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tre jones just did a no-look point-at-teammate-after-basket and that might be the most impressive point guard feat of them all..

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Both Jones brothers in the #Duke locker room. This causes understandable confusion with @lebrownlow & @joeovies because Tre & Tyus might as well be twins & only Tyus was visible when we first walked in..

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The Key To Us Is Tre High IQ PG For Sure. I Get More And More Impressed Every Time I Watch Him. And His On Ball Defense is Crazy!.

Up 14 points and Tre Jones is diving in the floor with 5 seconds left. This teams fucking special man.

Don’t get me wrong, Zion is amazing. But Tre Jones and his defense is my absolute favorite thing about this team..


*LOOK AT THAT TRE JONES DEFENSE BABY!!! *Markell goes right by him and throws a lob for his 10th assist..

The following tweet is unfortunate, but 100% UNC Duke will more than likely come down to how Zion & Tre Jones are officiated. If Jones is allowed to hand check that neutralizes some of Coby & If Zion gets the NBA whistle ... 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Pro move my Tre Jones to take that long shot just after the buzzer. NBA ready. @bgeis_bird.

Tyus Jones is the better shooter but Tre is the better defender. Both great & both make your team much better. Those Jones Brothers from Apple Valley. Wish they would keep coming!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼.

Jordan Goldwire coming in the game now alongside Jack White, Tre Jones, Marques Bolden and RJ Barrett..

Duke is on a 56-20 run dating back to the Louisville game. Tre Jones hits a corner 3 and Devils go up 21-10 on NC State. Keatts burns a TO to stop the bleeding..

It’s a 2015 team reunion at Cameron. Tre Jones, Amile Jefferson, Quinn Cook and Grayson Allen are here..

Starters vs. NC State Tre Jones Cam Reddish Barrett Zion Williamson Marques Bolden #HereComesDuke.

Funniest thing about this Duke team is that Marvin Bagley posed to be on this team imagine this lineup Tre Jones Cam Reddish RJ Barrett Marvin Bagley Zion Williamson.

I’m mostly joking but is it fair to wonder if this Duke team is better than some of these NBA teams that are tanking? They’ve got 3 guys that will go in the top 5 of the draft this summer plus Tre Jones.

Jordan Goldwire stepped up. His number was called and he locked it up right next to Tre Jones.

Jordan Goldwire & Tre Jones applying the defensive pressure was huge in this comeback..

Huge shoutout to Jordan Goldwire and Tre Jones for the press the last 12 minutes. Cam hit some huge shots down the stretch as well. One of the most amazing comebacks I’ve ever seen! #DukeNation.

Zion Williamson is my lord and savior and i will only vote for him, cam reddish, tre jones, and rd barrett on every presidential ballot until i die. Thank you.

@AKMusingsNY @SethDavisHoops Then don’t foul him. It’s pretty simple. Guys aren’t quick enough or strong enough to stay in front of him. I’m guessing you think the play Tre Jones got mauled on fast break was clean too, right?.

i am 175% convinced this is Tyus Jones pretending to be his “little brother” Tre Jones. You ain’t fooling nobody Tyus. I see you 👀.

I think imma need a tre Jones duke jersey only cause he from the state and he putting on 💯.

Duke has beat Kentucky by 25. They’ve beat Virginia without Tre Jones. They went on the road and beat Virginia by 10. What they did tonight is the most impressive. And I had to listen to it on the radio #LetsGoDuke.

Regular starters for #Duke vs. Louisville tonight: Tre Jones Barrett Cam Reddish Zion Williamson Marques Bolden.

tre jones just did a no-look point-at-teammate-after-basket and that might be the most impressive point guard feat of them all..

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