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  • Breaking: The Cardinals will cut safety Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu declined to take a pay cut, and Arizona is moving on. (First reported by Fox Sports, confirmed by ESPN) https://t.co/HX0FXwUPRL.

    Tyrann Mathieu twitter.
  • The #AZCardinals are releasing versatile DB Tyrann Mathieu, source said. They tried to redo his deal but it wasn’t to be. Keep an eye on the #Giants and his former defensive coordinator..

  • Mills has been trying to recruit Tyrann Mathieu since the end of February. #LSU https://t.co/f536LYeZF0.

  • New York Giants Rumors: Tyrann Mathieu on Big Blue’s radar? https://t.co/4PiuJkD29e https://t.co/4t9hXEwFf4.

    Tyrann Mathieu twitter.
  • Jamie Collins and Jarvis Landry amongst Browns’ players trying to recruit S Tyrann Mathieu..

  • Trend #NationalWalkoutDay Messi #PiDay Joe Thomas Larry Kudlow Eric Ebron Elizabeth Holmes #WednesdayWisdom Barça Tyrann Mathieu.

  • Tyrann Mathieu is going to get a ton of money and he’s going to deserve every penny. He’s overcame a lot to get where he is today..

  • Have the Packers signed Tyrann Mathieu yet? https://t.co/iWpt0LN4OP.

  • #EnoughIsEnough #ThisIsUs #PiDay Tyrann Mathieu Joe Thomas Lonely Lodge Toys R Us #PA18 https://t.co/Y9fNE8SpsM.

  • @LoucoPato @GiantsFrance Tyrann Mathieu.

  • @MaseDenver Any chance the Broncos go after Tyrann Mathieu?.

  • Man Tyrann Mathieu was cut........

  • If I’m the Jets, I can’t lose out on Tyrann Mathieu. With all that cap space, they should basically give him a blank check. Perfect fit..

  • Sign Tyrann Mathieu, trade ET to Dallas for 1st rounder this year (#19), trade two first round picks this year (#18 and #19) to Browns for #1 overall, draft Saquon Barkley💥💯🔥@Seahawks.

  • Tyrann Mathieu released: Steelers and four other teams that would be great fits https://t.co/cCj5SZFCWY.

  • @mikejurecki Yesterday we sign two of the worst qbs in the nfl now they release tyrann Mathieu how you expect the cardinals fan to get excited about this , Steve Keim said we gonna get better this offseason it but got worst.

  • Tyrann Mathieu has been released. Where will he end up? #Cryingjordanface #cryingjordan https://t.co/b5FdnLzqsN.

    Tyrann Mathieu twitter.
  • Tyrann Mathieu would be great in Pittsburgh, but the money is going to be hard to work out..

  • If you get Tyrann Mathieu you no longer have to move Kareem Jackson to safety. 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  • Cardinals release star safety Tyrann Mathieu https://t.co/duLgxGkxxB https://t.co/iHAiy25RYp.

    Tyrann Mathieu twitter.
  • NFL: Cardinals cut S Tyrann Mathieu after he declined to take a pay cut - Fox Sports.

  • If the Giants somehow get Tyrann Mathieu and draft Barkley, i will have hope.

  • @Saints grab Tyrann! @Mathieu_Era LSU = New Orleans!.

  • Beyond shocked by this Tyrann Mathieu news :( 🐯🐤.

  • Tyrann Mathieu come to Seattle PLZ.

  • #NationalWalkoutDay #PiDay Emilio Disi Joe Thomas Besiktas #JuveAtalanta #ÇirkinOlsanBile Larry Kudlow #The100 Tyrann Mathieu.

  • Hot take: Ravens should cut S Eric Weddle and sign S Tyrann Mathieu https://t.co/ggwk5KTU2z.

  • Any chance that we pick up Tyrann Mathieu or Suh? @TheFalcoholic.

  • @dirkporzingis https://t.co/u9vL8SVPO3.

  • @EdBouchette Tyrann Mathieu.

  • @joehaden23 try to get Tyrann Mathieu to Pittsburgh.

  • Sign Tyrann Mathieu is our chance @steelers.

  • Cardinals release star safety Tyrann Mathieu https://t.co/sgSy1RBTXS https://t.co/hkTXhMWcwT.

    Tyrann Mathieu twitter.
  • @MikeSilver is there any chance the Browns can get Tyrann Mathieu? That would be amazing!.

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