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BAYLOR WINS, BAYLOR WINS! Man what a finish. They now sit 6-0 with a 33-30 double OT win over #WreckEm! Man what a game. #TTUvsBAY.

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I’m still in shock. That game was over after the sack put Charlie on his own half yard line. And #SicTTU #TTUvsBAY.

@MarkRogersTV with his thoughts on what just happened. #TTUvsBU #TTUvsBAY.

we’ll take our L and regroup for next week. we have a solid team now. #wreckem #TTUvsBAY.

Can someone explain what an “illegal snap “ is ?? You mean the fumble ? #TTUvsBAY.

Normally I try to stay positive but wow. Yeah that should’ve been a fumble but c’mon. There’s NO reason that should’ve went to overtime. Tech’s defense has been doing great but it seems like they only play for 3 quarters and not 4. I feel like I just wasted my Sat. Ugh. #TTUvsBAY.

Tech fans will say they got screwed with the missed fumble. Refs missed the safety too. So call it even. Don’t blame refs. Great game. Move on. #TTUvsBAY.

I think Baylor and Texas Tech fans can agree the refs were horrid that entire game #TTUvsBAY.

Inb4 Baylor fans saying they won fair and square when Tech got a fumble but it was a false start. Gotta keep the big 12 in contention of course. #TTUvsBAY.

Baylor is now my worst enemy. don’t deserve to be #wreckem always #TTUvsBAY.

Under bettors and those who had @TexasTechFB on the money line (+300) got the ol’ Jobba de Hose. #TTUvsBAY.

Would be nice if the referee screwup benefitted Tech one time. Everybody in the stadium knew that was a fumble in the 1st OT. #TTUvsBAY.

we got screwed we shouldnt have gone to OT in the first place let alone 2OT #TTUvsBAY.

Zebras kept Baylor in the game with a blown call. With today’s technology, there has to be a way to correct these botched calls! #TTUvsBAY.

This was an all time robbery. Game was over in the fumble and the officials gave the game to a school that should have had their program disbanded by the #NCAA #TTUvsBAY.

The @BUFootball vs @TexasTech game was incredible! Definitely the game of the day!! #TTUvsBAY.

BAYLOR WINS, BAYLOR WINS! Man what a finish. They now sit 6-0 with a 33-30 double OT win over #WreckEm! Man what a game. #TTUvsBAY.

Baylor wins in double OT over Texas Tech to move to 7-0 on the college football season! The magic of Charlie Brewer lives on! #TTUvsBAY #BaylorHomecoming.

#Big12refs “I know it sounds crazy, but hear me ’s stop the game to review all of the obvious plays, but just go ahead and skip past the plays that are questionable!” It makes sense if you don’t think about it. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #TTUvsBAY.

We are having a crazy game on #Waco. Also a controversial game. That said, we are all tied and headed to OT!!! 27-27 #TTUvsBAY.

How was that play not reviewed in the #TTUvsBAY game? They review everything else, except for the one that was actually wrong? Looked like the ball clearly moved when he hit the ground. Terrible officiating!.

If over bettors eventually cash on #TTUvsBAY, they will have a certain species to thank..

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WATCH: Baylor bailed out by refs on weird butt-fumble ruling #GoBears #TTUvsBAY.

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The illegal snap call was game-altering. @DeanBlandino agrees with my judgment that the snap was legal and it should’ve been a fumble and Tech ball. Instead, Baylor was penalized five yards, and they scored a couple plays later. This crew should be suspended. #TTUvsBAY #CFB.

@Big12Conference your refs fucked Tech over on that fumble. Why not review it #TTUvsBAY.

High drama on a snap-or-fumble call in OT at #TTUvsBAY. Looks like the replay officials botched it..

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