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Mike Perry really went in there with no coaches/team, only his girlfriend 😂 #UFC250

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Rewatching #UFC250 and listening to @dc_mma laugh at the Cody KO is fucked up. This man cried. Twice. And that shit was unprofessional. Never beat @JonnyBones and now he never will.

carniⓋore 🥩
CarniⓋore 🥩 ()

@ufc if it’s any consolation to Dan, at least he isn’t the only battered hooker in Vegas tonight #UFC250 #UFCApex

Justin Wyld
Justin Wyld ()

@danthehangman brought it hard but that diamond shined bright tonight congrats @DustinPoirier great fight #UFC250

Joel Mulbah
Joel Mulbah ()

Dustin definitely beat Hooker, that was the right decision!!! Dustin Poirier is right back in the mix! #UFC250

Samurai Zack
Samurai Zack ()

Congratulations @DustinPoirier you deserved this W fight of the fuckin year right there!! #UFC250

carniⓋore 🥩
CarniⓋore 🥩 ()

Careful now, looks like you caught those hands tonight #UFC250

Mick Van Horn
Mick Van Horn ()

Yoooo this DP and Hooker fight is the best fight I’ve seen in a while! WOW! #UFC250

Buckle Up 🖤💙🙏🏾✌🏾👍🏾
Buckle Up 🖤💙🙏🏾✌🏾👍🏾 ()

What a scrappy fight. Both fighters landing big shots. 3 rds to go #piorierhooker #UFC250

SchiffHappens ()

Hooker vs Poirier R1 was real close but I will give the edge to Hooker that round. Hooker up 10-9 going to R2. #UFCVegas4 #UFC250

Systematic.failure ()

@danthehangman picked @DustinPoirier last fights walkout song??? Haha the pettiness #ufc #UFC250

Coach Dee Gladney
Coach Dee Gladney ()

@PlatinumPerry needs a CPA BAD!!! He out here calling out the 🤣🤣🤣!! #UFC #UFC250

Kmack ()

@PlatinumPerry is a national treasure and we need to protect him at all costs (not that he needs it) #FlintTown #UFC250

robert patrick
Robert patrick ()

Cut the weight that’s what made him a pro #UFC250 mike perry is correct that’s the difference

Austin Fox
Austin Fox ()

Mike Perry really went in there with no coaches/team, only his girlfriend 😂 #UFC250

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