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The most emotional moment for many of the @ProFootballHOF inductees is the Gold Jacket ceremony. Tony Boselli became the first Jacksonville Jaguar inducted into the Hall and it was a special moment..

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Tony Boselli talking about his late father making him a congratulatory HOF video is WRECKING me right now, man..

A great emotional interview for the first #Jaguars HOF ever Tony Boselli. Tony said his Dad was sick with cancer and passed away and there was a video recorded that he got to watch today that celebrated with him and told him how proud of him he was. Amazing story! #DUUUVAL.

Tony Khan
Tony Khan

Congratulations to @TonyBoselli, an amazing father, son, brother, and friend, legend of USC and the Jacksonville @Jaguars! Today Tony Boselli was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a historic accomplishment, and he’s the first ever Jaguar inducted into the Hall of Fame!.

Tony Boselli becomes first Jaguar inducted into the Hall of Fame..

Tony Boselli speech went just past 11 minutes or 3 minutes longer than edict from @ProFootballHOF, saved thanks to his late father, Tony Boselli Sr., for the end of speech. #Jaguars.

Incredible story from Tony Boselli about the message he watched today from his dad … that he recorded before he died..

Ohh good lord … this story on Tony Boselli and the video his father did for him before passing away that Boselli just watched this morning. No clue how Boselli held it together talking about that just now … I may still be shedding tears when the show starts tomorrow morning..

Bruce Smith putting out a multi paragraph statement on why Tony Boselli shouldn’t be a hall of famer was one of funniest story lines this offseason..

I want my kids to talk about me the way Tony Boselli just talked about his dad. Awesome interview..

I’m so happy. Tony Boselli is officially in the HOF and ended his speech with a heck of a #DUUUVAL chant..

HOF inductee Tony Boselli gave a great speech. Will Bryant Young now gently remind him that his Southern Cal teams never beat ND when he was there? ☘️.

Tony Boselli nailed his HOF speech. Had notes in his hand but never glanced at them once..

Damn. Tony Boselli got up there and gave possibly the best Hall of Fame speech ever. Got me teary eyed talking about his late father. @TonyBoselli congratulations..

Beautiful Hall of Fame speech by Tony Boselli, the first Jacksonville Jaguar to be enshrined. He thanked all the people who helped get him to Canton, most all of them in attendance. Really touching..

@NFLDraftBites @2022NYGIANTS Let’s Look: First ever pick LT Tony Boselli Traded for QB Mark Brunel from Packers Found Cowboy reject WR Jimmy Smith who turned out to be excellent. Drafted RB Fred Taylor, DE Tony Brackens There’s more………….

With Tony Boselli’s induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, USC now has the most players in the NFL HOF. Trojans now have 14 elected to the elite group. I will add, UCLA has 6. Fight On !! ✌️.

That Tony Boselli story about his dad making a “congrats on the HOF” video before he died (in case he ever made it in) is pretty epic..


Yeah like who the hell is Tony Boselli? I can name 3 more deserving Tonys..

With all due respect to Tony Boselli, how does he get in but Jim Plunkett hasn’t? #Raiders.

Tony Boselli es el representante de esos Jaguars que calificaron a los playoffs en 4 de sus primeros 5 años y esos 2 AFC Championship Games. Representa a Jimmy Smith, Fred Taylor, Mark Brunell, Keenan McCardell y más. Taylor creo también pudiera ser HOF..

@lindseyyok Should be any time now, if they let in Tony Boselli with barely 6 seasons played and only 3 seasons playing all 16 games. It’s the equality league, no Jags in HOF, fixed.

Sitting her watching the hall of fame game and seeing Richard Seymour and Tony Boselli made it and y’all questioning wether @EliManning is a HOF smh. If they are in Eli definitely should be guest ballot. Argue with your mamma.

@ProFootballHOF Who is Tony Boselli, a lot people are like who the hell is that! Roman Gabriel should be put in the HOF!.

@notTHATchris_B 3x 1st team All-Pro 5x Pro Bowl All Decade Team Beat Cancer Very similar resume to Tony Boselli.

Somebody tell me what tony boselli did that @RichmondWebb didnt do?? @ProFootballHOF.

Tony Boselli Photo,Tony Boselli Photo by Furiousflea43,Furiousflea43 on twitter tweets Tony Boselli Photo

WTF? Watching the annual NFL Hall of Fame game and interview with The Great Tony Boselli. Where are his eyebrows? Are they tucked under that Cro-Magnon eyebrow ridge he has? Dammmnnnnn..

Not taking anything away from Tony Boselli (great player, well deserving). But him being in and NOT @BigWillie7179 is absurd. Get it right @ProFootballHOF #Bengals.

Tony Boselli definitely belongs in the hall of fame. But did they just put up a graphic of the jags record with him and without him? Are they implying the jags lack of success is because of OL play?.

Tony Boselli making the Pro Football HOF over Clay Matthew’s is without a doubt a ridiculously HUGE travesty… #ClayMatthewsHOF @ClayHof @Browns.

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