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Per Saint Omni, #Texans star LT Laremy Tunsil is once again the highest-paid tackle in NFL history, securing a 3-year deal worth $75M with $50M fully guaranteed and $60M in total guarantees. The blindside protector does a true reset on the market. Tunsil represented himself..

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Texans signing LT Laremy Tunsil to 3-year deal worth $75M with $50M fully guaranteed, $60M in total guarantees. (via @RapSheet).

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Breaking: Texans star LT Laremy Tunsil has agreed to a 3-year, $75M extension that includes $50M fully guaranteed, according to ESPN and multiple reports. The deal includes a $30M signing bonus and will pay Tunsil $60M in total guarantees..

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@PFF_Brad Tunsil doing OTs a solid by resetting the market every 3 years and backing it up with elite play. Everyone wins.

@RSherman_25 Sure, difference is Tunsil is legitimately one of the best at his position. Lamar isn’t, he’s one of the most injured at his position tho..

@devpanchwagh Exactly. In negotiating his own deal Tunsil was actually willing to, you know, negotiate.

Former Rebel standout Laremy Tunsil resets tackle market again, agrees to $75 million extension via @247sports #OleMiss #HottyToddy.

Gonna tell my kids about the Tunsil draft day. Dudes a legend..

Texans signing LT Laremy Tunsil to 3-year deal worth $75M with $50M fully guaranteed, $60M in total guarantees. (via @RapSheet).

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Our stories on on the #Texans wild morning: — They lock in LT Laremy Tunsil to a mega-extension to change the OT market — They finally trade Brandin Cooks, sending him to the #Cowboys.

Laremy Tunsil sends great tweet after inking huge contract extension.


@MeannMuggin @MySportsUpdate tunsil was one of the best OT prospects ever. carter is a typical top DL prospect.

Not that it’s relevant at all but Tunsil doesn’t have an agent either….

@NickSchwagerNFL We dont win by securing a ton of cap space. Nick could have kept Cooks and just restructured he & Tunsil & kept out by far best wide receiver. Cooks is a 1k yard receiver year in year out. You dont just replace that easily with or without cap space in free agency or the draft..

Just woke up and Brandon cooke is gone and Laremy Tunsil staying!!!!.

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#News #extension Laremy Tunsil becomes highest-paid OL after signing $75 million extension: reports.


Live look at Laremy Tunsil this morning 💰💰💰 #NFLTwitter #NFLFreeAgency.

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@stagdsp Ever since @Jacobs71 pointed it out, it’s funny to watch. Still waiting on the day the Chiefs land a target Aaron Wilson reports they’re interested in lol. Bradberry, Cooks, Tunsil, etc.

@WilsonBengals69 @NewStripeCity Tunsil elite. Brown is something else that isn’t elite..

Fucking love Tunsil. Glad he just shit all over the people who tried to ruin him on draft day..

So let me get this straight. I wake up today to the #Chiefs not only NOT getting Laremy Tunsil who they’ve been projected to get for weeks, but they also lose out on the chance to get Brandin Cooks? #Lame.

Los #Texans logran su movimiento más importante de la agencia libre, extendiendo a Laremy Tunsil por tres años y $75 millones de dólares, convirtiéndolo en el tackle ofensivo mejor pagado de la liga..

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@wmasood23 @DeeksViewOG So, if they don’t get Tunsil I won’t be mad at that either. Poles actually has a real, actionable plan that works with the coaching schemes, talent on the roster, and if they don’t grab another tackle it’s likely because none fit into that plan. Maybe the plan is Olu in 2024.

Jackson needs an agent. Good on Tunsil for managing his affairs, but not everyone is self-aware enough to understand their situation dispassionately. The two situations are nowhere near identical..

@elitetakes_ @PickByStingley We got roughly 13M cleared for trading Cooks and extending Tunsil too, made too much sense.

@Jason_OTC And Larry Tunsil has Reset The OT Market Without Using an “Agent!”. He Represented Himself! Just as Roquan Smith did when he Became the Highest Paid Linebacker in The NFL without The Beed for An Agent! Just as Lamar Jackson Is Going to Do Without an Agent! I Smell a Trend! 😎.

Well Lamar is going against collusion , while tunsil isn’t so there’s that.

@KingTunsil78 This tweet is written incorrectly. It should have started with “The Texans have signed the Miami Dolphins Legend Laremy Tunsil…….” We still love ya down here man. Grats!!! 🐬.

@BigSargeSportz Watson set the model of how to work the Get the money first ➡️ then dip off 🤣🤣 Better hope Tunsil dont pull this after next.

@TezKnowsBall the agendas people push during draft time is unreal. bro went from the top 2 non qb prospect in the draft to a fat and lazy war criminal. we might witness a tunsil type drop 😭.

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