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@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday Uncle Steve. We all appreciate what you have done for this franchise very much. #LGM

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ERose ()

@sophiarosecohen What does Uncle Steve want for his bday from this Die Hard Mets fan?

Mets Moods
Mets Moods ()

Me and Uncle Steve share a birthday, deGrom is pitching tonight, nearly a packed house and I’ll be there. Only thing more inevitable than Uncle Stevie is this win tonight #LGM

Lets Go New York Saints
Lets Go New York Saints ()

@StevenACohen2 Uncle Steve, Happy Birthday, What a great day to go to my first mets game of your regime tonight

Keith Rothschild
Keith Rothschild ()

@StevenACohen2 How about saying hi to my kid and I tonight at the game. Happy Birthday Uncle Steve

joseph mansmann
Joseph mansmann ()

@x0stephhh @StevenACohen2 awesome this will b special win for both happy birthday uncle steve

Ed G
Ed G ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday Uncle Steve.! ✌️ How’s about buying @nyknicks as a present to NYC! #LFGM

Darren Eicken
Darren Eicken ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy Birthday Uncle Steve. We appreciate everything you have done for the Mets and Mets fandom.

angela green
Angela green ()

@SnK4thelonghaul Let’s see how bad uncle Ron tries to make Steve look in this scenario, I’m sure it’s coming😏

Evan Hammer
Evan Hammer ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday uncle Steve!! Same as my 4 year old son. Future Mets infielder

BAT74 ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy Birthday Uncle Steve. You are a life saver for all Mets fans and quite frankly for all fans of the game of baseball. Enjoy the day!!!

Bruce ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy Birthday Uncle Steve! You’re the greatest gift a Met fan has ever received!!

Adam tocksin
Adam tocksin ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday uncle Steve. I hope degrom gives you a great present tonight!

Joe_fitz86 ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday uncle Steve. Thank you for being such a careful mets owner. We love you

Mike ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy Birthday Uncle Steve! Tonight is a perfect night for Mets baseball. Enjoy your day.

Jsug0701 ()

@StevenACohen2 Uncle Steve HBD best present for us wear Black Jerseys Tonight. Stadium should be pumping tonight!!

𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴(NYM:30-24) ()

@StevenACohen2 Happy birthday Uncle Steve. We all appreciate what you have done for this franchise very much. #LGM

Jimmy Reilly
Jimmy Reilly ()

@Mets @StevenACohen2 Happy birthday Uncle Steve! Beer on me at the game tonight?? 👀

Bola ()

Happy birthday Uncle Steve @StevenACohen2 bring out the Black Jerseys tonight. It’s Friday and de🐐 on the hill

Orlando Rosado
Orlando Rosado ()

Uncle Steve @StevenACohen2 happy birthday from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Anthony Pacifico
Anthony Pacifico ()

@SNYtv @StevenACohen2 Happy Birthday Uncle Steve! Black Jersey’s for the big game and birthday celebration tonight!!!????

Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn ()

@Mets @StevenACohen2 Happy birthday to the best owner in sports!!! We love you Uncle Steve!! 💙

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