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Our UNI-USD order book will now enter transfer-only mode, accepting inbound transfers in supported regions. Orders cannot be placed or filled. Trading will begin on September 17, if liquidity conditions are met.

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Uniswap Launches Its Dedicated UNI Token: ETH Gas Prices Soar Again

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Uniswap Token (UNI) Skyrockets 300% on Coinbase and Binance Listings

Hard and Dry
Hard and Dry ()

@DeFi_Dad @UniswapProtocol Why I can’t find UNI on meta mask ? While I can see it on Uniswap interface

Don Crypto Collector
Don Crypto Collector ()

@trackingcryptos @shakiXBT you dont need to add liquidity, you just needed to do one trade on uniswap before sep 1 to qualify.

Hilobrain ()

How nice of Uniswap to give @crazy_crypto free money on his birthday! Hayden is such a nice guy :)

仮想通貨ファンダマン🕺🏻✨ ()

UniSwap V1から使用していた人は、ホント歓喜ですよね🥺✨ いいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあいいなあ😍😍😍

Obyte Cafe
Obyte Cafe ()

あ、今更だけどUniswapにpoolしたアカウントだけじゃなくて“1度でも利用したアカウント』か? ある…まだある💦

Invest In Crypto
Invest In Crypto ()

А для поставщиков ликвидности #Uniswap выкатывает поистине царские подарки.

El Cryptorio
El Cryptorio ()

Uniswap just performed wonders 😃🤗 Free money. I love Crypto. $UNI #cryptocurrency

Bitcoin2Go ()

📰 Uniswap launched eigenen UNI Token: Das Einhorn bringt den USD Airdrop 📰 #Decentralized Finance (DeFi) #News

POW ()

@LlisahMarieGal @MichaelSuppo You don’t mean Today on uniswap 20x? Over how long to reach that is good guess? Or literally at launch today it rockets 🚀?? :)

Maureen ()

@UniswapProtocol I’m a newbie and just got into crypto, only started using uniswap last week. Are there any $UNI for us newbies.

Yunus ()

@BugrraOzturk Bu arada sizce çıkar mı uniswap? Yani yolu açık mı? Yoksa o da bel gibi düşüşe mi geçecek

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6/ The DeFi hype of recent months has resulted in Ethereum users looking to speculate in DeFi vastly outbidding other use cases like minting NFTs. The biggest contributors to fees recently have been Uniswap v2 trades, USDT transactions, & some ponzi schemes clogging the network

Crypto Culture ⚡
Crypto Culture ⚡ ()

How To Claim Your $UNI Uniswap Token!

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Crypto Lawyer I क्रिप्टो वकील
Crypto Lawyer I क्रिप्टो वकील ()

1200 $ Uniswap Airdrop Free very limited| if you have done any trade before 31 august on Uniswap

Lauren_Harrington ()

Binance immediately lists Uniswap’s new token as excitement mounts

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Akshay kumar
Akshay kumar ()

Have you claimed the free UNISWAP tokens? 1 UNI = $ Free bonus of 400 Uniswap tokens worth $1200 for those who used it before September 1st. This is what happens in crypto. Incentives for both users and creators. #Uniswap #crytocurrency

Bugra Ozturk
Bugra Ozturk ()

Uniswap hesabinizi kontrol edin airdrop cikan bir sansli da siz olabilirsiniz. Bu tur konularda sansım yoktur ama tek hesap ve kazanmısım :)

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Ethereum’s Pending Transactions Surge After Uniswap Launches Governance token | Kraken Launches Crypto Bank in Wyoming After Receiving Bank Charter more:

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September has been a busy month for the popular DeFi lending platform, Uniswap. The popular protocol on Ethereum announced UNI’s initial liquidity more:

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Uniswap launches its own governance token UNI tokens are on addresses already UNI is currently trading at $3,28 Uniswap, an Ethereum-based exchange,...Read more:

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THis is for people who trade crypto or have in the is giving 400 UNI tokens away for the launch of their token. THis currently has a value of ...Read more:

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Uniswap, the top Ethereum based decentralized exchange, gave all its users 400 UNI, worth around $1,200. Ethereum based Uniswap gave 400 UNI to all users more:

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You request, we list! 👌 #NewListing $UNI @UniswapProtocol Listing details:

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⟠ toast.eth 🦄
⟠ toast.eth 🦄 ()

@valentinmihov @UniswapProtocol There are lots that can be done to differentiate. Uniswap aims to be a skinny protocol with no frills atop of ETH layer 1. Sushi for example are looking to integrate many tools and potentially integrate other protocols etc.

Louthea0702{#ThatGiveawaysquid🐙} ()

@yahoo_yehey heheheheh yan ang bunga ng pagttyaga sa uniswap kahit swapang pa yung fee 😍🤣🤣

Don Travlos
Don Travlos ()

LOL Got to love the Unicorn, seems I got extra UNI just for having used Uniswap in the past!

Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro ()

Our UNI-USD order book will now enter transfer-only mode, accepting inbound transfers in supported regions. Orders cannot be placed or filled. Trading will begin on September 17, if liquidity conditions are met.

CoinMarketCap ()

CoinMarketCap listed $UNI, the native token to @UniswapProtocol. Learn more about it on CoinMarketCap. Congrats on the launch @haydenzadams ! 🎉 Crypto never loses its excitement 🔥

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