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So Jeffree lied about being a Morphe investor or Morphe lied? Big Surprise. Shane called Trisha a pathological liar but we should take her seriously bc he’s her “brother” And everyone using age to discredit someone when they’re all relatively the same age. This is a mess!

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@RachelZCurrie That’s a good point. To be honest I only knew Shane Dawson maybe like 4 years ago when he would do vlogs with Trisha and Drew, I never looked into his older stuff. But yeah good point about users - why was he allowed to carry on like that with no backlash

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Y’all are foolish to think Trisha Paytas is lookin to profit off this 😂 She deadass dgaf & is the only 1 that made sense. When y’all Payin Tati Westbrook’s mf Electric Bill atm with her 5 Million views on YouTube FOOLS 🤡 & Didn’t mention BLM ONCE. Smh dumbasses. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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with tati, shane, trisha, ryland, james trending please if you see this, rt, share, and donate, if you can 🤍 please i really would appreciate it

megan nicholas
Megan nicholas ()

#Tati. It’s real scary when Trisha is the one who makes the most sense in a situation especially this situation. They must know they really fucked up.

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here are my thoughts on Tati. and the beauty community drama. I even mentioned Trisha in here ... and if you only here to hear what I said about her, you can fast forward to 17:37 goodnight

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As MUCH as I hate trisha, what she says in her video is true but like she’s also being hypocritical in some of her parts.

Peter Monn
Peter Monn ()

So Jeffree lied about being a Morphe investor or Morphe lied? Big Surprise. Shane called Trisha a pathological liar but we should take her seriously bc he’s her “brother” And everyone using age to discredit someone when they’re all relatively the same age. This is a mess!

Sandwell Police
Sandwell Police ()

#MISSING | Have you seen Anne-Marie Campbell, aged 29? She is also known as Trisha and is from #Smethwick. We are growing increasingly concerned for her. She is approx 5ft 7in tall with long black hair. She was last seen wearing an orange blouse, grey jumper and grey jeans.

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Trump sucks
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@gaybabytears @trishapaytas I understand everyone has fundamental beliefs and I’m not here to change them! Trisha’s “behaviors” aren’t recent or new, they are just as rooted and offensive as everyone else being called out. When I say disgusting I DO NOT mean tainted. I genuinely think that 1/2

Sarah Gibbons
Sarah Gibbons ()

@shanedawson Make a change, not an apology video. Donate the money u made from the restock to the BLM movement. Get out of ur mansion and go speak to child sexual abuse survivors. Serve humble pie to Trisha and Jeffree. Only then will i believe u are sorry

Zzz ()

@andyesplease @trishapaytas u don’t have to apologize or explain to me LOL, it’s just as valid given all the public meltdowns, self destructive behavior, and friendship dramas surrounding trisha, jason david VS, and people in general :) have a good one n stay safe

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@RIANGEMBlRA ㅤㅤ Trisha Adelyne akan membawa barang berikut ke dalam venue : ☆ Handphone ☆ Dompet ☆ Hand sanitizer ☆ Tongsis ☆ Lipstik ☆ Bedak ☆Masker ㅤㅤ


Shane, Trisha, and Jeffree can all leave. We have all progressed past the need for them a long time ago.

Natalie💛 ()

I applaud Jenna marbles of giving a genuine apology and only if Shane, Trisha, Jeffrey, etc, would do the same

not Trisha
Not Trisha ()

@DAMNHOERIEL May quizbee kanina and the question was sino yung nagustuhan ni bench and noah,, they keep saying trisha ang weird lang to read your own name lol

Precious ()

Video greet kay trisha? Isipin ko palang wala na ko masabi pano pa kaya pag video na HAHAHHAAHH

Karouna ()

trisha is too obsessed with david and the vlog squad, like calm down

Ishaaaaaaaaaaa ♡
Ishaaaaaaaaaaa ♡ ()

@shelly_marie76 I never defended the vlog squad or said they were unproblematic. Trisha just does shit and never truly acknowledges it or apologizes and means it. And then every once in a while drags David for clout. Like ok sis, why not make an expose video for Shane of Jeffree too?

ariel 😔✌🏻
Ariel 😔✌🏻 ()

Anyways why the fuck is Trisha trending? Because she can’t keep the vlog squad name out of her mouth? It’s about time we fucking attack her for it. Damn she’s fucking annoying then saying she’s trans? BITCH PLEASE! ugh she really needs to stfu she talks wayyy too much

kai ⁷
Kai ⁷ ()

jenna marbles did a sincere apology and left youtube shane dawson somewhat apologizes for his past trisha paytas trying to hold the vlog squad accountable for their racist remarks when she hasn’t even held herself accountable

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Danii ()

@MiquaelaLopez Jenna seemed to have cancelled herself for some reason. I haven’t seen people calling her out. Jeffree, Trisha, and Shane are vile despicable human beings.

*☆ Mandy ☆︎*
*☆ Mandy ☆︎* ()

Another rant video from Trisha Paytas. Girl just quit yt already.

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CathW ()

@trishadurie @cavershamjj Beautiful eryngium, Trisha - and your Allium Christophii are creating such a beautiful airy feel in the garden. #sixonsaturday

Katie Evans
Katie Evans ()

@TheAn1meMan You didn’t have to specify who but all I could think of when I read it was Trisha paytas

Dana ()

Not Trisha Paytas who has been racist, homophobic, transphobic, pedophilic, ableist and used all of the above for clout, calling out other ppl for doing similar things. Girl you’ve barely held yourself accountable for your shit, sit THE FUCK down thank you :)

Maria Ude Nwachi
Maria Ude Nwachi ()

Jeffree, Trisha, Shane, Gabbie, Tana, Jake Paul should just go away.

Cypress | 🌿
Cypress | 🌿 ()

@diva_stark Each individual experiences empathy and mental illness differently. There’s not a complete “one and done” with how mental illness effects a person, just boundaries/guidelines that help with diagnosis We’re not Trisha’s psychologist, or her therapist. We can’t diagnose her, or—

Appa yip yip
Appa yip yip ()

@rahmanariii @mbooonnn Ngakaaak🤣 pdhal sempat mikir kyke ide bagus meh tak praktekin🤣🤣

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@naughtyshk Hi! Please DM us your alternate number, so that we can have this checked and update you shortly - Trisha

The Country Daily
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🙌2 of the Best Voices in Country Music! @TrishaYearwood Teams With @Lauren_Alaina for New Version of “Getting Good.” Listen Now

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