He’s hopefully finally sealed it with the assist today.

Mark Carter
Mark Carter ()

Superb finish from Ward and an excellent weighted pass from Tomlin. But just as good was that tackle by Bacuna to stop the Bristol counter down our right side.

Cidersi ()

Imagine having a player like tomlin to slide balls through to your strikers @BristolCity 👀

Championship Brasil
Championship Brasil ()

GOOOOOOOOOL! Lee Tomlin toca pra Danny Ward, que de primeira, abre o placar pro Cardiff! 1-0 no Bristol City

Variety ()

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner recall falling in love with each other 50 years ago

Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace ()

How is Sean Mcvay and Kyle Shanahan ahead of Tomlin? Disrespectful

☚ #DeSantisResign #BETSundayBest ☛
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