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Look at Ohio State’s past winner Troy Smith at the Heisman ceremony. *82 total yards *41-14 🐊🤷🏽‍♂️

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Interesting observation: since Troy Smith in 2006, the Big Ten has had no Heisman winners. Every Heisman winner save two in that span has come from either the SEC (5) or the Big 12 (4). In the 12 years bookended by George and Smith, those conferences had four total..

@DChrisman91 @dh_simba7 YESSS please one more year ! Lead us to the playoffs and a national title game just like your idol Troy Smith ! NFL will be waiting regardless 😉.

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@FantasyADHD @TheAlgoholic Troy Smith. Ron Dayne. anyone after Charles Woodson..

@slmandel Congrats to Murray. He won the beauty pageant. Too bad that when he goes 11-38 for 189 1 TD/3 INTs on 12/29 he will be considered the biggest Heisman flop since Troy Smith..

@cbfowler You just called Troy Smith, Desmond Howard... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #CorrectedTweet.

My favorite Heisman Ceremony tradition is the 5 minutes of astonishment when I remember that Troy Smith existed.

Love how Chris Fowler just called Troy Smith “Charles Woodson” on National TV. Really is OHIO against the world. The hate for the Buckeyes is real!.

What a dumpster fire, can’t even announce the past heisman winners right. Calling Troy Smith Desmond Howard. Get it together, so disrespectful to Smith..

Chris Fowler introduced Desmond Howard twice and didn’t recognize Troy Smith 😂.

@pmason03 Yes! He announced Desmond then two spots down called Troy Smith Desmond Howard. Troy was not having any of it ✋🏻.

@GregDietz He said everyone but Troy Smith on the first go trustee also said it was the year a strong pick to represent the Heisman trust hahaha.

@cbfowler didn’t even know who Troy Smith @espn refuses to show any Ohio State QBs respect this weekend. #Heisman.

Chris Fowler just introduced Troy Smith as Desmond Howard. Truly, ESPN is pathetic..

Chris Fowler just called Troy Smith Desmond Howard and I have never lost more respect for someone in my life 🤦‍♂️.

So before it’s announced the heisman is a joke. Announcer didn’t know how to pronounce Tuas last name, there is a DJ, someone called Troy Smith Desmond Howard. Keep on being ESPN @ESPN_ReceDavis #HeismanTrophy.

Look at Ohio State’s past winner Troy Smith at the Heisman ceremony. *82 total yards *41-14 🐊🤷🏽‍♂️.

Bruh You can see Troy Smith Doesn’t play football in the NFL anymore he at the Heisman ceremony looking like a Hood dude “Dressed up” at somebody wedding 😂😂 #TroySmith.

@espn ought to be embarrassed by this #heisman production quality. Confusing Troy Smith with Desmond Howard and not being able to pronounce Tua’s last name? Embarrassing..

Chris Fowler called Troy Smith, Desmond Howard. Thinks all black guys look alike #Heisman.

Chris Fowler slipped up and said Desmond Howard instead of Troy Smith, way to drop the ball again @espn.

Did Troy Smith just get introduced as Desmond Howard during the Heisman ceremony?.

@ESPN_ReceDavis Rece just missed Troy Smith when announcing former Heisman Said “ Charles Woodson” No agenda there D-Bag.

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