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The USMNT registered only two shots on target over 180 minutes. Next stop: World Cup 👀.

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The USMNT wearing their World Cup away kit for the first time 🇺🇸.

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Zero goals scored in their final two warm-up games. USMNT fans heading into the World Cup:.

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The USMNT 🇺🇸 U20s play tomorrow against Mexico 🇲🇽 At least we got that to look forward to..

Not that it needed a reminder but: No Musah, No #USMNT Party. You know I’ve been adamant for months about flipping the triangle with a double pivot Adams-Musah. Problem: Where does that leaves Weston? Idk but deserves a legit conversation..

I am not sure if it is just the FS1 streaming quality or if the camera that is being used but this USMNT match is not looking good on my TV.

2 cont. Don’t throw the valid criticism of how poorly the US played in with the people who treat USMNT games as manifest destiny, that act like we should destroy any team not named England or Brazil. And don’t tag “AND IT WAS AGAINST JAPAN” on the end of your critique..

Cannot say with total confidence that Fisher Hall’s midfield in 7v7 dorm soccer (put on display on the grand stage of 11pm Thursday nights) is not more dynamic than the USMNT’s currently looks.

How poor is German referee Felix Zwayer in this #USMNT vs #Japan game. Brenden Aaronson continues to be fouled, and the referee is giving no protection to the American..

USMNT vs 🇸🇦 Rewatch: -CP wide, Dest inverted, WM in the half space, with rotation. -Yes we played some good balls over the top and some nice switches but we needed to do more with the amount of space we had to play into. Could have shaped wide and gone central more, runs were on..

Pulisic is good but Weah is more important. McKennie is good but Musah is more important. #USMNT.

Aaron Herrera would be of big help for the team BUT please leave him with Guatemala 😌 #USMNT.

I know I have properly curated my USMNT Twitter because I thankfully have not seen anyone do this. Japan is really good!.

A reminder again after today. Ream should be our backup LCB. But Brooks is still clear..

My World Cup expectations for the #USMNT have gone from getting to the quarterfinals to just hoping we can score a goal in group stage….

Tell me you haven’t watched a USMNT game under Berhalter without telling me you haven’t watched a USMNT game under Berhalter..

Thinking at the half we see Scally, EPB, Sargent, maybe Morris and Arriola. Totally forgot how light we are from injury on the wings. 😩 #usmnt.

How can a team that plays in CONCACAF have no ability to adjust to ‘the field is in bad shape’ ? #USMNT.

So the big takeaway for me from this match is the #USMNT has some work and soul searching to Overall not a great look and really not much to talk about from a good stand One standout was matt turner who played incredibly well. @SwitchThePitch1.

That game deserves pretty harsh criticism of the USMNT, or Gregg Berhalter, of many things. But give credit where it’s due..

@USMNT_2026 There’s a thing to be said for Jesus getting in good spots. But he will literally never be able to finish this. That’s my biggest concern with a team that needs to be able to cross the ball to score some goals. We’re not man city out here..

Explanation: “pragmatic” means Berhalter wants a JdP style, but most USMNT players are a product of a US youth club system that did not train them for it so let’s play long ball & use our “athletes”. “Romantic” means trying to train players in JdP at this late career stage..

Come drown your USMNT sorrows as we scout our World Cup opponent England looking to avoid relegation from Nations League A. A loss to Italy would send them down. A draw gives them very slim chance. Must win..

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Haven’t seen this many Americans in Germany since WW2 😭❤️❤️.

Iran beat Uruguay 1-0 usmnt and Wales struggled England played at 11:45 for nations league.


Really is kind of neat to have @TaylorTwellman and @stuholden in the booth commentating games. First person perspective on being on the outs with national team manager despite being in form and dealing lingering injuries. #USMNT.

When I was a kid I would dream of playing in the 2022 @FIFAWorldCup Flash forward to 2022: *minting #NFTs in a bear market while watching the @USMNT play* Is this a dream or a nightmare?.

Is it a TAA “something doesn’t feel right just before the Euros” or “Bale forgot he scheduled 18 holes” kinda tightness?.

When tight or open spaces are upon a world-class player the creativity, technicality, speed, mentality, skill, and physicality shine through every touch until BOOM! the net shakes. This USMNT is robotic with players programmed with outdated software-hard drives with no freedom..

@USMNT I really don’t care if the World Cup is in a couple of months, FIRE Gregg Burhalter!!! No chemistry on this team and he has refused to commit to the starting 11 since he took over, and rearranges his lineups like a terrible fantasy football owner! Sounds like Klinsman?!?.

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