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You must be a marathon, because I haven’t been able to stop watching you all night. #TVShowPickUpLines 📺.

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#TVShowPickUpLines you bend You make me want to BOLDLY go where no man has gone before..

Meet Sara Jones, a recent divorcee who just went out to her local bar for a drink. A pessimist by nature, she doesn’t think any good men are left. But she’s about to explore the realm of the unexpected and meet the man of her in The Twilight Zone. #TVShowPickUpLines.

Ill be the Boner to your Mike Seaver, what do you say we get outa here and go have some Growing Pains #TVShowPickUpLines.

But wait, there’s more! Call me in the next ten minutes, and receive a SECOND orgasm on me! That’s right, TWO orgasms for the low, low price of simply putting up with my ugly mug for half an hour! Call now! #TVShowPickUpLines.

So You Think You Can Dance? Show me your best horizontal #TVShowPickUpLines.

You must be a marathon, because I haven’t been able to stop watching you all night. #TVShowPickUpLines 📺.

I still got it where it counts, I may have had testicular cancer, but I still got one Headbanger’s #TVShowPickUpLines.

Oh your name is Alex, in that case, I will take your place for $500 #TVShowPickUpLines.

I must have woken up 1000 years into the future, because you just thawed my Weiner #TVShowPickUpLines.

In the sexual justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: ladies who show up to ladies night, and the desperate men who show up to hit on them. This is one of their stories. #TVShowPickUpLines.

Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother #TVShowPickUpLines.

Wanna come back home with me and my wife? You can be The Apprentice. #TVShowPickUpLines.

You must be popcorn, `cuz I wanna give you The Orville redenbacher treatment! #TVShowPickUpLines.

I used to only go for BBC, until I saw you, Mr. but Orange Is The New Black! #TVShowPickUpLines.

Let me tell ya! I have been hit with the Thundarr bolt! Cuz you are one gorgeous Babearian! #TVShowPickUpLines.

Just call me Chris Hansen, because I wanna get in your Dateline #TVShowPickUpLines.

huh-huh, hey, you you know, like, score? #TVShowPickUpLines.

Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been Touched by an Angel? #TVShowPickUpLines.

If you act real nice i’ll let you play with my Simon and Simon #TVShowPickUpLines.

#TVShowPickUpLines - You must be the new DA because Dat Ass lays down the Law &.

Do you have a tan, or do you always look this Hot in Cleveland? #TVShowPickUpLines.

@Acidic_Blonde Lets skip tv and watch movies instead? How about deep impact followed by some major payne and finally million dollar baby? #TVShowPickUpLines.

#TVShowPickUpLines “stay the fuck back or I’ll laser every fucking one of you!” 😍.

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