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The Trojans had allowed six sacks all season. Then they came to Notre Dame. This beauty from @TheJJammer is our fourth of the night. #GoIrish ☘️ #USCvsND.

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Let’s all remember that the “gift” roughing the passer penalty on USC in the 3rd Quarter that even ND’s own announcers question, allowed ND to kick a field goal. A field goal was the difference in the game’s final #USCvsND.

USC’s misuse of Michael Pittman & Tyler Vaughns ultimately cost them the game against Notre Dame. #USCvsND.

Kelly said kicker Jonathan Doerer got the game ball tonight. He made three field goals from 45, 52 and 43 yards in a 30-27 game. #USCvsND.

Well, that was a disappointing win. Glad I didn’t waste airline miles on that game. #USCvsND.

Don’t get me wrong I’m glad we won but Jesus that game was the most boring game everrrr ☘️ #USCvsND.

Kelly on holding USC wide receiver Michael Pittman to four catches and 29 yards: He could not be a game wrecker. No. 1 was to take Pittman out of the game. #USCvsND.

Kelly said the timing of the 51- yard run by wide receiver Braden Lenzy was outstanding. #USCvsND.

Despite the late TD by USC this game was defined by that last drive by @Ian_Book12 Haven’t seen this kid rise up and perform under pressure like he did tonight. Great stuff! #GoIrish ☘️ #USCvsND.

Soooo the RBs averaged yards a carry but they still called almost 2x the passing #USCvsND.

Who will Helton have sitting next to him at the post-game to distract from the fact that he sucks at being a HC? #USCvsND.

#9 Notre dame can only win by 3 points with favorable officiating for them. Be proud Irish! #USCvsND.

Brian Kelly inexplicably running well onto the field of play for several seconds *during the actual onside kick of his opponent*, and suffering absolutely zero consequences for doing so, is the most Brian Kelly thing ever. #USCvsND.

At least Notre Dame won, though. A victory over USC is always a sweet thing, even if it is really close. #USCvsND.

#USCvsND what the heck? ND coach on the field during kick? Why didn’t anyone care? @uscfootball.

Is it still illegal to be the f-ck out of pathetic #NCAA football referees? Just a neighbor or someone. #USCvsND.

tell me why refs let it slide when their COACH WAS ON THE FIELD DURING THE PLAY??? HELLO??? #USCvsND.

Congrats to the Players of the Game in the #USCvsND game. Without them, this game would be in OT..

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Why the hell is Doug Flutie the color guy for ND games?! He’s horrible. #USCvsND.

Takeaways from #USCvsND: 1. It’s tough to win a game when you miss so many tackles. It’s also REALLY tough to win a game when the refs hand the opposing team three Irish won by three points. 2. Slovis is the truth. 3. #USC is going to make a run in the PAC..

Cheaters gonna cheat. Talking about notre dame. @NCAAFootball FIRE THOSE REFS #USCvsND.

wow what a game. hate USC with a passion but they put up a good game! NBC still needs new announcers because i’m over these assholes every but Go Irish! #USCvsND.

Certainly not dominant, but ND was in command for most of the game despite the final score. #USCvsND.

From postgame interview: Brian Kelly, “in the second half, they knew what we were doing,” then why tf did we keep doing it?? #USCvsND.

Biggest loser tonight: @BarstoolSC. They lose to their biggest rival but they make it close enough to save Helton’s job. Get fucked. @BarstoolIrish #USCvsND.

The Trojans had allowed six sacks all season. Then they came to Notre Dame. This beauty from @TheJJammer is our fourth of the night. #GoIrish ☘️ #USCvsND.

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