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Matt Patricia was having a long conversation with Matthew Slater when reporters came into the locker room. Stopped to say something to Trent Brown on his way out..

Patriots top OL in warmups: LT: Trent Brown LG: Cole Strange C: James Ferentz RG: Mike Onwenu RT: Yodny Cajuste.

Patriots C David Andrews (thigh) and LT Trent Brown (illness) are both active tonight. Andrews returns after a one-game absence..

@SamMac50 @barstoolsports Now to be fair. Trent Brown was a human traffic cone for most of the night.


@ATLSportStan @NFL Was running into the kicker….the also missed to many men in the huddle on NE along with a false on Trent Brown and a tripping….if ya gonna complain about the refs then at least point out the ones they didn’t call on ya team too.

Trent Brown got passed up like an unwanted first slice of bread on that sack on 2nd down by the #BillsMafia #ForeverNE.

What exactly is Mac supposed to do here lol. 4 line man blocking two guys, Trent Brown looking like Trent brown and no k w touching dude on the left.

Trent Brown Photo,Trent Brown Photo by Matt ☘️,Matt ☘️ on twitter tweets Trent Brown Photo

Matt Patricia was speaking with Matthew Slater for a while in the locker room then went over to say something to Trent Brown, who looked exhausted and legitimately sick. He was questionable for the game due to an illness.

Trent Brown is coughing quite a bit and leaving the locker room with a bag of Gatorlyte..

@CheyenneSulli14 @mikekadlick there were literally 3 sacks in this game and two of them were entirely on Trent brown.

This offensive line needs to be up upgraded in free agency. Trent Brown has been very inconsistent, but I still think he can rebound. They need two OTs and a WR1.

@GregABedard @BostonSportsBSJ Up: - Mac Jones - Rhamondre Stevenson - OLine Down: - Special Teams Unit - Jon Jones (despite INT, 2 poor facemask penalties and struggled vs Jefferson at times) - Trent Brown (that 3rd down block was just horrendous) Worse: - Officiating.

@accidentalJD @jerrythornton1 Trent Brown: flat out misses the Vikings best pass rusher, has a free run and hits him quick. You: SEE!! MAC HELD ON TO THE BALL TOO LONG!!! ZAPPE WOULD HAVE THROWN A TD EASILY!!! Be better..

@ezlazar Trent Brown is useless. That’s 2 weeks in a row he’s lunging at guys for who knows what reason 🤮.

Anyone expecting this offense to function with this mess of an offensive line (Trent Brown with these cut blocks for no reason, Conor McDermott at right tackle, David Andrews less than 100%, Cole Strange still learning and growing and making rookie mistakes) is unrealistic..

@ezlazar Interference on Henry. No call. Hunter tripping on Mac Jones. No call (first down). Digger held on KO TD. No call. Trent Brown moves early, Tony Dungy: “The Patriots really caught a break there.”.

@MrSplashman99_ Yeah his fault Trent Brown got the brain power of a used condom 👍🏾.

Fazit: Ja es waren die #Bills und es war klar das es sehr schwer wird, aber unsere größten Probleme haben wir in der O-Line. •Trent Brown totalsusfall, keine Ahnung was mit ihm los ist •@BournePoly11 bekommt zu wenig Bälle. Lasst den Jungen richtig spielen endlich…>.

@AustinReid34 @SavageSports_ yea not on trent brown at all trying to cut block Hunter on a deep pass…use ur head.

Trent Brown went from an above average NFL tackle to the very worst tackle in one season….

@patriotslatam Es patetico. No había visto jugar tan mal a un equipo de NE. Y a Trent Brown lo tienen que mandar a otro equipo. Es peligrosamente displicente.

@tkyles39 Draft Paris Johnson in april and move Trent Brown back to right tackle next season.

@GregABedard @BostonSportsBSJ Mac Jones -- DOWN Trent Brown -- DOWN Pierre Strong -- DOWN Hunter Henry -- UP Raquan McMillan -- UP Cole Strange -- UP Honorable mentions: Rhamondre UP, Meyers DOWN (injury debatable), Kendrick Bourne DOWN.

INDICATIONS THAT LABOR IS COMING SOON Oxford Nick Fuentes Trent Brown Stevenson Belichick Rogers Giants Greg Joseph Tony Dungy Black Friday Vikings Ole Miss Pats Brandon Miller Bill Walton.

@ezlazar Another patented trent brown cut block on a deep drop… glad the coaches didn’t remove that from he repertoire.

@stoolpresidente Trent brown looking awful. Cole strange looking the first rounder he isn’t. Matt Patricia being a worse OC than he was an HC.

@NathanaelRusse3 @MarkDanielsPJ Trent brown let a rusher go right by him what do you want him to do take a safety?.


@stoolpresidente Shit calls from the Patricia and Trent Brown should be released before the next play.

@Noah_Sayed529 Do we seriously not have anyone else other than Trent brown to play tackle?.

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