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The Rangers are reportedly expected to bring back Jimmy Vesey.

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New York Rangers rumors indicate a possible Jimmy Vesey return #NYR.

If #NYR bring back Jimmy “I drink for free in NYC” Vesey, Susan Sarandon may do her “oh, oh, oh” act again..

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@TheBrattPack63 First it was Rooney and kinkaid, now Vesey. Next it will be Mason Geersten I’m sure.

rags twt is divided between “not vesey again” and “HELL YEAH MY VESEY JERSEY LIVES TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY” and there is NO in between.

I just got my Jimmy Vesey jersey restitched into a Fox of course we are going to sign him.

@LorettaNYR @AxTheEx Wait why do the rangers need reaves?? You just think vesey is a horrible signing but love reaves? Vesey can actually score and kill penalties. Two rings reaves can’t do.

@LorettaNYR @tbergamasco3 Exactly! Hunt plays a solid defensive game. He’s a good skater who can move the puck and is tenacious on the forecheck which is Turk style hockey. Vesey plays a power forward game. He is a quick skater but he’s not an instant Top 6 …. If he was the NJD would have kept him. #NYR.

@BaseballTzar Thank you for this! Probably aiming at me here. I gotta let the Vesey thing go. 🫡.

@Saps_Sports “WHEN I SAY JIMMY VESEY” legendary quote from that game 5 reaction vid vs Ottawa 😭.

@AxTheEx @LorettaNYR Yes I want specialized skills exactly. Hunt and Reaves do not kill penalties. If you have a 4th line of Vesey/Carp/Goodrow - they all kill penalties. Only 8 goals would have led the 4th line last year for the Rangers.

@tbergamasco3 @AxTheEx You cannot replace Reavo with Vesey. 2 entirely different type of players..

Jimmy Vesey is the second biggest bust next to nail yakupov im booing him every chance I get.

McEvoys SuperValu Virginia Intermediate Football Championship Rd 1 #CavanGAA2022 #MCEIFC 21mins 2nd half Belturbet : 0-6(6) Ballyhaise: 1-8(11) Belturbet wide from play 22 Liam Vesey.

Vesey for league minimum is solid for the rangers. Still upside there. Not resigning Motte. I like it a lot. Low risk mid reward.

McEvoys SuperValu Virginia Intermediate Football Championship Rd 1 #CavanGAA2022 #MCEIFC 18mins 2nd half Belturbet : 0-6(6) Ballyhaise: 1-7(10) 18:43mins 2nd half substitution Belturbet Off: 15 Seag Og Lawlor On: 22 Liam Vesey.

@jakeytrec The options down the middle by adding carpenter and vesey would be much stronger..

@tbergamasco3 @AxTheEx But my point - we don’t need Hunt, Gautier or Vesey. Just Reavo and Carpenter - problem solved..

I can’t wait to see Jimmy Vesey playing top line minutes with the Rangers this year 😭 #LGR.

McEvoys Supervalu Virginia Intermediate Fooball Championship Round 1 #MCEIFC 04mins 2nd half Belturbet : 0-5(5) Ballyhaise : 1-6(9) Belturbet point from play Brendan Vesey.

McEvoys SuperValu Virginia Intermediate Football Championship Rd 1 #CavanGAA2022 #MCEIFC 04mins 2nd half Belturbet : 0-5(5) Ballyhaise: 1-6(9) Belturbet point from play 10 Brendan Vesey.

Per Larry Brooks, a reunion between the #Rangers and Jimmy Vesey is “on the horizon”..

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@DJNYCNY When I say stacked I mean there is pretty much 1 spot up for grabs with a bunch of guys competing for it Realistically Vesey is hoping to fight his way up to, what, 9th on the winger depth chart?.

@LorettaNYR @AxTheEx Vesey is a 4th line player. I wanted them to sign raffl before he went to Europe. But any 4th liner who makes the min im fine with like Ryan carpenter. I want them to kill penalties so Mika/Kreider don’t have to do it all the time.

@StatBoy_Steven Wait a damn minuet. I so hope this is true, I’d gladly take Vesey back on the team.

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