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Oppo taco for Tommy Pham and the Red Sox jump to a 1-0 lead in the 1st! (via @RedSox).

Tommy Pham vs Gerrit Cole #DirtyWater Home Run 💣 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 25 deg Proj. distance: 337 ft This would have been a home run in 3/30 MLB ballparks BOS (1) @ NYY (0) 🔺 1st.

Tommy Pham Photo,Tommy Pham Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Tommy Pham Photo

Tommy Pham missed 3 potential cutoff guys on that throw. Solid fundamental baseball right there..

I’d make fun of Tommy Pham’s arm but that angry mother fucker will probably show up at my house.

See ya, Pham! Tommy Pham gives the Red Sox a 1-0 lead in the first with his 17th homer of the year..


Tommy Pham got the Red Sox on the board quickly with his first inning at-bat against Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole..

Home run by #RedSox Tommy Pham has 30th allowed this season by #Yankees starter Gerrit Cole, most in American League right now..

Tommy Pham Photo,Tommy Pham Photo by Red Sox Nation Stats,Red Sox Nation Stats on twitter tweets Tommy Pham Photo

Tommy Pham heard the @Bastards_Boston talking smack about him and clapped back! #DirtyWater.

Over his career, #RedSox Tommy Pham: 30-for-125 (.240) with 1 HR, 5 RBI and a .673 OPS vs #Yankees..

+680 Same as Tommy Pham, almost went with him instead. Should’ve done both… 🤣 💩.

At the plate #RedSox left fielder Tommy Pham was 2-for-5 on Thursday vs #Yankees with a lead off double off NYY starter Jameson Taillon..

Tommy Pham and Reese McGuire were two sneaky good moves made by the Sox at the deadline that should pay off going forward. If they resign Xander and Devers this team still has a bright future..

In the outfield for the #RedSox from left to right are Tommy Pham, Rob Refsnyder, and Alex Verdugo..

There are 5,000 high school players that throw better than Tommy Pham. @RedSox @Yankees #RepBX.


Gleyber Torres doubles to deep left field, advances to 3rd. Aaron Hicks scores. Marwin Gonzalez scores. Throwing error by Tommy Pham. Bottom of the 5th | 2 outs #BOSvsNYY.

Lot to like about #RedSox Tommy Pham, but as a fielder, yikes. Once again, where is he throwing that ball?.

Aaron Judge flies out to deep left field to Tommy Pham. Bottom of the 3rd | 2 outs #BOSvsNYY.

Red Sox 1 (Batting: #22 Tommy Pham) Yankees 0 (Pitching: #45 Gerrit Cole) Top of 3rd, 2 Out, Man on first.

Jose Trevino flies out to left field to Tommy Pham. Bottom of the 2nd | 2 outs #BOSvsNYY.

@Starting9 @short_porch Tommy pham would break Maris HR record if he played a whole season there.

Giving up home runs to Tommy Pham. This the guy you gave 324 mill but you not gonna give judge the bank? @Yankees.

#RedSox at #Yankees Tommy Pham connects on a line-drive home run in the 1st inning, giving the Red Sox an early 1-0 lead with his 17th long fly of the season Top 1 Gerrit Cole mph Four-Seam Fastball Tommy Pham 336 ft EV mph.

@soxmachine_josh I’m of the belief there’s still a chance he opts out of that. Tommy Pham got year with a mutual option for next year. Mccutchen got as well I’m pretty sure. I’d say pollock has more ability than both of those guys. If he doesn’tlove Chicago he could still get more $.

17 HR on the season for Tommy Pham #DirtyWater Each Home Run for Tommy Pham AVG Exit Velo: mph AVG Launch Angle: deg AVG Proj. Distance: ft Would dong in MLB ballparks Automated Reply from @SyMill_Baseball.


So are we going to keep Tommy Pham next year or nah? I’d like to see his bat again! #redsox.

The Apple TV hit probabilities on the bottom right of the screen make ZERO sense 😂😂 Tommy Pham had a 14% chance to get a hit at 0-1. He watched a strike 2 to go to 0-2 and his hit probability went to 19%.

#RedSox 1 @ #Yankees 4 [T6-2o]: Tommy Pham (swinging; 1) RHP Gerrit Cole (7) Seq (4): SL× SL FC KC× s3: Knuckle Curve.

Red Sox 1 (Batting: #22 Tommy Pham) Yankees 4 (Pitching: #45 Gerrit Cole) Top of 6th, 1 Out, Man on first and second.

@collhistgarden I happened to see the Redbirds the day Oscar Taveras got called up. Didn’t get to see him, but that was the class of Kolton Wong, Steven Piscotty, Tommy Pham, etc. Tim Cooney pitched a 1 hitter, I think. It was pretty fabulous. ⚾️.

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